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Vatican: Francis will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

[UPDATE 18-MAR-2022 02:06 UTC: ‘Apostolic Nunio’ the United States confirms that Francis “intends to invite each Bishop, or equivalent in law, together with his priests, to join in this act of consecration [of Russia and Ukraine], if possible, at an hour corresponding to 5pm Rome time”]

Breaking news out of Rome: The Jesuit apostate Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope” Francis) has announced he will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, together with the Ukraine, on the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25. Whoop dee do.

In today’s edition of its daily bulletin, the Vatican press office announced:

On Friday 25 March, during the Celebration of Penance at which he will preside at 17.00 in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The same act, on the same day, will be carried out in Fatima by His Eminence Cardinal Krajewski, Apostolic Almoner, as envoy of the Holy Father.

(Matteo Bruni, Bollettino, Mar. 15, 2022)

This is now also being reported on Vatican News, and the false pope himself confirmed the announcement through his Twitter account:

There is no question that this news will stir up the conservatives and traditionalists attached to the Vatican II Church like ants after stepping into an anthill. The excitement will be unwarranted, however, because this is simply the next act in the Francis Show.

So the Pachamama worshipper who teaches that the differences between religions reflect “the richness of different ways of coming to God” and are positively willed by God, will recite a prayer during his annual “watch-me-go-to-confession” stunt at St. Peter’s Basilica. So what?

Ah, but the Blessed Mother at Fatima called for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, right? Indeed she did. She did so in 1917, using the following words:

To prevent this [God’s punishment against the world for its crimes], I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated.

(Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité, The Whole Truth about Fatima, vol. 1: Science and the Facts [Buffalo, NY: Immaculate Heart Publications, 1989], p. 182; underlining added.)

These words were uttered by the Blessed Virgin on July 13, 1917. She announced that she would come to ask for the consecration, that is, she was not asking for it just yet.

The Mother of God fulfilled her promise on June 13, 1929, when, according to the sole surviving Fatima seer, Sister Lucia dos Santos, she said the following in a vision:

The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.

(Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité, The Whole Truth about Fatima, vol. 2: The Secret and the Church [Buffalo, NY: Immaculate Heart Publications, 1989], p. 464; underlining added.)

Notice that the request has become more specific now: The consecration is to be carried out by “the Holy Father” and “in union with all the bishops of the world”.

To this day Catholics argue amongst each other whether including the bishops of the world is a strict condition required by Our Lady, absent which any consecration will not meet heaven’s demands and therefore not bring the promised peace, or whether the Blessed Virgin would also accept the consecration if the Pope performed it alone.

Something that is not known to many people is that in 1952, Pope Pius XII did in fact consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart, although not in union with all the bishops of the world:

We, therefore, in order that our prayers and yours may be more easily answered, and to give you a singular attestation of Our special benevolence, as a few years ago we consecrated the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mother of God, so now, in a very special way, we consecrate all the peoples of Russia to the same Immaculate Heart, in the sure confidence that with the most powerful patronage of the Virgin Mary the vows will be happily fulfilled as soon as possible, we consecrate all the peoples of Russia to the same immaculate Heart, confident that with the most powerful patronage of the Virgin Mary, the vows which we, you, and all good people make for true peace, fraternal concord, and due freedom for all, and first of all for the Church, will be fulfilled as soon as possible; so that, through the prayer which We raise together with you and all Christians, the saving kingdom of Christ, which is “the kingdom of truth and life, the kingdom of holiness and grace, the kingdom of justice, love and peace” [Preface of Christ the King], in every part of the earth may triumph and be firmly established.

And with supplicating prayer we beseech the same most gracious Mother, that she may assist each one of you in the present calamities and obtain from her divine Son for your minds that light which comes from Heaven, and impart to your souls that virtue and strength by which, sustained by divine grace, you may victoriously overcome all ungodliness and error.

(Pope Pius XII, Apostolic Letter Sacro Vergente Anno, n. 9; translation by DeepL.)

In very truth, Pope Pius XII is the “Pope of Fatima”, and not only because of his consecration of Russia in 1952.

In 1917, Pope Benedict XV selected then-Mgr. Eugenio Pacelli to become a bishop, and the date picked for the consecration was May 13. It turned out that Pacelli was consecrated “at the very hour” that Our Lady’s first apparition at Fatima took place, by the very Pope whom Jacinta would miraculously see in a vision “in a very large house” as “kneeling before a little table, weeping, with his head between his hands” (see Walter H. Peters, The Life of Benedict XV [Milwaukee, WI: Bruce Publishing, 1959], pp. 141, 217. Disclaimer: commissions earned).

Not only was Pope Pius XII made a bishop on the same day and hour of the first Fatima apparition, however: In 1944 he introduced the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the universal Roman calendar (August 22), he consecrated the people of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1952, as noted, and he personally witnessed a repeat of the miracle of the sun in the Vatican Gardens, not once or twice, but as many as four times, in late October and early November 1950, around the time he solemnly proclaimed the dogma of the Assumption. (The original Miracle of the Sun took place on Oct. 13, 1917, before tens of thousands of people.)

If anyone deserves the title “Fatima Pope”, it is Pius XII.

In 1984, the Polish apostate Karol Wojtyla (Antipope John Paul II) also performed a type of consecration to the Immaculate Heart, but he did not consecrate Russia specifically but the entire world instead. His successor, the German Modernist Joseph Ratzinger (Antipope Benedict XVI), was also but a false friend of Fatima:

But let us return to Antipope Francis now.

Bergoglio is an apostate and blasphemer of the worst sort, and while he is good at feigning Marian piety on occasion, we must never forget his true face:

Moreover, when it comes to Fatima specifically, Bergoglio’s track record is similarly dishonorable:

Knowing who Bergoglio is, it is easy to see that his announced consecration of Russia and the Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart is simply the latest crumb he is throwing to the conservatives and traditionalists in his Modernist sect to keep them all in the game, after his cruel suppression of most Traditional Masses has made them all very upset.

So, what will happen when Francis consecrates Russia later this month (let’s assume he will somehow do it “in union with all the [Novus Ordo] bishops of the world”)? Will the promise of heaven finally be fulfilled?

No, it won’t, for one very simple reason: Our Lady specifically asked the Pope (“Holy Father”) to consecrate Russia, not some blaspheming apostate dressed in papal garb. Francis is not the Pope, and therefore his consecration will be null and void, utterly worthless. In fact, considering that Francis persists in his interreligious apostasy, this attempt at consecration will probably only provoke God’s wrath even more!

In short: Neither the peace of heaven nor the conversion of Russia to Catholicism will result from Francis’ consecration on March 25.

No matter what happens, we had better always keep before us these solemn words of warning issued by our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be. And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. Then if any man shall say to you: Lo here is Christ, or there, do not believe him. For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. Behold I have told it to you, beforehand.

(Matthew 24:21-25)

The consecration of Russia is not the only aspect of Fatima that has generated wide differences of opinion, however. The true contents of the so-called “Third Secret” of Fatima, as well as what happened to the seer Sr. Lucia after the emergence of the Vatican II Church, have also led to much heated controversy:

Get ready for the next act in the Francis Show. It will keep Bergoglio’s trads and conservatives busy and distracted for a while. Which begs the question: What strings will the false pope be pulling while they’re not looking?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

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