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A Tribute to “Saint” Paul VI

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It has finally happened: The apostate Vatican II Sect has officially declared yet another one of its false popes to be a “saint of the Catholic Church.” This time, it was Bp. Giovanni Battista Montini, “Pope” Paul VI (1897-1978). He was “canonized” in St. Peter’s Square today, Oct. 14, together with six others, including the social activist “Abp.” Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez (1917-1980) of San Salvador, El Salvador.

The following two videos show, first, a brief summary of today’s event in the Vatican and then the full canonization ceremony presided over by “Pope” Francis:

The formula which Francis used to “canonize” Montini and the others is the following (in Latin):

For the honour of the Blessed Trinity, the exaltation of the Catholic faith and the increase of the Christian life, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and our own, after due deliberation and frequent prayer for divine assistance, and having sought the counsel of many of our brother Bishops, we declare and define Blessed Paul VI, Oscar Arnulfo Romero Galdámez, Francis Spinelli, Vincent Romano, Mary Catherine Kasper, Nazaria Ignacia of Saint Teresa of Jesus March Mesa and Nunzio Sulprizio to be Saints and we enroll them among the Saints, decreeing that they are to be venerated as such by the whole Church. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

(“Formula for Canonization”, in Santa Messa celebrata dal Santo Padre Francesco con il Rito della Canonizzazione, Oct. 14, 2018, p. 42)

This language denotes infallibility, but more on that later. Additional information on the Vatican ceremony, including plenty of photos, can be found on the Vatican’s web page here.

“Saint” Paul VI was the quintessential creator of the Novus Ordo religion. Although the first of the false Novus Ordo popes was John XXIII (another “saint”, of course!), his job had mainly been that of preparing the way, of laying the groundwork, and of making his “crown prince” Montini realistically electable as his successor by naming him a “cardinal,” something Pope Pius XII had not done.

It was Paul VI who shaped the Modernist pseudo-Catholic religion and church the way we know it today. He alone promulgated all of the 16 documents of Vatican II; it was he who gave the world the “New Mass” and all of the other new sacramental rites; it was he who pushed through the massive reform of the Roman Curia and abolished the Anti-Modernist Oath and the Index of Forbidden Books. It was under his false pontificate that all the ugliness and absurdity of what most people today associate with Roman Catholicism exploded, especially the barren and odd-looking churches; and it was during his 15-year reign of terror that nuns’ habits were shortened or abandoned altogether, to mention but a few of the many things Paul VI was responsible for.

Just recently, the Vatican’s propaganda department released a new movie on Montini, entitled Paul VI: A Man, A Pope, A Saint, which once again pushes the convenient “Paul VI was an enigma” narrative. No, he was no enigma, he just wanted to destroy Catholicism while retaining a veneer of good will, orthodoxy, and piety, and to this end self-contradiction is very conducive. Paul VI did to Catholicism what no heresiarch before him had been able to accomplish, not even all of them combined.

It is clear beyond any shadow of doubt that Paul VI is not a saint. However, given that Francis this morning used infallible language to declare him to be one, the only way this was possible is if Francis is not a valid Pope. We had already made this argument at some length four years ago, when Francis “canonized” another papal pretender apostate, the Koran-kissing John Paul II:

Of course, we will now be inundated with all sorts of smart blog posts, articles, and veritable treatises from the recognize-and-resist crowd (those who consider themselves traditional Catholics but accept the Novus Ordo popes as valid while rejecting their Modernist teachings and laws) to assure us either that (1) the canonization of Paul VI was not infallible; or that (2) Paul VI is indeed a saint, but this doesn’t really mean anything other than that he, through a miracle of grace, was able to save his soul at the last minute and thus attained to the Beatific Vision. In other words: If Catholicism contradicts their position, they will simply tweak Catholicism until it fits.

Meanwhile, however, we have decided to pay our own respects to this Monster of Modernism, the Unholy Paul VI. Let the following two tidbits be a well-deserved “tribute” to this latest Novus Ordo “saint”, whom people unhappily caught up in the Conciliar Sect will now invoke as an intercessor, pay him homage, offer “Mass” in his honor, and venerate him as though he had been an exemplar of Catholic Faith and virtue, when in all likelihood this soul-destroying perverter of Catholicism is currently burning in the lowest pits of hell.

We begin, therefore, with a little “Litany to Saint Paul VI”, a list of 50 outrageous titles that can justly be applied to this new anti-saint. The idea, of course, is not to ask anyone to use this for an actual litany (God forbid!), but rather to point out vividly the absurdity of taking this wicked man for a saint of the Catholic Church.

“St.” Paul VI was the…

  1. destroyer of the sacraments
  2. architect of the Novus Ordo Missae
  3. deformer of the Curia
  4. captain of collegiality
  5. councilor of heresy
  6. admirer of false religions
  7. cheerleader for the United Nations
  8. patron of sodomites
  9. prideful profaner
  10. betrayer of Catholics
  11. friend of Communists
  12. mocker of the Faith
  13. wretched revolutionary
  14. commissioner of the Broken Cross
  15. father of wreckovations
  16. lover of ugliness
  17. spiritual arsonist
  18. dispenser of the smoke of Satan
  19. polluter of souls
  20. ardent oathbreaker
  21. wearer of the ephod
  22. friend of the Talmudists
  23. Star of David
  24. high priest of Noahidism
  25. father of the New Evangelization
  26. artisan of evil
  27. putrid lily
  28. doctor haereticus
  29. father of apostates
  30. returner of the Standard of Lepanto
  31. worshipful master of auto-demolition
  32. wizard of wickedness
  33. peddler of the Tiara
  34. eliminator of saints
  35. odious obscurer of light
  36. key holder of the bottomless pit
  37. trumpeter of the Apocalypse
  38. sedulous promoter of the cult of man
  39. notorious offspring of Lucifer
  40. tower of Babel
  41. son of perdition
  42. man of sin
  43. brooding viper
  44. whitened sepulcher
  45. cause of our sorrows
  46. insidiuous inverter of values
  47. diabolically disoriented
  48. deceiver of billions
  49. perverse corrupter of souls
  50. precursor of Bergoglio

It probably will not take long before someone in the Novus Ordo Sect comes up with a litany to Paul VI, although we suspect it won’t contain any of these titles.

The second part of our tribute to “St.” Paul VI is one we are especially fond of. We are pleased to introduce to you today… Paul VI’s biggest fan!

Here it is:

This fan was placed in St. Peter’s Basilica right in front of the rotting corpse of Paul VI lying in state, whose “odor of sanctity” was so unbearable that it had to be dispelled by ventilating devices. The full picture from which the above cutout is taken is this (notice the fan at the very right, and pity the poor Swiss Guards who had to endure this nauseating experience):

© Bettmann/Bettmann/Getty Images

Original Caption: “A top view of inside St. Peter’s Basilica 8/10 as thousands of faithful queue up along the central aisle to see the body of Pope Paul VI as he lies in state.”

(We went through the rather expensive process of obtaining the rights to be allowed to display this picture in full, and we hope our readers benefit from it.)

This embarrassing turn of events naturally did not go unnoticed. TIME Magazine reported that Montini’s body had to get an extra supply of formaldehyde to slow down the decomposition process that had already set in:

With the Pope garbed in a red chasuble, slippers and gloves and a gold-and-white miter on his head, some 60,000 mourners filed past his body. Then, with more than 5,000 soldiers and police standing guard against Italy’s unpredictable terrorists, a hearse drove the body along the 15-mile route to St. Peter’s. For a time the body was sealed in its casket. But when Cardinals arriving in Rome voiced disappointment, it was again put on view—in front of the high altar, where only the Pope or his delegate may say Mass. (The body had to be injected with more formaldehyde because it was already decomposing in the late summer heat.)

(“In Search of a Pope”, TIME Magazine, Aug. 21, 1978)

Paul VI’s biographer, Peter Hebblethwaite, relates the following about Montini’s death: “As Mass ends Paul has a massive heart attack. It is as though he had exploded from within. [His private secretary Fr. John] Magee thinks he would have been thrown out of bed had his hand not been held” (Paul VI: The First Modern Pope [New York, NY: Paulist Press, 1993], p. 710).

Another interesting point to note is that Paul VI’s body began to turn dark as he was lying in state. This phenomenon was quite visible, and a close-up cutout of the above shows it:

We suspect that out of all the images the Vatican will present for their new “Saint” Paul VI, pictures of his rotting, stinking, discolored corpse will not be among them, hence we are happy to help out.

At this point, the only deceased Novus Ordo pope not yet canonized is Bp. Albino Luciani, John Paul I; but his cause is well on its way. And as the current impostor, Francis, stated earlier this year: “Benedict and I are on the waiting list.”

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