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Our Logo:


The logo we display on our web site (pictured left) and in our branding material is actually the coat of arms of the Holy See during the state of sede vacante, that is, during the time when there is no Pope reigning (the so-called interregnum, the time period between the death of the most current Pope and the election of a new one). The keys of St. Peter (cf. Mt 16:19) are always part of the Holy See’s coat of arms, but when there is a Pope reigning, the tiara (papal crown) is placed above the keys. During the sede vacante period, the tiara is replaced by what’s called the umbraculum, an umbrella-like canopy, to symbolize the absence of a Pope.

Our use of this particular and truly beautiful rendition of the sede vacante coat of arms is licensed through Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-2.5. We are using this image for the Novus Ordo Watch web site and for all our productions and branding material in agreement with the terms of the license. Attribution is hereby made to its author, Alejandro Rojas (SajoR on Wikimedia Commons), to whom we express our gratitude. The file was obtained from Wikimedia at this location. Disclaimer: The creator of this image does not necessarily endorse Novus Ordo Watch, our positions, or any content we produce, nor our positions or the way in which we use his creation.

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