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Breaking: Pope Francis accepts resignation of Chilean Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, archbishop of Santiago who has been under scrutiny for handling of clergy abuse claims. Francis does not appoint a successor, but a temporary administrator for archdiocese.

It’s Lent, and our fundraiser is still going. That means you still have a chance to make a tax-deductible donation AND get one of these great books as a thank-you: And if you really can’t donate, you can at least retweet this! 😉 #catholic

Roberto de Mattei on Bergoglio: “We cannot say … that his loss of faith is evident and manifest.” - Yeah, because making the Sixth Commandment optional and declaring God wills other religions just isn’t enough… #popefrancis

Rorate interviews Professor Roberto de Mattei

Rorate interviews Professor Roberto de Mattei regarding Bishop Athanasius Schneider‘s analysis on the subject of a heretic Pope. Frid...

And now… the Opening Ceremony of the Religious Education Congress in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles: Now they just need to tells us what religion it is. #catholic #rec2019

Coming this Monday, March 25, on Novus Ordo Watch: The Francis Papacy Test — Don’t miss it!

Enough of the resistance propaganda! Get the facts on Pope Honorius I from a seminary professor who drew directly from the discussions of the First Vatican Council, its preparation, and its teachings:
In 1914 he was made cardinal by St. Pius X. #catholic

The Case of Pope Honorius I

Setting the record straight... The Case of Pope Honorius I These days, recognize-and-resist adherents are in an extremely difficult spot: They can no ...

El señor presbítero doctor don Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga, sacerdote jesuita novohispano y pionero del sedevacantismo #hispanidad

@Vae_Victis_1958 @NovusOrdoWatch To say papal infallibility was a new doctrine in 1870 is to say that no one believed Christ’s Divinity until it was solemnly defined in 325 AD (in response to heretics denying it) by the the Council of Nicea, as Deharbe’s catechism makes clear.

@NovusOrdoWatch Yet again, the Remnant shows us they're heretics. After years of their garbage articles and videos it's beyond clear they're heretics.

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