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Did you know we have Saint Philomena cords at the TR Bookstore?

Only $5!

Pope Francis has met with a fourth group of transgender people who found shelter at a Rome church.

The incredible miraculous story of Saint Philomena, Virgin and Martyr - Still today she is a wonderworker showing the power of God! #catholictwitter #CatholicChurch #StPhilomena #catholic

St. John Vianney developed a special devotion to St. Philomena & frequently invoked her miraculous intercession. He composed a litany in her honor. It is said that to St. Philomena, nothing is refused!

St Philomena, pray for us!

In today’s “Novus Ordo Maniacs”news, apparently holding one’s hands folded in any way at Mass (sorry, at “Eucharist”) is considered “restorationist and retrograde.”

When I inquired further, I was told, “Preferred posture is hands at one’s sides when in liturgical motion.”

"Peter himself can fail and become Satan": how Timothy Flanders tries to "explain Pope Francis to Protestants" - 🙈 #PopeFrancis

Francis in today's Wednesday catechesis: "Old age is credible when it invites one to rejoice in the passing of time..." - Does anyone have a clue as to what that is supposed to mean?

@InstaurareOmnia @Semper__Idem__ There has to be. Otherwise we might as well say that the Vatican II religion is really the Catholic religion. But the new religion didn't manifest itself right away. It was introduced gradually.

@LiveCatholicNow First, it's SAINT Gregory VII. Second, the Pope doesn't have to personally preside over an ecumenical council. Third, aside from Divine Revelation, the Papacy is also extremely consonant with REASON. The biblical and patristic testimony is laid out in the Popes' magisterial >>>

@apoc_12 No, Ott is not saying the same thing Joy is saying. The first difference is that Ott is merely speaking about an INNER assent which can be suspended - the outward assent must still be given.

Vatican issues special coins commemorating Corona injection - You can't make this stuff up! #vatican #CatholicTwitter

@RealNazianzen @heartof_mary @Semper__Idem__ Wait. You're telling me that the burden of proof is on me for saying that a bishop who professes submission to 'Pope' Francis (and is recognized by him), also holds and teaches the religion of Francis, when both Catholic dogma and Novus Ordo teaching require him to?

@heartof_mary @jarldietrich @Tenth_Pie @Semper__Idem__ We follow Popes. There is no substitute for the Vicar of Christ, and Bp. Sanborn would be the first to tell you that.

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