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@NovusOrdoWatch June 3, 1963, Mexican Freemasonry paid for an ad to be published in Mexican newspapers. Mourning the passing of John XXIII.

“The Lodge expresses its sorrow for the loss of this great man, who made a revolution in the ideas, thoughts & forms of the Roman Catholic liturgy.”

Rev. Kevin Cusick in The Wanderer: “No Pope is above a reasoned examination of his words and actions” - REALLY? Here’s what Pope Pius XII said about that… #popefrancis

“Pope” Francis’ Favorite Painting contains Jewish Blasphemy against Jesus Christ - Put on your surprise face… #catholic #popefrancis #vatican #trcot #christian

It’s really not that difficult, folks: Either the Church’s teaching on the Papacy is false, or Jorge Bergoglio isn’t a valid Pope. Now which of these two is compatible with Catholicism? #sedevacante #catholic #popefrancis

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