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Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, pray for us! It was through the Miraculous Medal that Alphonse Ratisbonne converted from Judaism. #CatholicTwitter

@JeannieWoodrich You're very welcome! You can find all this info here: I apologize if this is overwhelming at first. Perhaps this article is best to start with: His own doctoral advisor identified him as promoting dangerous Modernism in 1956.

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The Facts about "Pope" Benedict XVI

The Facts About “Pope Benedict XVI” – Joseph Alois Ratzinger What You Need To Know About the Man who ...

@BerryJo47300122 You mean calumny, not detraction. No, it is neither. Francis believes that religious differences are "necessary" and that other religions are an "enrichment" to humanity.

Bp. Donald Sanborn explains the History of Christendom, Episode 4: 1789-1814 Revolution - Listen free! #catholic #CatholicTwitter

#Vatican expresses “surprise & regret” at installation of Chinese Bishop Peng Weizhao as auxiliary of Jiangxi, a diocese not recognized by the Holy See. +Weizhao, arrested by the #CCP after secret ordination in 2014, pledged to “guide Catholicism to adapt to socialist society.”

@JeannieWoodrich For example, his repudiation of Vatican I's dogma of papal primacy, his denial of original sin, his denial of the necessity of infant baptism, his ecumenism, his rejection of supersessionism regarding the Old Covenant, etc.

@NickMarzullo Francis is talking about the Ukrainian people, not "Ukrainian Greek-Catholics". If Russia invaded Ukraine to eliminate Ukrainian Greek-Catholics because of their religion, I didn't hear about it.

Yeah, that's it. Francis is concerned about "protecting the truth of the faith" -

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