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@BVMConsolatrix Please see the attached excerpt from Pope Pius XI's encyclical Casti Connubii. Ask yourself if what Pius XI wrote there makes any sense under the supposition that Jorge Bergoglio is the Pope and the Vatican II Church is the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis, the Permission of Evil, and the “Right to Heaven”: Bishop Athanasius Schneider Takes Stock

Someone needs to tell the folks at 'Where Peter Is' that if there's one man in the world that loves Lutheran theses, it would be their very own 'Pope' Francis... #CatholicTwitter

Those who write books trying to explain why Francis didn't say what he meant, should consider that this 'Pope' is quite capable of speaking clearly - he simply chooses not to, and that's for a reason. #PopeFrancis #CatholicTwitter

The official Synod social media account has lent weight to the theory that the outcome is predetermined, by posting bizarre images of priestesses

@SmallTownSede @0remvs @fighthefall @FrCarlosBorja @JustACatholic1 @todayandgone1 Yes, that was added two years ago or so. There was an official Vatican announcement on that.

Full text of Cardinal Mendonça’s preface in Portuguese. It was published in 2013, not 2018:

27/09/2022: The Vatican Library bade farewell with gratitude and fondness to Card. José Tolentino de Mendonça, Librarian of the H.R.C. from September 1st, 2018 to September 26th, 2022, now Prefect of the Dicastery for Culture and Education.

At Eucharistic Congress this past Sunday, 'Pope' Francis said we must adore ‘the Lord Present in the Bread’ - Seems like no one else has reported on this so far. 🤷🏼‍♂️ #CatholicTwitter #popefrancis #catholicchurch #catholicnews

@KevvyGillikin @engl1shtradcat @NovusOrdoWatch It's already a double-win for Bergoglio:
1) it emboldens the idea of resisting submission to the pope
2) it concedes that Bergoglio holds the papacy

"As regards opinion, whatever the Roman Pontiffs have hitherto taught, or shall hereafter teach, must be held with a firm grasp of mind, and as often as occasion requires, must be openly professed" Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Immortale Dei

@engl1shtradcat @NovusOrdoWatch It's all so...fake. Bergoglio spouts obvious heresies, the R&R, "hey, that's bad". Bergoglio silence. R&R....."there have been bad Popes in the past..." Silence.
Rinse and repeat.

@KevvyGillikin @engl1shtradcat I think that Francis doesn't care for three reasons: (a) they recognize him as Pope, and that's enough to give him all the power he needs; (b) compared to the whole V2 Church, they are a tiny minority; (c) it would draw undue attention to them if he did something.

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