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This 'Catholic bishop' is very convinced of the truth of Catholicism, isn't he? Ecumenism does not know what it wants or where it's going. All they really agree on is that conversion to Catholicism is NOT the goal - #catholictwitter #catholic

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Bishop Meier: No church has leased the truth for itself

Augsburg's bishop spoke at the start of bishops' meeting

That is precisely also Francis' tactic. "Life is bigger than explanations", the false pope said in 2015 to a Lutheran woman who wanted to know if she could receive 'Catholic communion'.

Pressed by a @lanuovaBQ article, Bishop Antonio Stagliano has published his speech given to Freemasons in Milan. “It’s even clearer now that he indicates Fiducia Supplicans as the solution for Freemasons,” writes @RicCascioli.

In new 'Pope Video', duplicitous Bergoglio claims to honor the martyrs' heroic witness to the Gospel while he himself does all in his power to undermine and neutralize that very Gospel, thereby mocking the martyrs' sacrifice - #popefrancis #catholicchurch

We ask for prayers for Father Weinzierl, who following a serious operation for an aneurysm, never recovered. His brain functions are so damaged that doctors say his death is imminent. Let us pray for his good death 🙏🏻

(Fr W. is a German sedevacantist priest.)

See the comment to my latest post by Bobby Dimond himself! (Aka “Brother Peter”). I answer him in a special addendum at the end of my post which I just published.

Anniversary of Bp Guérard des Lauriers, OP+

Eminent Thomist;
Confessor of Pope Pius XII;
Theologian & Mariologist;
Ghostwriter of the Ottaviani Intervention;
Early sedevacantist;

May she whose title as Co-Redemptrix you did defend on Earth obtain for you eternal life in Heaven.

Homo-Church: Prominent Sodomites in Uruguay Receive Vatican-Approved ‘Blessing’ after ‘Wedding’ - Vatican nuncio explicitly gave go-ahead for this... #catholictwitter #popefrancis #catholicchurch #fiduciasupplicans

'Abp.' Paolo Martinelli, 'Vicar Apostolic' of Southern Arabia, attends inauguration of Hindu temple, in which idols are worshipped, on 'Day of Harmony' in Abu Dhabi, UAE - #catholic #catholicchurch #catholictwitter

Martinelli gives an address trying to explain Christianity to infidels. He ends "by expressing the joy of the Catholic Church at the inauguration of this new [Hindu] temple in Abu Dhabi. It represents a contribution to harmony based on the relationship with God." There is nothing…

The Dimonds, Ensoulment, and Baptism Of Desire - Follow the pre-Vatican II #Catholic teaching that's on the books, not the two self-appointed Dimond clowns, who are just pre-Vatican II recognize-and-resisters... #catholictwitter #catholicchurch

Philosopher @FeserEdward tries to save the Novus Ordo magisterium based on an idea recently floated by Fr. Weinandy: But the orthodoxy (or at least safety) of a doctrine will be the consequence of its being taught magisterially; it cannot be its condition,…

A very important point made here. Ordinary priests who face even implausible accusations are instantly suspended and subjected to 'hanging judges' unlike the protected Fr Rupnik. This disparity is having a catastrophic effect on clergy morale.

Novus Ordo apologist Eric Ybarra explains why he is no longer on the 'Reason and Theology' program with Michael Lofton- This is informative and charitable, not gossipy! #catholictwitter #catholic

You can't make it up: After 'Cardinal' Schonborn warns German Novus Ordo Bishops not to follow the path of the 'Old Catholics', he apologizes to O.C. bishopess: "I did not intend it to be a devaluation or criticism of the Old Catholic Church" - #catholic

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After interview: Schönborn asks Old Catholics to apologise

"Careless choice of words"

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