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Vaticanist Giuseppe Nardi reports #PopeFrancis had to go to Gemelli hospital at least twice in the three weeks before his current hospitalization - (German)

@OldArmyNurse4 That's fair, although I think in the case of people in such high public office (well, putatively) that affects so many people, I'm not sure one can legitimately insist on total privacy.

Through her heart, His sorrow sharing,
All His bitter anguish bearing,
Lo! the piercing sword had passed.

Virgin most sorrowful, pray for us!

O most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa warned officials of the Roman Curia against being overly nostalgic of the era after WW2 when "seminaries had abundant vocations."

"If those seminaries were filled with holy pastors...we wouldn't have to mourn so many scandals today."

@FrDesposito @MichaeliArchang @R0BINS0NCRUS0E5 @matthew__theo If I could, Father, please allow me to remark that the "lack of objective intention to will the good of the Church" isn't exactly a slam-dunk alternative either. But I agree that arguing from personal heresy is not all that effective - nor is it necessary.

From the Vatican’s Press Office: Todsy Pope Francis visited children hospitalized in the pediatric oncology ward in the Gemelli, bringing them rosaries & chocolate eggs.
He also baptized a baby boy, named Miguel Angel.
Afterwards, he returned to his ward in the sale hospital.

@irishmirage Please tell me what was "quite the illuminating surprise" you got from dialogue with Jains. There is nothing affectionate about a relationship with unbelievers that does not seek their true good.

Have you noticed how many 'Eucharistic miracles' have suddenly been popping up all over the place? "For there shall arise false Christs & false prophets, and shall shew great signs & wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect" (Mt 24:24).

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Polish ‘Eucharistic Miracle’ in Legnica

Forensic Specialists Determine Host Is Heart Tissue; Vatican to Review the Case

@mattpb88 Oh, sorry, I didn't see it. Well, what's there to respond to? We know Muslims are not pagans. They acknowledge one only God, Creator, whose existence can be known from reason alone. But they repudiate the Trinity. Their Allah is not the Father of Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis is set to be released from hospital tomorrow 🙏 @CatholicNewsSvc (CNS photo/Vatican Media)

@RobM777 These false analogies really frustrate me. Nothing wrong with drawing analogies - but they must be consistent with Church teaching, not try to circumvent of replace it. As in: Forget what the Church teaches about the Papacy, just consider this analogy instead.

Il Cardinale Leonardo Sandri ha riferito, nelle scorse ore, che lunedì scorso è stato informato che avrebbe celebrato la Santa Messa della Domenica delle Palme.

Le parole del Prefetto Emerito del Dicastero per le Chiese orientali sono da interpretare nel senso che lui avrebbe…

'Techno Mass' for Easter: Diocese of Feldkirch, Austria, has a special Easter Vigil service for people aged 18-30: "Life is defined by the rhythm of the pulse, like in techno music", and Easter celebrates life, so there! 🤦🏼‍♂️ #catholic #CatholicTwitter

@irishmirage <<< from those who have successfully evangelized Muslims in the past. You will also need to have a pretty good grasp of what he believes, what kind of Muslim he is, etc. Then you need to be well instructed in how to answer objections from Muslims.

@irishmirage The first thing you should do is recognize that he is a soul dwelling in darkness and in need of the light and grace of Christ, wherefore you ought to seek his conversion. Then you will want to prepare for this with prayer and fasting. Then I would suggest you get some advice >>>

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