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They Are Really Not Bishops: Part 1 of a Response to Rev. John Hunwicke on Novus Ordo Episcopal Consecrations -

A significant contribution given its outlet’s Vatican-vetted content & the author – now spokesman-emeritus to the Popes – in @civcatt, the venerable Fr Lombardi surveys the decades-long path to February “Abuse Synod”… with some subtle prods along the way:

They Are Really Not Bishops: Part 1 of a Response to Rev. John Hunwicke - #catholic

The fact that the Novus Ordo Church considers ecumenism an imperative - when the #Catholic Church taught it was impermissible - is one of the clearest proofs of a substantial change in religion: #popefrancis #fssp #vatican #trcot

Ecumenism Isn’t An Option, Pope Affirms - ZENIT - English

Appeal on the Occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

BREAKING: DC's Cardinal Wuerl apologizes to priests, McCarrick victim, says he forgot he knew about harassment allegations

Francis has honoured two notorious pro-abortion politicians -- Emma Bonino and Lilianne Ploumen

Francis says actions are more important than words. Clearly, he supports abortion

Here's my action in response -- I will no longer contribute to Peter's Pence until he is gone

Since late Friday, multiple Chicago ops note spike of “Blase to DC” buzz.

Don’t bet on it – in reality, it merely underscores how Pope's Capital pick is “Too Big To Fail.”

Meantime, as lead planner of Vatican Abuse Summit, here’s Cupich 101 on February:

Priests call on Cdl. Marx to resign as German bishops’ head for ‘abusing’ spiritual office

Mocking the Papacy since time immemorial: “Saint” Paul VI wears Wicker Tiara (December, 1969) - And they wonder why people no longer take Catholicism seriously? #catholic #pope #trcot #vatican

World Youth Day begins one week Indigenous young people will meet in western Panama for "an encounter with the Lord through our culture.” @Barbara_Fraser reports

🙄🤯 it may be that this is the real sense of the new mathematical logic 2 + 2 can also be 5 (the logic of the new church, entangled in its initiated and never completed processes... 🧐... brave new world...)

Edward Pentin on Twitter

“Wuerl Denies His Prior Denials Denied Knowing McCarrick Seminarian Abuse @cnalive #NCRegister”

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