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The jet fuel emissions from #PopeFrancis’ chartered plane to Panama pale in comparison to the emissions we will get from the Jorge’s mouth in the next few days… Get ready for endless blather about roots, memory, coherence, tenderness, revolution, “God is young”, etc. #WYD2019

The Francis Show at World Youth Day in Panama - our coverage with all the links you need: #catholic #WYD2019 #popefrancis #WYDpanama2019

@NovusOrdoWatch All of the recent comments from Antipope Francis and Antipope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Judaism are surreal. One can’t help thinking this all plays into prophecy about the false Jewish Messiah, Antichrist, and the False Prophet.

The first genuinely “Franciscan” World Youth Day of the 3 he's led to date, Pope lands in Panamá for #WYD2019 at 4.30pm local/US Eastern.

Curtain-raiser to come – for now, Il TripTik:

…and the de facto theme for weekend trek:

[email protected] reporting from #PopeFrancis flight to #JMJPanama2019 says pope was asked about US-Mexican border wall. A wall that goes to the ocean "is madness," the pope said. "It is fear that makes us crazy."

New podcast episode: TRADCAST EXPRESS 076. Topics: Francis’ denunciation of 1900 years of Catholic practice towards Judaism, and the Society of St. Pius X’s “new bishop” -
Always worth a listen! #catholic #vaticano #trcot #popefrancis #fsspx #sspx

The Francis Show in Panama City starts tomorrow, January 23. We will have some coverage on our site. #catholic #popefrancis #WYD2019 #WYDpanama2019

A beautiful opening mass at #WYDPanama2019 but definitely a smaller crowd than previous years. Official estimates put the attendance at 75,000, while some 200,000 attended the 2016 opening mass in Poland. @cnalive #CNAinPanama

Just released! TRADCAST EXPRESS 076 on Francis’ denunciation of 1900 years of Catholic practice towards Judaism, and the Society of St. Pius X’s “new bishop” -
#catholic #vatican #trcot #popefrancis #fsspx #sspx

No, Dr. Marshall, you can't trust Malachi Martin on ANYTHING -- not sedevacantism, not Vatican gossip, not theology. He was a con man, a liar, a fantasy-spinner, and a sociopath. I know this from two conversations with him. Read Kaiser's "Clerical Errors" to open your eyes.

Dr Taylor Marshall 🇺🇸 on Twitter

“New TNT video tomorrow: Malachi Martin: Can We Trust Him? (Plus some thoughts on Malachi Martin and Sedevacantism) with...

Is Paul VI’s 1968 rite of bishops’ ordinations really invalid? Part 2 of our response to the Rev. John Hunwicke is now up: #catholic #fssp

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