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BaltoSun’s Jon Pitts has the scoop – in shock choice, Pope set to send Baltimore Aux Mark Brennan, 72, to Wheeling-Charleston at Roman Noon Tues:

The oldest US diocesan tapped in modern times, 2 Whispers ops previously relayed +Brennan’s name under seal.

What part of the ‘Mass’ was that again where a clown hides under a table covered in garbage bags? Questions people have to ask in 2019 AD… #catholic #katholisch #trcot #infiltration

One of the essential properties of the Catholic Church is her indefectibility. This means, among other things, that her teaching is “immutable and always remaining the same.” (St. Ignatius of Antioch.) It is impossible for her to contradict her own teaching.

This new church could have both pope and bishops but they would be puppets only; it could talk about dogmas, revelations, and supernatural religion but they would be terms stripped of their former meaning, they would be words without content...
—Fr. Maciej Sieniatycki

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