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Francis Wants Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP) to Concelebrate Annual Novus Ordo Chrism Mass - It puts the #FSSP into a real conundrum. What will they do? #catholictwitter #catholicchurch #catholicnews #popefrancis #fsspx #sspx

End of ‘Church Militant’: Non-Profit Founded by #MichaelVoris to Cease Operations by End of April - Priding itself on exposing scandals (real or imagined), CM now has fallen due to some of its own. #catholic #catholictwitter #catholicnews #catholicchurch

The latest theological musing from Rev. John Hunwicke: "How much of this pontificate will need to be disentangled to sort out the Papal within it from the Diabolical?" - #catholictwitter #popefrancis

"People have a right to be called as they wish to be called"? Yep, that sounds like something @BpStowe would say! Mr. Stowe, from now on you shall address me only as, "Your Highness". Thank you.

We've seen this many times before. Whoever still falls for it, has not been paying attention. It's say one thing, do another. Conservatives get words, liberals get actions.

The Novus Ordo service is prefigured in the sacrifice of Cain, while the Catholic Mass is prefigured in the sacrifice of Abel:

“And it came to pass after many days, that Cain offered, of the fruits of the earth, gifts to the Lord. Abel also offered of the firstlings of his…

Check out the WMBRIGGS site, which published this morning an article by Dr. Mazza, and my response to it.

Thanks again to Mr. Briggs (@FamedCelebrity ) for the opportunity to respond.

Guess what: Painting of Nude Jesus Caressing Judas Iscariot Hangs on Wall in ‘Pope’ Francis’ Study - This was reported by Osservatore Romano in 2021, but now we have the evidence! #popefrancis #catholicchurch #vatican #catholictwitter #catholic

This looks like a jolly party. The #FSSP clergy know very well that the man on the other side of the table is doing all he can to stamp out Catholicism, dilute the supernatural, make perversion acceptable, etc. They know he's on a 'crusade' against the Traditional Mass everywhere…

Prayer to Our Lady of Palestine

O Mary Immaculate, gracious Queen of Heaven and of Earth, behold us prostrate before thy exalted throne. Full of confidence in thy goodness and in thy boundless power, we beseech thee to turn a pitying glance upon Palestine, which, more than any…

Amazing how these 'liberal' Catholic commentators (in this case an opinionated high school teacher) get so excited at the thought of crackdowns, bans, explusions. Bet they'd suspend their opposition to the death penalty if they could watch a few traditionalists consumed by…

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