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Was Sister Lucy of Fatima replaced with an Impostor?
An Interview with Dr. Peter Chojnowski

Ladies and gentlemen:

Yes, it is tiring. It is tiring to constantly have to question whether what one sees is real or fake. We live in a world in which there is a fake “Catholic” church with a fake pope and, it is pretty certain, also a fake Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima.

If you’re ever tempted to throw in the towel, pray and look around: This world is going crazier by the day, because it is ever more determinedly departing from its Creator and Lord and thus distancing itself from true Life, true Love, and genuine sanity.

Chances are you have heard of the Sister Lucy Truth project. Roughly 20 years ago, some people began noticing striking differences in photos of the known real Fatima seer Lucia dos Santos and the woman who came on the public scene in 1967 as “Sister Lucy of Fatima”, and who died in 2005. While many individuals decided to “shoot from the hip” and give their opinions on whether the “two Lucys” are one and the same individual, the Thomistic philosopher Peter Chojnowski decided to get scientific certainty about the matter. He established the non-profit organization Sister Lucy Truth in order to hire professionals who can evaluate the matter according to scientific standards and give their unbiased opinion on the matter. We have introduced the project before:

It is utterly amazing how few people — especially those who proclaim themselves great defenders and promoters of Fatima — have shown any interest in the investigation at all, presumably because the results are as clear as they are uncomfortable.

After publishing all the evidence gathered so far, Dr. Chojnowski has now sat down for an interview in which he discusses the project at length and answers questions. It is available here:

The interview is nearly an hour in length, and for that reason there has also been produced a two-and-a-half-minute trailer:

Ladies and gentlemen, the people who have been able (with God’s permission, according to 2 Thess 2:10-11) to temporarily put a Masonic counterfeit church in place of the true Roman Catholic Church, replacing Catholicism with the fake new Vatican II religion, surely these same people would have no problem substituting a fake Fatima seer for the true one. And, inasmuch as the true Third Secret of Fatima presumably forecasts that very eclipse of the Church, they would obviously have every reason to silence the real seer and put in someone who will approve of their program of apostasy.

Clarification: Sister Lucy Truth is an independent non-profit organization and is not a part of Novus Ordo Watch. Novus Ordo Watch derives no benefit, monetary or otherwise, from promoting Sister Lucy Truth.

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