Combox Discussion: The Most Recent Comments

The following is a list of the 25 most recent comments that readers have left in the combox of various blog posts found on our web site. We are offering this list as a convenience to those who are interested in keeping up with the comments and conversations that are taking place there.

Each entry in the list below is but meant to be a preview and therefore is limited to the first 150 characters. To view the full comment in its corresponding combox and have the option of replying to it, click on the time lapse indicator link found at the bottom right of each entry (it will say something like “33 minutes ago”, “1 hour ago”, “2 days ago”, etc.). Be aware that comment threads automatically close 30 days after a post has been published.

Disclaimer: Novus Ordo Watch uses Disqus as its comments platform. The posts that appear below are fed through a WordPress plugin whose content originates with/through Disqus is a stand-alone third-party software/service. Novus Ordo Watch is not responsible for the content of any such comments (except of those by the Novus Ordo Watch Moderator account). The views expressed in any such comments are not necessarily those of Interregnum Foundation, Inc., DBA Novus Ordo Watch. Technical approval of a comment by the Novus Ordo Watch Moderator (that is, technically enabling/allowing a comment post to appear to the public) does not imply Novus Ordo Watch approval of the content.

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