The “Catholic Woodstock” is back…

World Youth Day 2016:
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“World Youth Day” (WYD) is a major Novus Ordo event that occurs every 2-3 years and was begun by “Pope” John Paul II in 1987. It has been dubbed by the secular media the “Catholic Woodstock”, and for good reason.

This year’s World Youth Day is taking place in Cracow, Poland, beginning on Tuesday, July 26 and ending on Sunday, July 31. The official logo for this year’s WYD is displayed above. As usual, it is abstract, bizarre, ugly, and anyone’s guess as to what it’s supposed to signify.

“Pope” Francis will join the festivities beginning July 27. That’s when things will get really crazy, based on what we saw during the last World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the links below show. The best part of the entire WYD 2016 event, however, will undoubtedly be Francis’ in-flight press conference aboard the “papal” plane on the way back to Rome, since that is when Francis will once again respond off the cuff to questions that have not been vetted in advance, and it is in such situations that his contempt for and rejection of Catholicism is most visible. It was on the return flight from Rio de Janeiro three years ago that Francis gave the first such conference, and it was there that he uttered the infamous phrase that will forever be associated with his disgraceful “pontificate”: “Who am I to judge?”

Below we present our substantial coverage of WYD in Cracow. The links will be updated as more information becomes available, so check back here often.

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Flashback 2013: World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro

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