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United Nations in the Classroom: Bergoglio’s “Global Compact on Education” Examined

It takes a village idiot... United Nations in the Classroom: Bergoglio's "Global Compact on Education" Examined No matter what problems rattle our globe, the man with all the answers is "Pope" Francis (Jorge Bergoglio). That, at least, is what he thinks, and he behaves accordingly. On Sep. 12, 2019, the Vatican ...
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“No One is Saved Alone”: Francis to participate in Interreligious Prayer for Peace and Fraternity in Rome

That 'Spirit of Assisi' is looming once more... "No One is Saved Alone": Francis to participate in Interreligious Prayer for Peace and Fraternity in Rome October 20 Ladies and gentlemen, it's time again -- time for yet another interreligious prayer circus for peace. The Community of Sant'Egidio will once again ...
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French Socialist Leader applauds Encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’

Marx brothers all... French Socialist Leader applauds Encyclical Fratelli Tutti After the Freemasonic Grand Orient Lodge of Spain gave its endorsement, another enemy of Roman Catholicism has voiced his support for "Pope" Francis' new encyclical Fratelli Tutti, on human fraternity and social friendship. We are talking about Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the founder and current ...
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Give to Gaia what is Gaia’s? Vatican issues ‘Mother Earth’ Coin

Pachamama returns to the Vatican... Give to Gaia what is Gaia's? Vatican issues 'Mother Earth' Coin The Vatican's new coin, compared with a common image of Gaia or Pachamama When in November of 2014, the head of the Vatican's so-called Pontifical Council for Culture, "Cardinal" Gianfranco Ravasi, participated in a public ...
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Francis Watch, Episode 45: Fraternity, World Government, and the Anti-Christ

Bp. Sanborn mops the floor with Chaos Frank... FRANCIS WATCH Episode 45 Fraternity, World Government, and the Anti-Christ Listen on demand at any time -- free! Great news, everyone: It is time again for a new episode of Francis Watch! Novus Ordo Watch is pleased to sponsor this phenomenal quarterly podcast ...
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Pope Pius XII: In Memory of the Last True Vicar of Christ (so far)

Requiescat in pace... In Memory of the Last True Vicar of Christ (so far) Pope Pius XII Mar 2, 1876 - Oct 9, 1958 Today is October 9, 2020. This date marks the 62nd anniversary of the death of the last known true Pope, His Holiness Pius XII, born Eugenio ...
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