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Francis Watch: The Missing Episodes

All episodes now free! FRANCIS WATCH: The Missing Episodes Listen on demand at any time -- free! Great news, everyone: Every single episode of the popular Francis Watch program produced by the traditional Catholic media apostolate True Restoration is now free for you to listen to online or download to your computer ...
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Ferrara’s Fatal Flaw on Sedevacantism

Response to a piece of sophistry... Ferrara's Fatal Flaw on Sedevacantism Even in the 21st century, basic English reading comprehension still seems to be a challenge for some. In installment no. 1248 of his Fatima Perspectives column, self-appointed "papal" corrector and professional rhetorician Christopher A. Ferrara says that sedevacantists "never ...
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For the Transfiguration, “Pope” Francis manages to bring up Sadomasochism

Pseudo-papal sicko! For the Transfiguration, "Pope" Francis manages to bring up Sadomasochism This past Sunday, Mar. 17, was the Second Sunday of Lent. The Gospel for that day recalls the Transfiguration of Christ on Mount Thabor (see Lk 9:28-36). In his Angelus address, "Pope" Francis therefore took the opportunity to ...
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“Jesus Clock” – Blasphemous Art in Austrian Church

"...see what things the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary" (Ps 73:3) "Jesus Clock" - Blasphemous Art in Austrian Church Ladies and gentlemen, there is not much that needs to be said in this post. The pictures and the video clip tell the story well enough. The Modernist occupiers ...
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News Digest March 15, 2019

Novus Ordo Watch NEWS DIGEST March 15, 2019 What's the best venue for Novus Ordo carnival? Why, church, of course! Words fail: Vatican endorses puberty-blocking sex change drugs for children. Look who's on retreat with "Pope" Francis: the Argentinian "bishop" who is under Vatican investigation for sexual misconduct with seminarians ...
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They’ve lost it completely: “Ash Wednesday of Artists” in Cologne Basilica

Watch at your own risk... They've lost it completely: "Ash Wednesday of Artists" in Cologne Basilica The Modernist layman who currently pretends to be the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne, Germany, Mr. Rainer Maria Woelki, led an Ash Wednesay "Mass" in the Basilica of St. Cunibert on March 6. The liturgical horror ...
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