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Bergoglio’s Rocker: Buenos Aires Rock “Priest” has Endorsement from Francis

Off the rocker... Bergoglio's Rocker: Buenos Aires Rocker "Priest" has Endorsement from "Pope" Francis Embed from Getty Images Cesar Scicchitano is the name of an Argentinian Novus Ordo priest in his mid-50s who is the frontman of a rock band called Los Pecadores. While such is by no means an unusual occurrence in Novus Ordo ...
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Francis assures Parents of Sodomites: “God loves your Children as they are”

Reaffirming sinners in their sins... Francis assures Parents of Sodomites: "God loves your Children as they are" Once again, Chaos Frank is doing what he does best -- he's making a mess. Immediately following his General Audience on Wednesday, Sep. 16, 2020, he met briefly with about 40 people affiliated with ...
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Italian Novus Ordo Bishops’ Newspaper defends Quasi-Pedophilic Movie “Cuties”

A flick so revolting, even secularists are in shock... Italian Novus Ordo Bishops' Newspaper defends Quasi-Pedophiliac Movie Cuties (We have blurred grave immodesty and suggestive poses in this snapshot from the movie, which is featured in the Avvenire article.) This post is being written with tears in the eyes, a lump in the throat, ...
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Viganò’s Theological Vortex: A Critical Commentary (Part 1)

A whirlwind of error and confusion... Viganò's Theological Vortex: A Critical Commentary (PART 1) In recent weeks, the now well-known former Vatican nuncio to the United States, "Abp." Carlo Maria Viganò, has spoken at great length again about his position on the Second Vatican Council and the "conciliar sect" (his words) ...
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Fraternity of St. Peter offers sacrilegious “Lick-Off Communion” in Germany

Communion on by the tongue... Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter offers sacrilegious "Lick-Off Communion" in Germany On Sep. 15, 2020, people at St. Peter Canisius' self-communicated by licking hosts off saucers In the German town of Saarlouis, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) has its own parish, the Church of ...
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Introducing: The ‘Pontifical Academy for Black Lives Matter’

Vatican agitprop... Introducing: The 'Pontifical Academy for Black Lives Matter' The useless so-called Pontifical Academy for Life, no stranger to controversy, sent out a tweet today showing a photoshopped image of Michelangelo's famous Pietà sculpture -- Our Lady on Mount Calvary holding the Body of her Divine Son after It was ...
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