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Bergoglio and Anti-Clericalism

Investigating the charge of "Clericalism"... Bergoglio and Anti-Clericalism: Why has Francis appropriated Rhetoric derived from Virulent Enemies of the Catholic Church? by Francis del Sarto “I believe the Lord wants a change in the Church. I have said many times that a perversion of the Church today is clericalism”, declared “Pope” ...
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Ratzinger’s Roman Apostasy Symbolism

Before Francis, there was Benedict... Ratzinger's Roman Apostasy Symbolism At a time when "Pope Emeritus" Benedict XVI is once again held in the highest esteem by countless people who are fed up with "Pope" Francis, a little reality check is in order lest we forget that few individuals are more ...
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Francis Critic “Fr.” Alessandro Minutella declared Excommunicated

Novus Ordo priest punished for "heresy and schism"... Francis Critic "Fr." Alessandro Minutella declared Excommunicated The Archlayman of Palermo has announced that one of the Novus Ordo priests in his diocese, the 45-year-old "Fr." Alessandro Minutella, has excommunicated himself for the crimes of heresy and schism. The statement put out by ...
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Novus Ordo Altar in Italy features 120 Severed Heads

Giving you a heads-up... Novus Ordo Altar in Italy features 120 Severed Heads The Vatican II Church has done it again, this time in Italy. La Repubblica reports on a new Novus Ordo altar that is a real head-turner -- pun intended. Not much comment is required. We'll let the ...
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TRADCAST 023 (November 12, 2018)

TRADCAST 023 (12 NOV 2018) Contents Segment 1: Introductory comments; giving up on Francis; anything but Sedevacantism; the last Catholics; Vatican-China deal; "Abp." Georg Ganswein canonizes Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Faith, reason, and Modernism; the Vatican and environmentalism; Francis' silence on the Asia Bibi case Segment 2: Thank you to our ...
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Missing the Forest for the Trees: ‘The Remnant’ on Schism and Sedevacantism

Reply to Jason Morgan... Missing the Forest for the Trees: The Remnant on Schism and Sedevacantism The pseudo-traditionalist flagship publication The Remnant has once again graced the world with the full depth of its theological wisdom. This biweekly American newspaper promotes what is perhaps best called a "pop traditionalism", a distortion ...
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