Kneelability came back just in time…

Francis goes to Confession, miraculously manages to kneel again

[UPDATE 09-MAR-2018 18:19 UTC: Video added below]

When in May of 2016 we pointed out that Francis has stiff knees only on demand, we weren’t kidding: The man who is virtually never able to kneel in front of what he supposedly believes is the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, has no problem kneeling when it comes to his annual “watch me go to confession” show.

This has happened year after year, and today was no exception. See the photo above, which is a screenshot taken just a few minutes ago from the live feed provided by Vatican Media of the special Penitential Celebration conducted in St. Peter’s Basilica today. Video is now available as well (confession scene begins around the 35:01 mark):

As is quite evident, Francis was able to get down on his knees very quickly, on his own, without anybody’s help.

Just a few weeks prior, during his Lenten retreat, “Pope” Bergoglio was photographed as the only man standing in front of the “Blessed Sacrament” exposed in the monstrance. The image made the rounds on Twitter:

Look who’s standing…

Francis never genuflects during Mass the Novus Ordo worship service, and his persistent refusal to kneel is particularly visible during Corpus Christi, the solemn Feast of the Holy Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ. Our above-linked post on His Stiff-Kneedness has more information on that.

But of course Mr. Bergoglio is quite able to kneel whenever he wants to, and not only during the annual confession show. So, for example, he kneels before Protestants who offer him a “blessing” (see 40:53 mark here or this photo from his Buenos Aires days); he kneels before and lauds Anglican pseudo-martyrs; he endorses “doing theology while kneeling”; he says we should all “kneel before the poor”; and, of course, he is happy to kneel the whole time while washing the feet of twelve people, including infidels, on Holy Thursday — a yearly spectacle he places special emphasis on, totally eclipsing the primary reason we commemorate Holy Thursday at all. Yet for tomorrow’s “Mass”, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be “unable” to genuflect again.

The simple fact is that Francis likes to be singular. He wants everybody’s attention on him, and if that requires kneeling, he can kneel; if it suggests standing, he’ll stand. And of course the “Humble Cam” is always there to record it (kudos to Louie Verrechio for coming up with that term!).

And now for a prediction: The next time Francis will be able to kneel will be on Mar. 29. That’s when he will perform the washing of politically-correct feet. Want to bet?

Image source: Vatican Media (YouTube screenshot) / Twitter (@CatholicSat)
License: Fair use / Fair use

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