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10 Responses to “The Francis Show at Fatima: Full Coverage”

      • Sarah Hodgins

        How evil can a person get????? Imagine when he gets to the judgement and God asks him why he pretended to like the Blessed Virgin????

        • Alex GottmitUns

          I feel for the obstinate novus ordites who for political, social and/or convenience recognize this joker to be the Pope. Those are going to have a hard time explaining…

  1. Geremia16

    The first Fatima apparition occurred on St. Robert Bellarmine’s feast day (May 13). That is the first fact of the Fatima apparitions and definitely the most important!

    Francis in Fatima: “I am the bishop dressed in white.”
    Absurdity upon absurdities…

    And a good resource on Fatima:
    The Whole Truth about Fatima (vol. 1): Science and the FactsThe Whole Truth about Fatima (vol. 2): The Secret and the ChurchThe Whole Truth about Fatima (vol. 3): The Third Secret(mirrored here)

    • Sarah Hodgins

      “novus disordo”, love it. Please explain why the feast day of St. Robert Bellarmine is so important; I’ve often wondered why she chose that day

      • Geremia16

        Actually, it was the other way around. Pope Pius XI, who canonized St. Robert, chose May 13 for his feast-day, probably because of the saint’s deep Marian devotion. The Novus (dis)Ordo calendar puts his feast on Sept. 17, when he died, instead.

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