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World Youth Day “Communion” Hosts Distributed in Disposable Plastic Cups

The following photos, taken at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2013, speak for themselves. They were provided by journalist and Vatican insider Giuseppe Nardi at katholisches.info. What you see here is really just the logical outcome of the New Mass and the abominable “Communion in the Hand” practice. Don’t jump to the conclusion that “these people don’t believe in the Real Presence”. No doubt, many don’t indeed; but what’s even worse is that many do and still treat (what they believe to be) the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity with such grave irreverence and carelessness. In many Novus Ordo parishes, de facto, there prevails a horrific “God is here – who cares?” attitude. Which is even worse than the sin of unbelief.

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wyd-plastic1.jpg wyd-plastic2.jpg

That’s what you get for having “Mass” at the Copacabana. Thank God the New Mass isn’t valid (see why here), so there was no actual sacrilege, only sacrilege in intent, but sin is in the will, so the sin was there nonetheless.

Now, don’t even think about saying, “Oh my goodness, if only Pope Francis knew about this!” Ladies and gentlemen, the man you call “Pope Francis”, Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, distributes “Holy Communion” the same way – no, not in disposable plastic cups, but the way you see in the photo just above, reaching over people to drop what he allegedly believes is a consecrated Host into any hand that’s outstretched and open somewhere.

See for yourself. Here’s the video:

Bergoglio distributes “Communion” at 8:00 min mark

Get it? Francis isn’t the solution; he’s part of the problem (note well, Michael Voris and Mr. Zuhlsdorf!). The entire Vatican II Church is from the deepest pits of hell, and it’s high time people woke up and realized it. This is not the Catholic Church of our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ!

More photos of Bergoglio distributing “Holy Communion” can be found here, as well as other links of interest regading the Bergoglio liturgical circuses in Argentina, here. Oh, and how do you think these disposable plastic cups — er, “ciboria” — were “purified” afterwards, and what happened to them? Frankly, we don’t know, but we have our suspicions….

image: istockphoto.com

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