Fr. Trytek explains why he left the Society of St. Pius X

Polish Original:

Rev. Raphael Trytek

Cracow, February 2nd, 2006

raphael-trytekFor nearly half a century since, Christian life remains eclipsed under the propagation of what the Church has infallibly condemned over centuries as Modernistic errors and heresies, such as: 1) Religious freedom, essentially leading to the acceptance of state atheism; 2) falsely conceived Ecumenism — whether equalization of false religious doctrines to the One True Catholic Church, or acknowledgment of other religions, including even Judaism, Islam, and Paganism, as means leading to salvation; 3) the erroneous conception of the Church of Christ as not identical with the Catholic Church, but as a wider entity that includes the Catholic Church without being limited to it; 4) the advancement of one global syncretistic religion; 5) adherence to Masonic ideas, such as the propagation of alleged “natural” rights of man, which essentially becomes an expression of anthropocentrism.

It is impossible for the True Church of Christ and for Her Hierarchy — Pope and Bishops remaining in union with him — to subscribe to that apostasy! Whoever is willing to preserve and to confess the Catholic Faith, must acknowledge that the institution that insistently peddles and publicly proclaims so shameful errors, has nothing in common with the true Catholic Church, and that its ruler, currently Joseph Ratzinger, is no legal authority to Catholics and has no power of jurisdiction over them. This means that he is no true Pope, Vicar of Christ on Earth, Successor of Saint Peter in the primacy, but only a usurper and an occupier of Peter’s See, even as his Modernistic predecessors who accepted, confirmed, decreed and brought to life the heretical teaching of the so-called Second Vatican Council. If the opposite were the case, the Church of Christ would prove fallible, destructible and stainable, which would be contrary to the promises of the Lord Jesus that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mt 16:18). Therefore, as I reject the apostasy of Modernism, I also reject the false answer to it that the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), whose member I was till recently, forces its priests and faithful to accept.

1) I reject as subversive and un-Catholic the SSPX assertion that the Church can voice heresy, promulgate or bring to life binding universal liturgical laws (the Novus Ordo Missae and new sacramental rites) and disciplinary laws (e.g. the 1983 Code of Canon Law) that contain contradictions, errors and heresies or are wholly invalid, hinder the salvation of souls and lead to Protestantism. I likewise reject the view that canonizations of Saints performed by the Church are open to doubt.

2) I reject the false alternative proposed by the SSPX — unity or confession of unadulterated Faith. The Unity of the Catholic Church is based upon one same faith, same sacraments, and obedience to one same Pope. There is no true unity where not even one of the aforementioned elements occurs. Moreover, it is not possible to confess the true faith against the unity of the Church.

3) I reject the SSPX system, where recognition of the Pope is merely illusory, where the Pope has a mere primacy of honor, and where the only noticeable expression of acknowledgment of papal primacy is to occasionally hang a picture of the current occupant of Peter’s See, whom the SSPX erroneously holds to be the Pope, in sacristies of Society chapels and churches. However, the “proper and legal” authority for the Society, ultimately deciding what a Catholic must admit or reject in Church teaching, is the Superior General of the SSPX [currently Bishop Bernard Fellay –Editor]. Accordingly, the Society places his “authority” above the “authority” of the one erroneously held to be the true Pope.

4) I reject as hypocritical the SSPX stance of insisting on a game “at two fronts”, of which, effectively, the real one, and concurrently the one most damaging to the souls of the faithful, is to protect and legitimize the culprits of the current universal apostasy by assigning them attributes of legality, and, what is more, of power of jurisdiction over Catholics. Such a stance is the result of backsliding from the holy duty of conveying the whole integral Deposit of the Catholic Faith.

My responsibility as a Catholic is the confession of the unadulterated Catholic Faith, the same what was universally practiced till the death of the Holy Father Pius XII. In particular as a Catholic priest I summon all lovers of Truth to reject any compromise with the Modernistic occupants, and to join the common battle for the Catholic cause in our hearts and in our Fatherland! This struggle will be hard and may seem hopeless from a human point-of -view, however, what greater honor than to take part in the struggle for the triumph of the Holy Church, which shall eventually be victorious!

We beseech the Queen of Poland not to forget her nation in her prayers before the throne of the heavenly King, and to obtain for us strength to persevere in the Truth, true holiness, and love of God and neighbor.

Rev. Raphael Trytek [Ks. Rafał Trytek]

Cracow, on the Feast of Candlemas [2006]

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