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Eyesore in the Sanctuary: ‘Cardinal’ Schönborn consecrates ‘IKEA Altar’ in Dominican Church in Vienna

The apostate Vatican II Sect has lots of “false apostles [who] are deceitful workmen, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ” (2 Cor 11:13).

One of the worst of them all, however, is Christoph Schönborn, O.P., as will be shown later. The 77-year-old has been the “cardinal-archbishop” of Vienna, Austria, since 1995, and even though he is already two years past mandatory retirement age, “Pope” Francis has still not accepted his resignation.

This past Sunday, on Mar. 27, 2022, Schonborn presided over the consecration of a new altar in the Baroque-style Dominican Church of St. Maria Rotunda in Vienna.

What passes for an “altar” in the Novus Ordo religion is so absurd that words cannot do it justice — one has to see the eyesore in the sanctuary:

(source for all above images: Facebook page of Dominikaner Wien / fair use)

Hey, at least they also got a new lectern to match! The set must have been on sale at IKEA:

(source: YouTube screenshot, annotated)

To help spread the word about this incredible “Taco altar”, as someone on the internet has called it, we made a brief video clip with some highlights of the consecration ceremony:

For those of our readers who would like to do some extra Lenten penance, the full liturgy can be viewed at this link.

To see what a real Catholic altar looks like, by contrast, the following clip shows elements of a traditional Catholic consecration of an altar (by a real bishop):

But let us return to Vienna.

Novus Ordos in Austria who wish to avoid the gorgeous Baroque church because it still reminds them of Catholicism can visit the Dominican Thomassaal (“St. Thomas Hall”), where they can feast their eyes on whatever this is:

(source: YouTube screenshot)

This definitely won’t remind them of Catholicism!

Over the decades, “Cardinal” Schönborn has proven himself a most industrious and particularly malicious agent of hell. Few people in the Vatican II Church have done more to mock, undermine, destroy, and desecrate Catholicism under the guise of being doctrinally conservative than “Cardinal” Schonborn. You see, Schonborn is a co-editor of the 1992 Novus Ordo Catechism of the Catholic Church, and his theological mentor is Joseph Ratzinger.

Numerous posts on this blog demonstrate that Schonborn is one of the worst spiritual criminals the Counterfeit Church has to offer. Here is a selection:

Clearly, consecrating a ridiculous “altar” is small potatoes for Schönborn.

He’s not just aiming for hell — he’s vying to get the hottest place!

Image source: youtube.com (screenshot)
License: fair use

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