No surprise to those who know Schonborn…

Vienna’s “Cardinal” Schönborn reportedly conferred Blessing on Homosexual Couple

“Cardinal” Schonborn, right, with gay activist Gery Keszler, whose union he allegedly blessed

We have long said that the Archlayman of Vienna, “Cardinal” Christoph Schönborn, is one of the most wicked devils the Vatican II Sect has unleashed on its unsuspecting people. Now it is being reported that this past August, he conferred a blessing on a sodomite couple at a private gathering.

This revelation was made by Mr. Gery Keszler, a notorious Austrian sodomite and personal friend of Schonborn’s, on Sep. 4, 2018. During a recorded discussion with “Bp.” Benno Elbs of Feldkirch, Keszler revealed that on the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Aug. 15, Schonborn had spontaneously blessed him and his partner after saying grace before meals at a private luncheon to which he had been invited.

On the semi-trad web site GloriaTV, someone posted video footage of Keszler’s disclosure made during the discussion. We cleaned up the video a bit, added subtitles with English translations, and have embedded it below. That the false cardinal blessed the two sodomites together as a couple — and not each of them individually, without reference to their habitual mortal sin — is clear from the context:

This scandal has also been reported on by Vaticanist Marto Tosatti on his blog Stilum Curiae.

That Schonborn would a bless a gay couple is not at all surprising. After all, his cathedral rector, “Fr.” Anthony Faber, has been doing exactly that every St. Valentine’s Day for years.

Incidentally, Keszler is the HIV-positive organizer of Vienna’s annual Life Ball fundraising gala that raises money to support people who are so impure that they are diseased from it. In 2007, Keszler sued a conservative Austrian magazine for calling him a “professional faggot” (Berufsschwuchtel) — and lost. On Dec. 1, 2017, Keszler co-hosted “World AIDS Day”, for which “Cardinal” Schönborn presided over an interconfessional prayer service entitled Mozart Requiem. Here is a link to the blog post in which we reported on this abomination:

The Dominican Christoph Schonborn is one of the greatest spiritual criminals in the entire Novus Ordo Church. Still widely marketed as a “conservative”, this man’s undermining of the Catholic Faith while making busy with the appearance of orthodoxy is perhaps outmatched only by Joseph Ratzinger, his erstwhile mentor.

Schonborn is everything that is wrong with the Novus Ordo religion all rolled up into one individual: He is on record praising homo couples, he has expressed his delight at a transvestite blasphemer’s victory in a European song contest, he has stabbed at least two local priests who spoke against homosexuality in the back, he has been accused of being a Freemason, and of course he has given his full support to the now-defunct “Find-Fight-Follow” chaotic liturgical youth movement. Schonborn has also permitted the frightful but popular “Electric Church” audio-visual performances to desecrate churches in his archdiocese.

Schonborn is one of the primary authors of the 1992 Novus Ordo Catechism of the Catholic Church, closely collaborating with then-“Cardinal” Joseph Ratzinger on the project (source). He is also the author of the Catechism‘s dumbed-down version for the youth, called YouCat. This makes sense, since Schonborn is also a member of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

When it comes to refraining from judging, Mr. Schonborn is a bit selective. For example, in his function as “Archbishop” of Vienna, he once forcibly overturned an Austrian pastor’s decision to bar an open sodomite from serving on his parish council. Not surprisingly, the pastor resigned shortly thereafter (see also Schonborn’s official press statement on the matter).

Although the source is no longer online and so we cannot link to it, Schonborn reportedly intervened with the Prince of Liechtenstein, asking him not to oppose the introduction of sodomite civil unions in his country, which shares a border with Austria.

Of course Schonborn thought the beautiful Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna would be a fitting venue for scenes of the irreverent play Sister Act — during “Mass”, no less (see video here)! Perhaps we should be grateful that Schonborn hosted the “art” exhibit by the atheistic Communist Alfred Hrdlicka, which included a painting of the Last Supper displayed as a homosexual orgy, only in his cathedral museum and not in the cathedral itself (see video here – offensive content!).

But to make up for that faux pas, Schonborn permitted his cathedral rector to give ecclesiastical burial to the aforementioned atheist Communist Hrdlicka, burying him in a red casket (see video here – offensive content!).

Archlayman Schonborn is simply nothing short of Satanic, and this blessing of two men’s abuse of their generative faculties is simply the latest offense in an ever-growing heap of crimes against the Most Holy Trinity, the saints, and the souls our Blessed Lord came to save.

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