“Who am I to judge?” 2.0

Woman has Dog Cell implanted in her Ovum — “Cardinal” Schönborn “won’t judge” its “artistic value”!

Schonborn is the one on the right


Slovenian “artist” Maja Smrekar has won first prize for “hyrbid art” in the Prix Ars Electronica 2017 competition. The most controversial part of her “art project” consisted in having a non-reproductive cell from her dog implanted in her ovum.

The project at large is called K-9_topology, and the specific subproject of the human-animal cell fusion is called ARTE_mis, presumably an allusion to the Greek deity Artemis, the “goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and protector of young girls”, who is sometimes portrayed with a hunting dog by her side (source).

A summary of the K9_topology project is found on the Ars Electronica web site. We will quote it below but have decided to leave out some of the more nasty/disturbing/disgusting elements:

Where do we come from? What are we? And where are we headed? Maja Smrekar’s work of art revolves around issues humankind has been wrestling with since time immemorial. The Slovenian artist is being honored with the Golden Nica in Hybrid Art for “K-9_topology,” a series of works that proceed from a variety of perspectives in their dealings with the essence and the role of human beings—and especially women—in an increasingly bio-political and post-panoptic world. The work entitled “Ecce Canis” focuses on metabolic processes; chemists used serotonin, a tissue hormone and neurotransmitter, provided by the artist and her dog, Byron, to create a fragrance that symbolizes the chemical essence of the relationship between a human being and a dog. “I HUNT NATURE AND CULTURE HUNTS ME,” a performance she created during a residency at JACANA Wildlife Studios in France, has to do with the phylogenetics of the wolf and the interrelationship among wolf, dog and human being. It’s an inquiry into animal ethics. The subject of “Hybrid Family” is the social and ideological instrumentalization of the female body and beast feeding. …In the fourth project in this series, “ARTE_mis,” an ovum provided by the artist was denucleated and used as a host for a somatic cell of her dog. The result is a hybrid cell, inherent in which is a dystopian scenario but which also could create a new species whose chances of survival on Planet Earth are better than ours—due in no small part to the probability that this hybrid creature would treat its environment in a more humane way than we do.

(“The 2017 Prix Ars Electronica Prizewinners”, Ars Electronica, May 22, 2017)

The affront to Almighty God inherent in this infernal and nauseating wickedness cannot be overstated. It is beyond dispute and cries to Heaven for vengeance.

But Smrekar is not the big story here. The big story is what follows now (yes, it gets worse).

The Ars Electronica festival is held in the Austrian city of Linz every year. Absolutely outraged at the disgusting “art” project (supported in part, of course, by public funds), the nation’s conservative FPÖ party (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs) wrote an open letter to “Cardinal” Christoph Schonborn, who is the “Archbishop” of the Austrian capital of Vienna and also a high-ranking member of the Vatican curia.

According to the Austrian news site heute.at (link to source will be given further below), the open letter requested a moral judgment from the pretend-cardinal. Schonborn was asked to comment “from an ethical and moral perspective” in his putative capacity “as a high-ranking representative of the Catholic Church” concerning “this way of handling human dignity” (our translation).

Via a statement authored by his press secretary, Michael Prüller — allegedly due to “time constraints”, wink wink — “Cardinal” Schonborn responded as follows (based on actual and paraphrased quotes given by heute.at): ‘It is known that the Church upholds the dignity of man as God’s masterpiece, created in His image and likeness, and therefore warns against any tampering with hybrid cells. Of course this matter is more grievous in scientific research than when it comes to an art project. However, during this project no new life was created, and we will give no judgment as to its artistic value.’

That’s it. No condemnation. No denunciation of this horrendous evil. The diocese merely “warned” against “tampering”.

This ambivalent and lackluster response to a most grievous and clear violation of the Law of God and the created natural order is a monstrous scandal and demonstrates once more that there is nothing Catholic left in the Vatican II Sect. This cruel joke of a church is nothing but a useless gigantic shell devoid of anything but a few externals that still have the potential to remind people of Catholicism. At this point, the “Catholic Church” will not even forcefully, clearly, publicly, and unconditionally condemn the fusion of a human ovum with the somatic cell of a dog! The times we live in defy description.

Now as to the source documentation for this: As frequent readers of this blog will know, we take great care to properly document all our material so that you can verify the accuracy of what we say here for yourself. So too in this case. However, we link to the German-language report at heute.at only with the greatest caution and a stern disclaimer. CAUTION: Source includes very offensive unnatural picture with pixelated nudity: source link.

Clearly, the Bergoglian “Who am I to judge?” of 2013 is reverberating throughout the globe. It is a “gift” that will keep on giving for years to come. But Sacred Scripture exhorts us: “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge just judgment” (Jn 7:24); and it teaches that “the spiritual man judgeth all things” (1 Cor 2:15).

The Dominican Christoph Schonborn is one of the greatest spiritual criminals in the entire Novus Ordo Sect. Still widely marketed as a “conservative”, this man’s undermining of the Catholic Faith while making busy with the appearance of orthodoxy is perhaps outmatched only by Joseph Ratzinger, his erstwhile mentor.

Schonborn is everything that is wrong with the Novus Ordo religion all rolled up into one individual: He is on record praising homo couples, he has expressed his delight at a transvestite blasphemer’s victory in a European song contest, he has stabbed at least two local priests who spoke against homosexuality in the back, he has been accused of being a Freemason, and of course he has given his full support to the now-defunct “Find-Fight-Follow” chaotic liturgical youth movement. Schonborn has also permitted the frightful but popular “Electric Church” audio-visual performances to desecrate churches in his archdiocese.

Schonborn is one of the primary authors of the 1992 Novus Ordo Catechism of the Catholic Church, closely collaborating with then-“Cardinal” Joseph Ratzinger on the project (source). He is also the author of the Catechism‘s dumbed-down version for the youth, called YouCat. This makes sense, since Schonborn is also a member of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

When it comes to refraining from judging, Mr. Schonborn is a bit selective. For example, in his function as “Archbishop” of Vienna, he once forcibly overturned an Austrian pastor’s decision to bar an open sodomite from serving on his parish council. Not surprisingly, the pastor resigned shortly thereafter (see also Schonborn’s official press statement on the matter).

Although the source is no longer online and so we cannot link to it, Schonborn reportedly intervened with the Prince of Liechtenstein, asking him not to oppose the introduction of sodomite civil unions in his country, which shares a border with Austria. It will come as little surprise, then, that Schonborn permits his cathedral rector, Anton Faber, to “bless” sodomite couples every year on St. Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of the magnificent Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna, of course Schonborn thought it would be a fitting venue for scenes of the irreverent play Sister Act — during “Mass”, no less (see video here)! Perhaps we should be grateful that Schonborn hosted the “art” exhibit by the atheistic Communist Alfred Hrdlicka, which included a painting of the Last Supper displayed as a homosexual orgy, only in his cathedral museum and not in the cathedral itself (see video here – offensive content!).

But to make up for that faux pas, Schonborn permitted his cathedral rector to give ecclesiastical burial to the aforementioned atheist Communist Hrdlicka, burying him in a red casket (see video here – offensive content!).

The Novus Ordo Sect is from hell.

Any questions?

Image source: own composite with elements from ars.electronica.art (screenshot) and Wikimedia Commons (Th1979)
Licenses: fair use and CC BY-SA 3.0

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26 Responses to “Woman has Dog Cell implanted in her Ovum — “Cardinal” Schonborn “won’t judge” its “artistic value”!”

  1. bosco49

    Utterly despicable and a direct affront to God. If one were to search ‘chimera’ on the web it is evident that human/animal combinations have been going on for some time now (supposedly in secret)

    Here is a link to a 22 July 2011 article in The Daily Mail (UK) but there are dozens of other instances of this abomination. Haven’t heard a peep from any churchmen about it.

    “150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs: Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years”

    • Pascendi

      In the 1980s there was a newspaper article posted on a bulletin board where I worked. The story was about a secret experiment in Italy that got leaked to the public in which the seed of a man was altered and used to successfully impregnate a female gorilla. One scientist was quoted as saying that the mass breeding of a sub-human species with greater strength but with limited intelligence could result in a work force that would do much of the heavy physical labor men currently do. The pregnancy was “terminated” due to public backlash.
      That was in the 1980s in Italy, a place not exactly known as a hotbed of biological research. How much more do you think they’ve secretly done since then in multiple locations around the world?

      • Sonia

        Lord of the Rings stuff. Wicked unconscienced humans. Just when you think you know how wicked and despicable we humans can get, you find out it is even worse.
        Lord have Mercy.

  2. 2c3n1 .

    Absolutely! Every non-Catholic religion is from hell. And hopefully Jorge canonizes Martin Luther, makes priestesses, and consecrates Russia to prove he’s not pope.

    • BurningEagle

      But, for the S?PX it will not matter if Jorge canonizes Martin Luther, because the infallible S?PX has decreed that canonizations are not infallible. Therefore, there are NO SAINTS WHICH WE KNOW FOR SURE TO BE SAINTS. That is why I refer to them as S?PX and not SSPX. According to their logic, who is to say that Pius XII didn’t make a mistake in canonizing St. Pius X. After all, it was not a popular move on Pius XII’s part.
      In as much as the S?PX is a (heretical) distortion of the Roman Catholic faith, it too is from Hell. After all, they seek “full communion” with Jorge and his henchmen.

      • bosco49

        Well, there is one Saint who we must believe is a Saint:

        “And Jesus said to him: Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:43

        • BurningEagle

          As Catholics, we MUST believe all the persons whom the Church regards as Saints to actually be Saints. The Good Thief belongs to that list.
          However, I think the heretical Feeneyites would disagree with you. For them, one must be baptized with water. They deny baptism of blood and baptism of desire. The Good Thief was not baptized with water…
          The Feeneyites, who deny baptism of blood and baptism of desire, would have to conclude St. Thomas Aquinas was in error, St. Augustine was in error, St Ambrose was in error, Innocent II was in error, Innocent III was in error, Paul III (and the Council of Trent) was in error, St. Pius X and Benedict XV were in error. In other words, the Roman Catholic Church is not the Church of God. There is no such thing as Papal Infallibility. The magisterium of the Catholic Church is not infallible. Therefore (consistent with their logic) Christ is not God.
          Additionally, if the Catholic Church is not the one, true Church of God, then Her canonization of the books of Sacred Scripture can be erroneous. Therefore, (according to the Feeneyite logic) the scriptural passage you site may not be an inspired text of the Holy Ghost.
          You see, EVERYTHING rests on the fact that the Catholic Church was divinely founded by the second person of the Blessed Trinity, and to Her only does it pertain to teach, rule, and sanctify the faithful. Without the Catholic Church being divinely constituted, the whole notion of a church or a Christian religion collapses. Without the Church being divinely founded by Christ Himself, and continually assisted by the Holy Ghost, there would be no “bible,” because there would be arguments over which books belong to the canon of Sacred Scripture, and which books do not. We would all be our own Martin Luther, in that each man would be a religion unto himself. Without the Catholic Church, there would be utter chaos, no matter what scriptural passage is referenced.

          • Tom A.

            I have a question about infalliability. Since V1 was never officially closed, is the issue still open for debate? Did Pius IX sign off on the documents that were approved by the Council?

          • BurningEagle

            It is not open for debate. I don’t know, and don’t care about a signature. The teaching does not need an official close. The teaching does not need a signature. Did anyone ask Our Lord to sign attestations to His teachings? The teaching is consistent with Church teaching for centuries, and referenced Council of Lyons II and Council of Florence. If something were asserted to which Pius IX objected, do you think he would not have immediately corrected it? He had 8 years to do so. It is the tradition and magisterium of the Church, and it is infallible, with or without signatures, with or without an official close. The Roman Pontiffs and the whole Roman Catholic Church have taught it ever since. It is both ordinary universal magisterium, and since 1870 solemn universal magisterium.

          • Tom A.

            I just wanted to know if he signed any of the V1 documents. I am surprised the neo-Gallicans have never broached this issue in their quest to try and tell us that a Pope can be a heretic.

          • BurningEagle

            I am not familiar with the “neo-Gallicans,” but if they teach a Pope can be a heretic, I would say they are not worth investigation.

          • Tom A.

            I made that term up to define the resisters who believe they can resist a Pope’s teachings.

          • Novus Ordo Watch

            Vatican I promulgated two dogmatic constitutions, one on Faith (Dei Filius) and one on the Papacy (Pastor Aeternus). Both of them were solemnly ratified by the Supreme Pontiff and enjoy the full autority of the Church’s extraordinary Magisterium. The Council was never validly closed (John XXIII pretended to in 1961, I think), only adjourned, but closing the council is not necessary for all of the documents to obtain their force. The Council of Trent, for example, was spread over almost two decades, and each document became authority when it was approved by the Pope, not when the council eventually closed in 1563.

  3. No Comment

    Only one point I would disagree with the author on.

    In the second to last sentence, the word “hell” should be capitalized. Because Hell is a place and therefore a proper noun. Like Peoria.

    Other than that, no questions here!

  4. J Nelson

    N: Hello, Vatican. I’m a reporter for the New York Times. I know very little, and care even less, about the Catholic faith. I’m doing a story on Cardinal Schönborn, and I just need to know, is he a conservative?
    V2: Oh, yes! Very conservative, just like his mentor, Joseph Ratzinger! And if you mention our beloved Pope Emeritus in your story, be sure to remind your readers that he is “God’s Rottweiler”!
    N: Absolutely, I will! That’s required by “The New York Times Style Guide for Reporters”. I’m grateful that we can turn to you for the facts! The staff here despises religion, you know. We would never actually say that, of course–we wouldn’t want people to know we have no idea what we’re talking about. Fortunately, our Catholic readers believe everything we say!
    V2: You are quite welcome!

  5. João Crisóstomo

    What surprises me most is to have so many fools calling Francis of Antipope and considering Ratzinger as the true pope. Look at the heretics who surround Bergoglio. Is not Kasper the theologian of Francis, being he also a henchman of Ratzinger? Schonborn is just another conservative heretic of modernism.

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