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“Cardinal” Schönborn hosts Flamboyant Rock Play in Cathedral Sanctuary

Photo Credit: © APA/Hans Punz

December 1 is World AIDS Day, and for the Chief Modernist in Vienna that means it’s time to desecrate the Cathedral of St. Stephen again.

Last year, the Austrian capital’s “Cardinal-Archbishop” Christoph Schönborn used the beautiful and historic cathedral as a venue for an interconfessional prayer service he co-hosted with a blasphemous transvestite. What was officially labeled Mozart Requiem was de facto a massive “gay pride” promo celebrating Sodom and Gomorrah.

This year, Schönborn found another way to profane St. Stephen’s Cathedral: He invited a rock ensemble to perform a flamboyant play called Jedermann (reloaded) — “Everyman (reloaded)”. It is based on the early 20th-century drama Jedermann, which was written by Austrian novelist Hugo von Hofmannsthal.

Among the hosts of the sold-out event were Count Norbert Salburg-Falkenstein, procurator of the Knights of Malta in Austria, the sodomite activist Gery Keszler, and, of course, “His Eminence” Christoph Schonborn, the Archlayman of Vienna. We note that this is the same Gery Keszler who, on Sep. 4 of this year, revealed in a public discussion that Schonborn had conferred a blessing upon him and his sodomite partner on Aug. 15 at a private gathering. The fact that Schonborn never denied this and still associates with Keszler, confirms beyond any reasonable doubt that this did indeed happen.

The main actor in this 2-hour show was Philipp Hochmair, who performed together with his band Elektrohand Gottes (“Electric Hand of God”). So far, no video of the Nov. 30 spectacle has been uploaded to YouTube, but the following clip, which shows Hochmair performing the same play in Berlin two years ago, gives you a good idea of what just took place inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral:

If your ears can stomach it, a sampler of the “music” of the official album of Jedermann (reloaded) can be found here.

The Austrian news portal Vienna Online has published as many as 41 photos of the event inside the cathedral sanctuary. To view them, please go here.

According to a report at, the event was held to benefit the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, a hospice in South Africa run by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta for people dying of AIDS, which is running low on “life-saving medications … for 673 patients”. The Austrian Kleine Zeitung disclosed that it was Schonborn who approached Keszler to find a way to raise the needed funds, and “within one day the idea for Jedermann (reloaded) was born.” The total amount raised by means of this blasphemous desecration of the cathedral was 68,449 € (roughly $77,500).

Translated into biblical currency, we estimate it would amount to approximately 30 pieces of silver.

Image source: (copyright APA/Hans Punz)
License: Fair use

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