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“Cardinal” Schönborn Delighted at Success of Bearded Transvestite Singer

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Every year, the moral sewer known as the continent of Europe holds a singing competition among its various nations, which is known as the Eurovision Song Contest. It was only a matter of time, of course, before the neo-pagan, politically-correct, and sexually-aberrant Gaystapo movement would find a way to force its ideology on the show, and this took place in an unprecedented way in the 2014 edition of the contest, where Austrian Thomas Neuwirth performed a spectacle not seen in the “mainstream world” since pagan Rome: Under his stage name “Conchita Wurst”, dressed as a woman complete with make-up, earrings, and wearing a long dress, yet retaining a full beard for maximum shock value, he presented the song “Rise Like a Phoenix” — and won.

You can view the disgusting performance here:

“But,” you might say, “we already knew Europe is a lost cause, so why do you care?” Well, the story doesn’t end here. In fact, it gets worse.

The ever-tolerant-of-anything-not-Catholic Novus Ordo Sect, which is officially (but falsely) believed by most people to be the Catholic Church, also chimed in: The “Archbishop” of Vienna, “Cardinal” Christoph Schonborn, went on the record expressing his joy at the success of the cross-dressing pervert:

(Vienna / KAP) “In God’s multicolored garden” there are also people who feel as members of the opposite sex, “and of course such people deserve our complete respect, our esteem as human beings”: Thus spoke Cardinal Christoph Schonborn while visiting Vienna’s votive church, where an exhibit on “Corporeality and Sexuality” is currently causing a stir. He said he is delighted that Tom Neuwirth has been able to achieve such great success as Conchita Wurst, “and I can only wish for him that he will handle this success well, because that is not easy”, as Schonborn related to “Kathpress” [the Austrian Novus Ordo press agency]. And he added: “I pray for him for blessings for his life.”

The topic of tolerance, under which Conchita Wurst placed her [sic] performance, is “a real, a big topic,” according to the cardinal. People like him [i.e. like Neuwirth/Wurst], the cardinal continued, have to endure a lot of derisiveness, meanness, and intolerance. Tolerance, however, ultimately means “to respect the other even if one does not share his convictions — and in this sense, we all need tolerance.”

With regard to various forms of sexuality, Cardinal Schonborn again pointed out: “As we all know, however, there exists a multicolored diversity in God’s garden. Not all who were born as a male also feel like a man, and the same goes for females. As human beings they deserve that respect to which all of us have a right.”

(“Schönborn zu Conchita: ‘Habe mich gefreut und bete für ihn’”Katholische Presseagentur Österreich, May 16, 2014; our translation.)

Honestly, this is so incredibly bad, it speaks for itself — no further comments needed.

Schonborn, who is most probably a Freemason, has this in common with Neuwirth: They both dress as something they’re not. With Schonborn, however, it is worse: He dresses as (and pretends to be) a Roman Catholic archbishop, when he is in reality but an anti-Catholic Modernist layman. (The same, by the way, goes for his boss, Mr. Bergoglio.)

By the way, Schonborn, a former student of Joseph Ratzinger (“Pope” Benedict XVI), is considered to be on the “conservative” side by many in the Vatican II Church, and is a theological giant — he was the primary editor of the 1992 so-called Catechism of the Catholic Church, which John Paul II promulgated with his (non-existent) “apostolic authority” (source) and to which Joseph Ratzinger gave his “imprimatur”.

This is the same Schonborn, by the way, who overturned a pastor’s decision barring an openly-practicing Sodomite from sitting on the parish council, and who has encouraged and participated in the wildest liturgical chaos imaginable (yes, including flame throwers, pornography, and stage diving — we are NOT kidding!). This is also the same Schonborn who allows his cathedral rector to give “blessings” to homosexual “couples” every year on Saint Valentine’s Day, and who allowed an open atheist, Communist, sexual deviant, and blasphemer to exhibit his “artwork” that displayed the Last Supper as a homosexual orgy, right there in the cathedral’s museum. To top it off, he later granted, through his cathedral rector, a “Catholic” (i.e. Novus Ordo) burial to the Communist blasphemer, complete with a red casket and a pornographic sculpture for a tombstone (see video here).

In short: Schonborn is Satanic.

So, when you compare Schonborn with Neuwirth/Wurst, you see that Schonborn is actually by far the greater evil. At least Neuwirth doesn’t pretend to be Catholic, even if he pretends to be a woman. It is much worse for a non-Catholic to pose as a Catholic than for a man to pose as a woman, that’s for sure!

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Schonborn with his mentor: Joseph Ratzinger

One thing we have not yet touched upon is Neuwirth’s strange stage name, “Conchita Wurst.” Obviously, no one comes up with a pseudonym like that by accident. What does it mean, and what message is Neuwirth trying to send by using it? Without a doubt, the name “Conchita Wurst” is meant to convey blasphemy and perversion. Read on:

“Conchita” is a diminutive of the Spanish first name Concepción, which refers to the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (similarly, Spanish given names also include Lourdes and Guadalupe). Thus we can see that this transvestite pervert is directly trying to attack the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, and this is not surprising, because the wickedness of this world is in manifest contradiction to the holy laws of Almighty God and the order He established.

But the last name, “Wurst”, is likewise significant. Wurst, though it is the German word for “sausage,” is used by German speakers to indicate indifference: If something is “Wurst” to you, it means you are indifferent concerning it; it doesn’t matter to you (source). Thus the name “Conchita Wurst” is specifically intended to offend the Blessed Virgin Mary and thereby Almighty God and the Catholic Church, and it tells the world that we should be indifferent as to whether someone is male or female, a man or a woman, or dresses one way or another. The created order is to be repuidated entirely, and now this rejection is to encompass not only the supernatural (“religious”) sphere any longer, as had hitherto been the case, but now even the natural as well: There is to be no more distinction between even so much as male and female, which is a direct repudiation of Genesis 1:27.

Thus the Christian order is to be rejected in every aspect, both natural and supernatural. That is the message, and that is the goal.

No wonder “Cardinal” Schonborn is delighted.

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