Look at who might be the New Church’s Next “Pope”:

Video: “Cardinal” Christoph Schönborn at Diocesan “Youth Mass” in 2008

Yes, this is a clip from one of the notorious “Find-Fight-Follow” Youth “Masses” in the “Archdiocese” of Vienna, Austria. By the grace of God, this abominable desecration of Austria’s churches was ended after eight years, in 2011, reportedly due to a lack of funds. During this time, these officially-approved “youth masses” have featured everything from a “cardinal” sending text messages during “Mass,” to psychedelic vestments, role plays, stage diving, superstitious “care dolls,” throwing paper planes, pornography displayed during a sermon, rock music, disco lights, artificial smoke, flame throwers, balloons, and exceptionally provocative, ambiguous, and blasphemous event theme titles (such as “Topless,” “The Spirit is Sexy,” and “Take It All Off”).

What? You don’t have stage diving and crowdsurfing at your church?!

Reality Check:

  • His Wickedness, “Cardinal” Schonborn, is not only a former student and confidant of Joseph Ratzinger but also the editor-in-chief of the 1992 so-called “Catechism of the Catholic Church” [see Wikipedia article with sources here]

Image source: youtube.com (screenshot)
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