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Sister Lucy Truth answers Church Militant:
Was the true Fatima Seer replaced with an Impostor?

For years now, the non-profit organization Sister Lucy Truth has commissioned scientific experts in various fields to determine scientifically, and not simply based on best guesses or gut feeling, whether the woman presented to the world as Sister Lucy of Fatima from 1967 until her death in 2005 is indeed the former shepherd child to whom our Lady appeared in the small Portuguese town in 1917:

What Sister Lucy Truth has been doing is the only proper way to go about resolving the mystery: by asking third-party experts, those with no dog in the fight and the proper credentials to do scientific analyses and give their professional judgment about the data at hand.

We have blogged about this project several times in the last few years:

On July 6, 2023, Christine Niles of Church Militant hosted an episode of her ‘Forward Boldly’ program in which she tried to discredit the work commissioned by Sister Lucy Truth. The episode can be watched here.

Just the other day, Dr. Peter Chojnowski of Sister Lucy Truth joined Kevin Davis of the Catholic Family Podcast for a 48-minute interview to discuss the matter and respond to objections raised by Niles and others. You can watch it here:

The Sister Lucy Truth project has no vested interest in one conclusion over another. What they want to know, and see scientifically established, is simply the truth of the matter. Indeed, as Dr. Chojnowski mentions in the interview, a forensic analysis of the handwritten text published by the Vatican in 2000 as the ‘Third Secret of Fatima’ confirmed that it had indeed been penned by the real Sister Lucia — not what Chojnowski had expected. That is not to say that it was the true Third Secret, only that the text had been written by the real Fatima seer.

Whether or not the post-Vatican II Sister Lucy was the real Sister Lucy of Fatima is irrelevant to the Catholic Faith, even to Sedevacantism. No one “must” believe that Sr. Lucy was or wasn’t replaced by an impostor. However, that does not mean that it is a waste of time to investigate the mystery.

Very serious things have taken place since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, things so bizarre and frightful that presumably no pre-Vatican II theologian would have thought them to be possible the way they have unfolded. Since Our Lady appeared in 1917 to warn the world of very severe chastisements if they did not amend their ways, and since the final secret was supposed to be revealed by 1960 at the latest, it would be unreasonable and imprudent to think that it makes no difference whether or not Sr. Lucia fell victim to the enemies of the Church and was replaced by an impostor who would give her blessing to the revolution of John XXIII and the ‘Conciliar Church’ that resulted from it.

Whereas Sister Lucy Truth has no agenda other than that of determining and certifying the truth about Sister Lucy, the Vatican II Church and its henchmen, on the other hand, do have a vested interest in the matter, since they are the ones who, if the evidence be accurate, would have pulled off a tremendous fraud in order to mislead the public and neutralize a powerful messenger of Our Lady who could have jeopardized their entire nefarious undertaking.

It is amazing how much evidence regarding the false Vatican II religion and its counterfeit church gets dismissed by pious people of good will simply with the response, “But Sister Lucy said….” Clearly, the enemies of the Church knew what they were doing when they organized the biggest fraud in human history to date, and surely “dealing with” the Fatima seer who was eagerly awaiting the year 1960 must have been part of that.

Considering everything that has happened since the death of Pope Pius XII, is it really so hard to believe, especially in light of scientific confirmation, that the same forces that orchestrated the Modernist revolution that replaced Catholicism with an ‘updated’ counterfeit, would also have found a way to neutralize and replace the cloistered nun who could have single-handedly rained on their parade?

‘Sister Lucy Truth’ is an independent non-profit organization and is not a part of Novus Ordo Watch. Novus Ordo Watch derives no benefit, monetary or otherwise, from promoting Sister Lucy Truth.

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