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July 23, 2023

You can’t miss this ‘Earth Day Mass’ in the San Bernardino diocese!

Vatican’s Prefect of the Dicastery for Communication: Catholic media needs ‘prophetic gaze of communion’. What are these people smoking?

Jesuit magazine discovers the sacred: “Why going to the movies is a sacred act”.

Just so cool, dude: ‘Brother Metal’ is probably another reason why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore.

How about that: “A 40-year-old man drives a car at high speed into Vatican City State, and is arrested after forcing two checkpoints of the Swiss Guard and the Vatican Gendarmerie.” What do we see there? Vatican City (a) has closed borders; (b) requires people who want to enter to use the official point of entry; (c) does not allow just anyone to enter but requires a legitimate permit; (d) defends its territorial integrity with armed guards who are willing to fire shots if necessary; (e) arrests those who violate its borders. Meanwhile, ‘Pope’ Francis preaches open borders and hospitality for everyone else….

Fair warning: Every American going to the Synod on Synodality: Full list and analysis.

How harmful could a little blasphemy be? In Indonesia, a Novus Ordo bishop thought it was a good idea to bless a syncretist ‘crucifix’.

It’s been 50 years since the first Australian Aboriginal Liturgy. If that isn’t cause for celebration!

Francis publishes 5357-word ‘Apostolic Letter’ on scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal for the 400th anniversary of his birth. That’s 5357 words more than he did for the 100th anniversary of the death of Pope Saint Pius X in 2014. Just saying.

You can’t make this stuff up: Novus Ordos in Manila pledge loyalty to ‘Pope Francis’ as the “courageous leader of the nations, the very personification of the spirit of Vatican II”!

So… when’s the last time you went to a ‘Bicycle Mass’? What? Not to your liking? Try the ‘Mayan Mass’ instead or maybe this water ceremony! Still not happy? Then surely “Techno Easter Night” will do it!

Bending over backwards is not a problem for the yoga nun!

Without distinguishing the true religion from false ones, of course: “The Holy See has strongly condemned ‘the desecration, destruction or disrespect for religious objects, symbols and places of worship’”. Hey, when Paul VI did it, they called it “liturgical renewal”….

Woke chickens coming home to roost: Vatican reportedly pulls ‘controversial’ World Youth Day stamp.

Jesuit ‘Fr.’ Hans Zollner resigns from anti-abuse commission, laments lack of accountability with regard to implementation of sex abuse prevention guidelines: “How seriously does the legislator take his own law?” Francis’ record on abuse is lots of tough talk, little action.

“Like the World Cup”: “Laudato si’” dance show brings rhythms of the favelas to St Peter’s Square. CAUTION! Immodest pictures

Sex abuser ‘Fr.’ Marko Rupnik dismissed from Jesuits, says order. Rupnik says he had asked to leave first. Now everyone’s happy, except for the victims.

So much for communicating: La Croix International has to “explain” Bergoglio’s Message for World Communications Day. We all know how things work at the Bergoglian press office at Santa Marta.

As Buddhist monks visit Francis in the Vatican, he encourages them to abandon paganism and convert keep following their “spiritual master Buddha”. Here’s someone who took that to heart. But let’s not speak only of the darkness of idolatry, let’s also speak of that of Islamism.

By the way, the Vatican has sent a lovely message to Buddhists for their feast of Vesak on healing wounded humanity and the earth: “May this festival once more inspire you to continue your quest for insight into the nature of duhkha, the conditions that cause it, and how it can be overcome.”

Remember that mysterious phone call Francis took in the middle of his general audience in St. Peter’s Square back in May? Now the man on the other end of that call speaks: “No sooner had I dialed the number than I was put immediately through to the pope, who seemed quite delighted to hear from me. For about five seconds, that is, no doubt thinking I was the Reverend James Martin, whom I had instructed the switchboard operator at the Vatican to inform the pope was on the other line.”

A scary thought: Do you attend the ‘Clericalist’ Mass??!

The man who claims that a diversity of religions is willed by God as an enrichment for humanity lectures pilgrims on what Faith is

Oh yes, Hellboy is at it again: ‘Fr.’ James Martin says sodomitical pride is compatible with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

‘Born that way’ but wish you hadn’t been? Largest ‘Catholic’ Health Network Performs Sex-Change Operations. And then there’s that ‘Catholic’ hospital system that refers people to an Illinois abortuary.

When you no longer mourn about people dying in sin because you don’t believe in hell, you start mourning for… melting glaciers, for example.

Confirming baptized converts at the Easter Vigil? That’s way too much ‘triumphalism’ and not enough ecumenism!

Thou shalt not criticize the Frankster (trashing the traditional magisterium is fine, though): Italian Novus Ordo priest suspended for criticizing errors of Amoris Laetitia in new book.

Get this: Vatican News reports on blistering heat in Mecca for Muslim Hajj pilgrimage. Yep, Vatican News.

For the 700th anniversary of his canonization, Francis pretends to be a friend of the great Saint Thomas Aquinas, Universal Doctor of the Church.

Austrian philosopher Josef Seifert warns: Church in ‘Terrible Danger of Complete Collapse in Many Countries’. To Bergoglio, that is a testimony to his success, since that is what he is trying to accomplish!

Heresy and blasphemy may be rampant, but at least plastic is banned now in Vatican City.

Super-hip and cool Novus Ordo priest offers the unholy happy meal service wearing a motorcycle helmet. Let’s hope he’s not also into gaming and heavy metal music, as this one is.

Have you ever been to a Novus Ordo ‘Healing Mass’? Asking for a friend.

In a revealing article, Jesuit ‘Fr.’ Tom Reese explains what turned him into a Modernist. Ah yes, bad books can do a lot of damage. There is a reason why the Church has an Index of Forbidden Books, and why Pope St. Pius X was so strict in dealing with the Modernists.

Why should a Novus Ordo Mass in a Masonic auditorium raise questions? A Masonic liturgy for a Masonic religion!

Over 81 paragraphs, 53 footnotes: Vatican Dicastery for Communication issues Towards Full Presence, a “pastoral reflection” on social media. Well, these people have to stay busy somehow, so they might as well write up an endless text no one will read.

Austria: The annual “Long Night of the Churches” now includes tattoo service! It was about time!

‘Cardinal’ Robert McElroy is concerned about the demonic in your life: “It is a demonic mystery of the human soul why so many men and women have a profound and visceral animus toward members of the LGBT communities.” See, it’s not sodomy that’s demonic, it’s people’s opposition to those who glory in, and identify themselves with, this unspeakable vice! ‘Fr.’ Thomas Rosica to the rescue?

Blasphemous theology at its wokest: Outreach Jesuits turn ‘INRI’ into ‘LGBTQ+’.

New Vatican doctrine head Smoochie Fernandez hints at openness to same-sex ‘blessings’ if they don’t ‘feed confusion’. Wouldn’t want to be confused, now would you?

Speaking of confusion: Francis fired Vatican officials who issued ban on same-sex blessings, says ‘papal’ confidante Juan-Carlos Cruz. That would jibe well with that story.

Francis gets serious: “Woe to us if we ever stop dreaming, woe to us!” We might just have to face reality then?

Leading lay “Catholic” in Switzerland: “We should recognize Mother Earth as a divine source”. Why not become a Hindu then and get it over with? After all, “Pentecost in a way is a bit like the Hindu celebration of Diwali”, says the apostate “Christian Brother” Brendan MacCarthaigh.

Now why might that be? Francis nixes Eastern bishops’ right to vote at synods if they’re 80 or older. That’s the same ‘Pope’ who always drones on about the wisdom of the elderly, by the way….

Official media portal of the Swiss Novus Ordo bishops ridicules Marian dogmas. Shocker, huh?

Oh no, another Novus Ordo bishop discovers ‘blasphemy’….

‘New Springtime’ Update: Conciliar New Spiritual Communities become scandal magnets.

EWTN celebrates 60 years of ‘Pope’ Paul VI’s enthronement in the Vatican as a “legacy of holiness and reform”. Could have fooled us!

If you’re ever in Ecuador, you could meet the friar saving the forest.

No surprise there: French Novus Ordo bishops boost efforts against “Christian anti-Judaism”. Funny how they never talk about Jewish anti-Christian behavior or doctrine.

Chief bully of Vatican City to children: ‘Bullying destroys life, respect each person for whom they are’. Meanwhile, Chaos Frank also tells his clergy to spurn ‘disunity’ and ‘polarization’.

Is this a threat? Vatican nuncio to the United States says Church needs an “eye-opening experience”.

The ‘faithful’ departed: In 2022, over half a million German Novus Ordos didn’t see the point of remaining in the Vatican II Sect any longer. In the United States, more and more Latinos don’t either.

Brave New Church: Drag queen is “legitimate daughter” of his parents, says baptismal certificate in Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Novus Ordo church with blasphemous ‘God is trans’ exhibit to host ‘Pride Mass’ at gay monument. Oops, maybe not!

Here’s another tidbit for your “You Sedevacantists are just a bunch of Protestants!!” stack of files, if you still have room.

The ‘presidential campaign’ that wasn’t: Louie Verrecchio examines the evidence regarding Taylor Marshall’s purported run for the presidency, which ended before it began — and he has some follow-up questions.

After Francis: Bergoglian ‘cardinals’ now make up two-thirds of electors to choose his successor.

When a religious order has run out of members and closes down for good, it’s “on a path to completion”. No we just need to find such a path for the whole Vatican II Church….

Face Palm Alert: Vatican halts appointment of new dean at Italian seminary over unorthodox views of sexual morality; meanwhile, he is allowed to continue teaching moral theology there!

Would it surprise you a great deal to find out that some of Francis’ thought was shaped by the condemned and excommunicated Modernist George Tyrrell, S.J.?

Screeching sounds, sodomite gear, hellish costumes: Novus Ordo Benedictine monk praises “Lord of the Lost” band and their dark rock song “Blood & Glitter”, performed at the recent Eurovision Song Contest.

French Novus Ordo bishops vote to open ‘sainthood’ cause of Fr. Henri de Lubac, one of the principal minds behind Vatican II theology.

Now that is the sort of thing Bergoglio gets excited about: Scholas Occurrentes organizes 1st World Congress of ‘Eco-Educational Cities’.

Texas Novus Ordo bishop Joseph Strickland appears to be the only active diocesan ordinary in the world who says he accepts Francis as Pope but “I reject his program of undermining the Deposit of Faith.” Not to worry, Where Peter Is is on the case! Turns out back in 2021 Strickland already got a finger-wagging from the Vatican nuncio in Washington for “talking about the deposit of faith”! No wonder the Vatican has now sent in the troops for a “visit” (and it’s already done!). But wait till you find out just whom Francis sent!

Hey look, yet another ‘Eucharistic miracle’ in the Novus Ordo! Or maybe it was Alzheimer’s…

A Novus Ordo priest explains “why many priests no longer believe”.

Vatican News: Happy Easter and Passover from the ‘cardinal’ and the rabbi!

Might as well, at this point: Pro-sodomy documentary receives “Catholic Media Award”, delivered by ‘Cardinal’ Reinhard Marx.

Might as well now, considering their ordinations aren’t valid: The Synod of Bishops (!) now includes laymen and laywomen, and they’re eligible to vote at the general assembly. So inclusive!

Drag queens and tap-dancing bears in the diocese of Mainz. At least people are kept safe from the Traditional Latin Mass there!

Careful, Midwesterners: The Jesuits are recruiting!

Confused by Francis after 10 years of drivel? Don’t worry, Dr. Pedro Gabriel has an exciting course to offer you: “Understanding Pope Francis”! Funny how there is never a course on “Understanding Pope Gregory XVI” or “Understanding Pope Pius XI”. Now why might that be?

So Francis corrupts the judicial process to obtain convictions of his enemies? Perish the thought! Not the ‘Dictator Pope’!

The artist formerly known as Prince would be proud: Logo for 53rd International Eucharistic Congress unveiled.

If you want to be “part of God’s amazing dream for ourselves and for the whole of creation”, ‘Bp.’ McKeown has a message for you.

Former Vatican nuncio to the United States, ‘Archbishop’ Carlo Maria Viganò, establishes Exsurge Domine association to help victims of the Bergoglian tyranny.

Wait till they see who’s running the Vatican: Philippine Novus Ordo bishops warn against ‘Catholic-Freemasons’.

‘Cardinal’ Gerhard Müller: “Not even the Pope can decide to bless gay couples”. True, but Bergoglio can, so don’t think it won’t happen.

The Vatican II Modernists have been trying so hard to ensure that churches don’t turn into museums. In Belgium at least, they have succeeded. And we’re not even kidding.

Yet another book: Conservative Modernist who denies the Resurrection, Transubstantiation, and the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Mother wants to explain to you “what it means to be Catholic”.

Bergoglio announces he will travel to his native Argentina next year (and probably hopes he will die before then). Last time he had announced a trip to Argentina, where his own people don’t like him because they know him, it mysteriously didn’t work out. Hey, at least he can fit Mongolia in! (The country doesn’t even have a diocese!)

United States Embassy in Vatican pushing Sodomy in tweet. If they really want to do something gutsy, they should try promoting the Traditional Latin Mass, or the pre-Vatican II Catholic position on Judaism as a false religion.

‘Archbishop’ of Philadelphia remembers the concept of mortal sin. No, not with regard to sodomy.

Trust the science: The Vatican Secretary of State knows what is not the cause of clerical abuse.

Land of Luther: First “ecumenical co-operative parish” opens in Germany. What distinguishes the Novus Ordo religion from Lutheranism anyway, except that the Novus Ordos have no way of getting rid of their boss?

Do you support child grooming or are you a ‘hater’? Obscene literature in ‘Catholic’ school in Salford, England. (content alert)

Novus Ordo sisters celebrate ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’. Fair question: How many of them identify as female?

France: “A chilling report is revealing how 72 priests and 6 nuns from the Community of St. John used rogue theology to sexually abuse 30 nuns, 69 laywomen, 29 minors, 17 brothers and 10 boys under 15 years old.”

For those who still haven’t gotten the memo: Why the Vatican II Church does not seek to convert Jews. Perfect for your ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ files!

Would it shock you to hear that ‘Abp.’ Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Bergoglian Academy for Life, has called medically-assisted suicide “feasible”?

Rainbow pastoral care: Freising is pilot location for “queer church” project of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. And if that doesn’t work out, there’s always the ‘Queer Network’ of the Diocese of Essen!

Bergoglio, Terror of Demons: “…it is possible that I get on the Devil’s nerves, because I try to follow the Lord and do what the Gospel says.”

Speaking of demons: Another extreme sex abuser priest is dead.

The Society of St. Pius X recently consecrated their magnificent Immaculata Church in St. Marys, Kansas. But do they believe that the Catholic Church herself is immaculate?

Sacrilegious recycling for the eco-religion: What to do with all those stained-glass windows left over from the church buildings that were closed or repurposed due to the ‘Great Renewal’ of Vatican II? Make them into greenhouses!

In France, a Novus Ordo bishop and priest have assisted in the making of a film advocating homosexuality in the priesthood and female priests. Imagine if they’d cooperated in the making of a documentary on the Traditional Latin Mass!

Historical footage for eventual documentation purposes: The opening ceremony of the Second Vatican Council.

Lights out! Vatican again participates in incredibly meaningful ‘Earth Hour’.

Between John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis, guess who is the undisputed king of motu proprio letters.

The Monk, the Modernist, the Lost Soul: The Life and Theology of Fr. Thomas Merton (1915-1968).

Paul VI’s Credo of the People of God: Trash or Treasure?

Why the so-called Catechism of the Catholic Church is heretical, is demonstrated here.

Real Catholic liturgical beauty: The Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas in Brooksville, Florida, was solemnly consecrated in an elaborate 8-hour ceremony by Bishop Joseph Selway, with many other clergy, religious, and laity in attendance.

The all-important booklet Perfect Contrition: Golden Key to Paradise is now available as a free audiobook.

Historical tidbit: In 1911, Pope St. Pius X sent Mgr. Eugenio Pacelli (the future Pope Pius XII) to represent him at the coronation of His Majesty, King George V.

A sede blogger dismantles the false doctrines of the Dutch spiritual writer Fr. Henri Nouwen (1932-1996).

Fr. Benedict Hughes explains the feast and devotion of Saint Joseph the Worker.

Louie Verrecchio has a few questions for the Rorate Caeli blog and shows what happens when you reason the recognize-and-resist position through to its logical end. He also examines the Novus Ordo Missae (“New Mass”).

A conservative Novus Ordo blogger debunks the ‘Ratzinger Code’.

Great resource for historical researchers: The official Acts of the Second Vatican Council are now freely available online – in Latin, of course. That’s 62 volumes! Plus: A brave volunteer has documented and catalogued the 500 periti (theological experts) that assisted the bishops at the Second Vatican Council.

The Apostolicity of the Church explained: Who are the Successors of the Apostles? And what is Ordinary Jurisdiction, and what its Source?

Mgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton’s classic The Catholic Church and Salvation (1958) is now available in Spanish.

Fr. Giuseppe Murro’s The Life of Msgr. Guerard des Lauriers, O.P., is now available for free in English.

Well-done satire can be enjoyed in The Spiritual Dangers of ‘Susan-vacantism’.

A Catholic blogger explains how Vatican II has provided “a definition of Sacred Tradition which robs it of its true meaning and scope” and refutes the Feeneyite “but it’s not infallible!” folly.

And Fr. Damien Dutertre destroys the ‘New Ecclesiology’ of Vatican II.

…and one for the road:

The ‘Listening Church’ is taking shape…
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