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The Logic of Sedevacantism

Bp. Donald Sanborn disproves Recognize-and-Resist

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On Dec. 21, 2013, His Excellency Bp. Donald Sanborn of Most Holy Trinity Seminary (now in Reading, PA), gave an airtight presentation of the case for Sedevacantism, demonstrating with impeccable logic that the religion taught, practiced, and imposed by the apparent authorities in the Vatican is not the Roman Catholic religion founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and represented by all true Popes up until Pius XII (d. 1958).

Using easy-to-follow argumentation, Bp. Sanborn shows that Catholic principles applied to the doctrines of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) and the post-conciliar magisterium require us to conclude that the church of Vatican II is essentially different from the Catholic Church before the council, that is, the Church of Pope Pius XII and his predecessors. This conclusion is even seconded by none other than the man the world knew as “Pope John Paul II”, Karol Wojtyla, who brazenly stated in a 1977 book: “The Church . . . succeeded, during the second Vatican Council, in re-defining her own nature” (Wojtyla, Sign of Contradiction [New York, NY: The Seabury Press, 1979], p. 17). (See a scan of the page where this quote appears HERE.)

In this insightful presentation, which was given in London, England, Bp. Sanborn explains that the fundamental question every Catholic must ask himself in our times is: “Does the religion of Vatican II represent a substantial or merely an accidental change with the Roman Catholic religion? In other words, do the doctrines, disciplines, and liturgical practices of the Novus Ordo Church represent Roman Catholicism? Do they harmonize with Catholic teaching, or do they overturn it?”

His Excellency proceeds to explain how we must answer these questions and then critically examines the alternate responses given by various groups, such as the indult communities like the Fraternity of St. Peter, the “recognize-and-resist” groups like the Society of St. Pius X, and people of the “conservative Novus Ordo” persuasion.

Bp. Sanborn also refutes various objections commonly made against the sedevacantist position, such as the following:

  • “We cannot judge the Pope”
  • “These Popes are only material heretics, not formal heretics”
  • “Only the Church can declare the Pope a Non-Pope”
  • “A bad father is still a father”
  • “We have had bad Popes before”
  • “Sedevacantism denies the visibility of the Church – where is the hierarchy?”
  • “How then could we ever get a true Pope back?”
  • “All this is just your opinion!”

One of the great advantages of Bp. Sanborn’s syllogistic presentation is that it completely sidesteps the issue of whether anybody is personally guilty of the sin or crime of heresy, a topic about which many people are not comfortable making up their minds. As His Excellency shows, this question, though important, need not be answered or even broached at all in order to arrive at the necessary conclusion that the papal claimants since Vatican II are not true Popes.

The professional recording of this conference was made possible by True Restoration, a traditional Catholic media apostolate.

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Bishop Sanborn’s “Logic of Sedevacantism” is refreshingly clear, informative, and logically compelling. It is a must-watch video for all who love and cherish the True Faith of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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