Louie Verrecchio hits a home run!

Is Jorge Bergoglio’s Claim to the Papacy Legitimate?

A 60-minute reality check with Louie Verrecchio…

Louie Verrecchio was once a big defender and ‘explainer’ of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). Under the title “Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II”, he published a “faith formation series” and used to give lectures on the “authentic teachings” of the council, in a spirit of that fabled “hermeneutic of continuity and reform”. An archived snapshot of his web site as it looked in 2011 can be accessed here.

At some point, however, Mr. Verrecchio found himself confronted with more and more evidence from the pre-Vatican II magisterium and the undeniable facts of recent Church history so that he became convinced that his “conservative Novus Ordo” position was simply unsustainable. After first getting entangled in some of the typical errors of recognize-and-resist traditionalism, Verrecchio kept following the truth as he found it, no matter where it would lead him, even at great personal cost to himself. Bravo!

In episode 6 of his new aka Catholic podcast, Verrecchio charitably but persistently reasons with the viewer to resolve the question whether Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) is, or even could possibly be, the Roman Pontiff (Pope) of the Catholic Church:

The presentation is so powerful that we wanted to feature it in a separate blog post because Louie really scores a home run there. His style is not polemical but mostly dispassionate, focused strictly on the facts, so this will appeal to a lot of people who are turned off by more argumentative presentations.

Please consider sharing it with friends and family who still cling to the idea that the Jesuit apostate from Buenos Aires is the Pope of the Catholic Church.

Louie’s blog can be found at akacatholic.com. For more arguments vindicating Sedevacantism, and for well-reasoned responses to various objections, please visit our Sedevacantism page.

Thank you, Louie! May God grant you many blessings!

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