Beware of the “Voris Virus”…

 Michael Voris vs. ‘Cardinal’ Dolan & Dolanites:
A Case of Very Selective Reporting

Michael Voris’ Vortex Special Report of March 26, 2013, provides an excellent example of how semi-traditionalist and/or “conservative” Novus Ordo news outlets cannot be relied upon to give you all the relevant facts, even though they may be giving you a great presentation.

Let’s be clear: All of Voris’ criticism of Timothy “Cardinal” Dolan, seen in the video above, is entirely justified and right on the money. He exposes how Dolan kowtows to pro-abortion, pro-homo “Catholic” U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, who attended St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Palm Sunday, and not only does not deny him (what Novus Ordos think is) “Holy Communion” but even gives him a shout-out from the pulpit (see report here, in addition to above video).

Voris is absolutely right in exposing this scandalous behavior. The problem here is not with what Voris is reporting but with what he is not reporting: That a few days earlier, Biden also received “Communion”, but this time at the Vatican’s installation “Mass” of “Pope” Francis (see report here) — even if not from the “papal” hands, because Francis didn’t distribute “Communion” at all.

In addition, for the same occasion, Biden walked up to and congratulated “Pope” Francis, who did not lose one word or gesture against the baby-killer-promoting, gay-marriage-supporting “Catholic”, who also attacks the rights of the Catholic Church in the United States by backing the contraception mandate in Obamacare. See the following snapshot. (You can also view the video here, beginning at mark 10:10.)

Michael Voris didn’t tell you this, did he? It doesn’t really fit well with his “we stand with the Pope against heresy, scandal, and sacrilege against all the bad bishops” agenda he’s trying to promote. For Voris, if the facts contradict the agenda, then that’s just too bad for the facts.

And while he (rightly) slams Dolan for committing sacrilege (or at least appearing to do so, as the New Mass is not valid, Deo gratias), he is quite silent about the sacrilegious way “Cardinal” Bergoglio (now “Pope” Francis) offers “Mass” and distributes “Holy Communion” in Argentina:

When will Voris finally start reporting on the real Jorge Bergoglio?

In his Vortex Special Report broadcast, Voris creates a new term, “Dolanism”, and defines it as “the subordination of the Catholic Faith to the prevailing cultural mores”. There’s nothing to disagree with there, but in that same spirit, we offer our own term, which we will use to refer to “the refusal to report those inconvenient facts that contradict the agenda you want to push on your audience” as — the “Voris Virus”.

In short: Reject Dolanism, and protect yourself from the Voris Virus. And next time you see or hear about The Vortex – remember that vortexes have one very unmistakable characteristic: They spin.

More Examples of the ‘Voris Virus’ in Action:

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