Vortex Shmortex: “BAM!” is a Sham…

Michael Voris’ “BAM!” Vortex
Full of Hypocrisy & One-Sided Reporting

BAM! The “Voris Virus” rears its ugly head again: On May 6, 2013, ChurchMilitant.TV published its regular Vortex broadcast, this time with an episode entitled “Pope Francis – BAM!” In it, host Michael Voris paints the picture of a super-conservative, über-orthodox, anti-ecumenical, mega-traditionalist “Pope” Francis, who is trying to do all he can to fight the liberalism in the Novus Ordo, just like Voris and his ChurchMilitant.TV crew. In so doing, Voris accuses the liberals in the media and the Novus Ordo Church of distorting reality by presenting an incomplete picture of “Pope” Francis, by ignoring inconvenient facts about him and only reporting the news selectively. Well, ladies and gentlemen, a miracle has occurred here, because Voris was able to make these accusations with a straight face! If hypocrisy could cause baldness, Voris would never need another haircut again.

But first, watch the May 6 episode of The Vortex yourself:

Now, let us analyze and comment on what Voris presents in this Vortex, a program which should really be called The Distortex, for its continual distortion of reality by omitting to report those facts that contradict the ChurchMilitant.TV agenda, but which are essential in coming to understand who these Novus Ordo “authorites” really are and what they truly believe (something we have previously referred to as the “Voris Virus”):

  • Voris accuses liberals of “portraying reality in an unrealistic way” and of “paint[ing] an incomplete – wildly incomplete – picture of [Francis] and his message” – We won’t argue with that, but point out that Voris does the exact same thing, as our “Reality Check” links below demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt.
  • Voris says, “Pope Francis is continuing to disappoint the liberal spin machine”, and gives as an example Francis’ recent statement that “You cannot find Jesus outside the Church” – Unfortunately, Voris does not view this statement within the context of Francis’ own Vatican II theology, which we analyze and expose here.
  • Voris continues his criticism: “The liberal media has no idea what to do with a comment like that – other than ignore it…” – Perhaps they learned this tactic from Voris himself, who has ignored the ugly truth about Bergoglio-Francis from the beginning, as our “Reality Check” links below will show.
  • Next, Voris presents more from “Francis the Conservative”: “But when we start to cut down the Faith, to negotiate [the] Faith, a little like selling it to the highest bidder, we take the path of apostasy, of disloyalty to the Lord” – Sounds great if taken by itself, out of the context of Francis’ own theology and practice, because Bergoglio is an ecumenist of the worst sort, as, again, our “Reality Check” below exposes. In fact, in light of the full truth of who Bergoglio-Francis is, one may wonder if in his comment about selling the Faith to the highest bidder, he was perhaps boasting of his apostasy…
  • Regarding the lukewarm, Voris quotes Francis as follows: “These Christians are not united in the Church, they do not walk in God’s presence, they don’t have the security of the Holy Spirit, they do not make up the Church.” – Sounds great on the face of it, until a calm, reasoned analysis reveals that this is theologically all over the place: First, why does this “super-conservative Pope” all of a sudden speak of Christians in general and not merely of Catholics? Is he suggesting that non-Catholic Christians are members of the Catholic Church? (Of course he is, but that wouldn’t work for Voris.) Second, it is false to say that lukewarm Catholics are not members of the Church, as long as they still profess the true Faith, because even though such Catholics are in mortal sin, they are nonetheless still members of the Church, albeit dead members (see Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Mystici Corporis, par. 22); Third, Francis’ assertion that the lukewarm “don’t have the security of the Holy Spirit” is no doubt true, but he engages here in typical Vatican II speak, because he does not at all say what he means by it; it’s more emotional feel-good-ism that is entirely vague and therefore does not really tell people anything.
  • Next, Voris proudly shares that Francis said, “[I]f we do not profess Jesus Christ, things go wrong…. When we do not profess Jesus Christ, we profess the worldliness of the devil, a demonic worldliness… we may be bishops, priests, cardinals, popes, but not disciples of the Lord” – Well said, except…does “Pope” Francis profess Jesus Christ in the face of false religions? Again, see our “Reality Check” links below for a sobering fact check.
  • Lastly, Voris claims that “Pope Francis talks like a Pope, like the successor to St. Peter” – Does he really? Are we perhaps ignoring, for example, the statements he made in his March 20 address to leaders of other religions?
  • At the end of the broadcast, Voris asks, “What are poor liberals to do, other than ignore those [“conservative”] comments and really, really hope [Francis] comes out soon and says something about poverty?” – But Voris uses the same playbook, and so we ask, “What could Voris possibly do, other than ignore the inconvenient truth about ‘Pope’ Francis and really, really hope he comes out soon and says something ‘conservative’?” And that’s exactly what he’s been doing, because he reports nothing else about Bergoglio.

The REAL Jorge Bergoglio – ignored by Michael Voris & ChurchMilitant.TV

Have you noticed that Michael Voris has given you virtually no information on who the man Jorge Bergoglio is? At age 76, Francis has a long history in the Novus Ordo Church, but you never hear about it on ChurchMilitant.TV, because his past is, er, not exactly favorable to what they want you to think of him. They hope you won’t notice and will never ask.

Certainly, if Bergoglio had a record of pristine orthodoxy (even by conservative Novus Ordo standards), of fostering true piety, enforcing salutary discipline, sternly condemning error, ensuring dignified liturgical celebrations, outlawing Communion in the hand, urging the conversion of non-Catholics, etc., you can bet your bottom dollar that Voris and ChurchMilitant.TV would be all over it, and you would never hear the end of it.

But instead, you hear nothing. Do you wonder why? Here’s why…

Reality Check: BAM! What Michael Voris will never tell you

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