Pope? Nope!

Non Habemus Papam…

Pope? Nope!

Jorge Bergoglio’s constant and excessive display of “I’m way too humble to be doing this the way my predecessors did” is getting old and annoying. But it is very interesting that his actions are basically screaming, “I am not the Pope!” Of course, even this isn’t enough for the anti-sedevacantist “recognize but resist” crowd, but apparently nothing will ever be. The following news article should be shocking to anyone who considers himself a traditional Catholic and believes Mr. Bergoglio to be the Pope of the Catholic Church:

As should be getting woefully apparent now even to those at first in denial, this new “papacy” of Bergoglio-Francis is dealing a tremendous blow to the Benedict XVI fans and their “restoration of Tradition” movement (long ago exposed by us as being based on wishful thinking, not fact). This much is evident even to the secular-leftist Huffington Post. No doubt, the Neo-Traditionalist organs such as The RemnantCatholic Family News, and The Fatima Centerare still trying to figure out what to do now as they realize that their Ratzinger balloon has been popped and they have more egg on their face than they can wipe off (call it Eggs Benedict!). We have told you time and again that they are the blind leading the blind (cf. Mt 15:14). Their position is based not on Catholic principles but on half-truths, wishful thinking, and ignoring of facts and inconvenient problems (such as the invalidity of the Novus Ordo rite of episcopal consecration). Because of this, they are like the foolish man in the Gospel, “that built his house upon the sand, and the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and they beat upon that house, and it fell, and great was the fall thereof” (Mt 7:26-27).

In their latest attempt to keep people from drawing the only reasonable conclusion in response to the defection of the Vatican II hierarchy from the True Faith, The Remnant has now published its latest anti-sedevacantist essay:

Our response to Mr. Siscoe is currently in preparation. (Please be patient, as we use real research in our documentation against Mr. Siscoe, not simply recycled quotes from the internet.) In the mean time, there is an initial rejoinder to an earlier version of Siscoe’s essay, as well as some lively debate involving John Lane and Robert Siscoe himself:

[UPDATE 11-JUN-2015: Fr. Anthony Cekada has refuted Robert Siscoe, John Salza, and others in a video entitled “Stuck in a Rut: Anti-Sedevacantism in the Age of Bergoglio” – click here].

At some point, perhaps The Remnant & Co. can just put out a book of all their bogus arguments against sedevacantism and call it “Father Gruner Needs a Pope”. The Rev. Nicholas Gruner’s Fatima Center, you see, can only operate under the assumption that the man in the white cassock in Rome (has Francis not given that up yet??) is the Pope of the Catholic Church, else his apostolate can close its doors, for its entire reason for being is to have the Pope consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And what if there is no (known) Pope? Let’s not let the facts get in the way now….

Finally, here are some more resources making the case for sedevacantism and against the “best-of-both-worlds” position known as “recognize but resist”:

Yes, it is a hard truth that is preached at Novus Ordo Watch, but it is the truth nonetheless: Non Habemus Papam!

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