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Scandalous ‘Rocking Nun’ Quits Religious Life

Remember her? Sister Cristina Scuccia is back, except this time without the “Sister” title. After 15 years in the convent and professing final vows in 2019, she turned in her habit and called it quits.

Anyone could have told her back in 2014 that religious life is obviously not her thing. Then a Novus Ordo Ursuline nun, the Sicilian appeared on the televised singing contest The Voice of Italy in full habit, belting out pop and rock songs and dancing in a thoroughly profane manner. She was cheered on by her Mother Superior and other nuns of her order. It was utterly disgraceful. We had numerous posts on this sorry spectacle, and are linking them again here, in chronological order:

Suor Cristina scandalized untold numbers of souls with her performances, but of course the mainstream Novus Ordo world thought it was just delightful that she would “evangelize” in this manner. And besides, why can’t nuns also have fun?

Scuccia ended up winning the contest, although it is clear that it wasn’t due to her vocal abilities so much as the grotesque and questionable stardom she had acquired by participating as a “Catholic nun”.

Sister Cristina “evangelizing” on Italian TV in 2014

On Twitter she got an endorsement from Vatican “Cardinal” Gianfranco Ravasi. Eventually she also got to meet Francis briefly, though he didn’t seem too enthusiastic about her.

Today news broke that Cristina Scuccia, now 34, has abandoned religious life, although she says she still believes in God. She is currently working as a waitress in Spain and is looking to have a career in music, she revealed on the Italian TV talk show Verissimo.

Various web sites have reported on this story and provide additional details (UPDATED Nov. 22, 2022):

On Verissimo Cristina appeared in a red outfit with tight pants. In addition to wearing earrings and heaps of make-up, the former Novus Ordo religious also sported a nose ring. A brief video excerpt of the appearance can be watched here.

The former Sister Cristina on Italian TV in November 2022

As we said back in 2014, absurd spectacles such as the “rocking nun” do not convert the world to Catholicism, they convert Catholics to worldliness.

And Cristina Scuccia just proved it once again.

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