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She’s Baaaaack!!!
Suor Cristina returns with “Like a Virgin”

Novus Ordo lunacy knows no bounds. You may remember that during Lent of this year, a wanna-be-singer Novus Ordo nun participated in the Italian secular singing contest Voice of Italy. She ended up winning the thing, though this victory can reasonably be ascribed to her “singing nun” stardom more than to her singing talent. This was in June.

Well, guess what: It’s October now, and she’s back. Her first album, quite appropriately named after her only (“Sister Cristina”), will be available in the United States on November 10 and can already be pre-ordered on Amazon (no, we won’t link it — “Fr.” Zuhlsdorf can do that).

One of the songs on this album is a cover version of the raunchy 1984 hit “Like a Virgin” by the blasphemous shock artist “Madonna”. Though with lyrics slightly modified, this “Catholic nun” sings a song the world knows as the popular hit of a woman who has made a career glorifying impurity, destroying innocence, breaking new ground on indecency, and mocking God, our Lady, and the Catholic Faith. The video clip above shows the official music video of Cristina’s rendition of Like a Virgin.

[A Note of Caution: The remainder of this post contains (links to) content that could cause temptations or occasions of sin in some — please proceed with caution or do not read further.]

The lyrics to the original Madonna song can be read here (CAUTION! immodest photos) — the last paragraph and two other words were omitted by Cristina. The lyrics were written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Steinberg explained them as follows:

I wasn’t just trying to get that racy word virgin in a lyric. I was saying … that I may not really be a virgin — I’ve been battered romantically and emotionally like many people — but I’m starting a new relationship and it just feels so good, it’s healing all the wounds and making me feel like I’ve never done this before, because it’s so much deeper and more profound than anything I’ve ever felt.

(source — CAUTION! immodest photos)

So, yes, these lyrics seem like they’re just perfect for a cover by a Novus Ordo religious, huh? As the Wikipedia article from which the above quote is taken points out: “The song is noted for its profound effect on society.” Clearly, it had its effect on Sister Cristina as well.

Madonna herself will probably be quite proud of the rocking nun, since she is bringing raunchy songs into Catholic (or at least Novus Ordo) minds and hearts in a way the impure pop icon never could. The fact that Cristina has modified the lyrics a bit is practically irrelevant because most people won’t notice the modifications, the very association with the Madonna version of the song is plenty scandalous already, and people who hear it will be reminded of the indecent original and perhaps call it to memory (and possibly also their own sinful past that that they may associate with this song).

The Call Me Jorge blog has dug up additional information on this ignominy and provided an English translation of an interview with her entitled “Me, Madonna, and my true Goals”:

It is a crying shame that this woman, who consider herself consecrated to God, can stoop so low as to take an impure song and, omitting a few words, offer her own cover version to the world. This is nothing short of scandalous and another grave offense against Almighty God, who is already so much offended, and for this “rocking nun”, this isn’t a first-time offense (see more on that below). If Sr. Cristina wants to praise God through her singing, let her sing edifying, pious songs, hymns and canticles that will draw souls to heavenly things (cf. Col 3:2).


Flyin’ High: Suor Cristina in the music video for “Like a Virgin”

Something that we already said in one of our many prior posts on this disgraceful “nun” bears repeating. We had noted:

In the 1980s, it was the blasphemous American singer Madonnawho dressed up as a nun in some of her appearances to mock the Catholic religion; but it seems now we have ‘real’ nuns doing a fine job all by themselves… during Holy Week, no less — when Cristina should have been prayerfully comforting her Divine Lord instead of jumping around on a stage making a fool of herself and the religion she supposedly represents.

What will she sing next? Madonna’s disgusting Like a Prayer? We can already hear her Novus Ordo apologists rushing to her defense: “But look… she’s singing about prayer!!

(“Nuns Just Want to Have Fun”The Novus Ordo Wire, Apr. 20, 2014)

So far, she hasn’t sung “Like a Prayer”, but anything is possible at this point. We fully expect to see plenty of Novus Ordo commentators and bloggers again extol Cristina for “using her talents” in this way (“Look, she’s trying to get people to love virginity!”).

During the singing competition on Italian television earlier this year, Cristina performed cover versions of Girls just want to have FunFlashdanceThe Time of My LifeLivin’ on a Prayer, and other popular hits (see links below).

There is simply no Catholicism left in the adherents of the Novus Ordo Sect.

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