Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Vatican Christmas Concert to Feature Suor Cristina and Blasphemous Punk Rocker Patti Smith

Chaos Frank has outdone himself once again. If you thought Tini Stoessel at the Soccer Match for Peace was bad, or that somehow the “Roman Pontiff” was not pleased with Sister Cristina’s shocking performances of secular rock songs, think again: For this year’s Christmas Concert, “Pope” Francis has invited the blasphemous infidel punk rocker Patti Smith and the scandalous Suor Cristina to perform at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome on December 13.

The following articles give important details on the matter:

This news comes at a time when there was a controversy at a historic church in Naples, Italy, regarding whether to allow Smith to perform at their church — a Catholic lay group trying to prevent it, rightly calling the punk rocker “blasphemous.” Oh well. Looks like Francis decided this question, so “causa finita est.”

In case you don’t know who Suor Cristina is or what kind of songs she’s performed, you must be new to our site, because we’ve covered the Rocking Nun extensively and are really tired of seeing her profane the sacred by performing songs such as Like a VirginGirls Just Wanna Have Fun, or Dirty Dancing.

At a general audience on April 11, 2013, Patti Smith personally greeted Francis, who bowed to her as he shook her hands. The blaspheming rock star sings in one of her ditties, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine, meltin’ in a pot of thieves.” No wonder Francis the Blaspheming Apostate has invited her!


Even though it looks like for Christmas Mr. Bergoglio has pulled out his “god of surprises” again, you know, the one that “is not afraid of new things”, one must nevertheless say that the constant “newness” is really quite old, as it has been going on since the early 1960’s, and in fact it turns out that Patti Smith is merely returning to the Vatican’s Christmas Concert, as she already performed at it last year, in 2013. In other words, it’s really just business as usual at the Vatican.

One thing is odd, however: How come Elton John and Conchita Wurst didn’t get invited?

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