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Nuns Just Want to Have Fun

While true Catholics all over the world were recollectedly observing Holy Week, the last week of the Lenten season, which specifically commemorates our Lord Jesus Christ’s last week on earth and His sacred Passion, the infamous Novus Ordo rocking nun Suor Cristina (Sister Cristina Scuccia) returned to the secular talent show The Voice of Italy for the next round in the singing competition.

In this latest performance, broadcast on April 16, 2014, Suor Cristina belted out Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 hit Girls Just Want To Have Fun. She sang and danced in a duet with another contestant, who was dressed like a whore and shared the stage with her.

Here is the video of this horrific spectacle:


Most Novus Ordos, of course, think this is just terrific, and can’t understand why anyone would have a problem with this “singing nun.” So, for example, you see posts by “Deacon” Greg Kandra (nice jeans, pal!), who was quick to point out that she “points skyward when she sings, ‘Oh daddy dear, you know you’re still number one!'” and Elizabeth Scalia, who denounced criticism of Suor Cristina as an “acid bath of ingratitude.”

This is just pathetic. But after 50 years of Vatican II and the New “Mass”, what can you expect? This stuff rubs off.

Oh, but doesn’t this ‘fun nun’ just exude “joy” and “love”? Isn’t she “evangelizing”?

Pity the people who think that the irreverence, the sacrilege, and the immodesty displayed here have something to do with genuine Christian joy and charity, or even with evangelization. What do you think St. John Vianney would say about all this? Or St. Pius X, who condemned the Tango? Can you imagine St. Therese of Lisieux doing what Sr. Cristina has done, or St. Scholastica? Not to mention… the Blessed Mother?!

In the 1980s, it was the blasphemous American singer Madonna who dressed up as a nun in some of her appearances to mock the Catholic religion; but it seems now we have ‘real’ nuns doing a fine job all by themselves… during Holy Week, no less — when Cristina should have been prayerfully comforting her Divine Lord instead of jumping around on a stage making a fool of herself and the religion she supposedly represents.

We have already outlined at length what is wrong with Suor Cristina participating in such a singing competition. In case you missed it, here is our post:

Yes, Sr. Cristina has a talent for singing; there is no doubt about it. However, she chose to enter religious life, and ought to act accordingly. She can use her beautiful voice in honor of Almighty God in the many beautiful Catholic hymns and chants made for this very purpose. Instead, she has chosen to become a worldly star and sing in a manly style like Taylor Dayne; and the secular media, of course, are eating it up as she, implicitly or explicitly, holds the Catholic religion in contempt. For whether she intends to or not, she is profaning the sacred, if not in fact (Novus Ordo nuns aren’t real Catholic nuns, after all), at least in the minds of the viewers.

You can see this in the reaction of the people, especially the four judges on the show. This is exactly why they’re all laughing. It’s not the reception of “joy” that this hapless pseudo-nun is allegedly exuding; they are laughing because the situation is so grotesque: a nun doing what she’s not supposed to be doing, and boldly so, right there on stage. The fact that she’s performing together with a woman dressed like a whore doesn’t speak in her favor, either.

Suor Cristina won the competition, of course, and so will advance to the next round. In other words: We’re going to hear and see more of her in the near future. At the end of the above clip, you see her throwing a kiss at her “team mate”, rapper J-AX, not exactly a beacon of edification and virtue. In fact, he is the one who lifted her up into the air and swirled her around at the last performance. We covered this in our first post on the whole Sr. Cristina scandal:

What will she sing next? Madonna’s disgusting Like a Prayer? We can already hear her Novus Ordo apologists rushing to her defense: “But look… she’s singing about prayer!!

The following links give more information on this latest Sister Cristina performance:

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