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Suor Cristina Performs Flashdance… What a Feeling! & Can’t get you out of my Head

Sister Cristina Scuccia’s abominable, disgraceful spectacle — which some dare call “evangelization” — continues, apparently with no end in sight, and now it’s getting really raunchy: In the above two video clips, the Novus Ordo “Fun Nun” Suor Cristina, whose treasure is obviously in this world rather than in the other (cf. Lk 6:45; Mt 6:21; Col 3:1), sings the famous What a Feeling! of Irene Cara, the theme song of the indecent 1983 movie Flashdance, which tells the story of a stripper’s dancing career and her affair with a married man.

In the second video, Sr. Cristina performs together with Kylie Minogue and others Minogue’s 2001 song Can’t Get You out of My Head, the Wikipedia page of which has such lewd photos that we’d rather not link to it. It describes the tune as “a midtempo dance-pop song which lyrically details Minogue’s obsession towards her lover.”

Aside from the smutty dancing that is easily apparent in the video clip, the lyrics of this song contain the following lines:

I just can’t get you out of my head
Boy, your loving is all I think about
I just can’t get you out of my head
Boy, its more than I dare to think about

Every night
Every day
Just to be there in your arms
Won’t you stay
Won’t you stay
Stay forever and ever and ever ah ah

There’s a dark secret in me
Don’t leave me lost in your arms
Set me free
Feel the need in me
Set me free
Stay forever and ever and ever ah ah

(Source: Metro Lyrics)

Sung and danced by a “Catholic nun” — welcome to the Novus Ordo, folks!

Will “Deacon” Greg Kandra and Elizabeth Scalia now withdraw their support for Suor Cristina? Will they perhaps apologize for their rash, imprudent, and scandalous praise for her performances, and their criticism of those — like us — who have denounced Cristina for them? We’re not holding our breath.

Meanwhile, the Novus Ordo “Catholic News Service” blog has given Cristina’s latest appearance a ringing endorsement, even approvingly pointing out that the backdrop to her performance of What a Feeling looks strikingly similar to Bernini’s Holy Spirit mosaic above the cathedra of St. Peter in the Vatican, as well as the “aura” surrounding Our Lady of Guadalupe. The blog post also points out that when Sr. Cristina was asked about her success, she said, “[God] wants it that way. The voice of the people is the voice of God.”

Yep, this woman was definitely raised in the Novus Ordo religion — where anything goes, as long as it’s not Catholic.

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