May 26, 2022

And now, the Environmental Stations of the Cross…

A “better world” and all that: It turns out that the Novus Ordo Church is already dedicated to the themes of the World Economic Forum. What an incredible coincidence, huh? And now a Vatican official at Davos is confirming that they’re implementing the World Economic Forum agenda.

As the Modernists like to tell us again and again, Vatican II and the liturgical revolution were needed so that Catholic churches wouldn’t end up becoming mere museums. Well, better museums than circuses, kindergartens, music festivals, fashion shows, dens of perversion, and whatever this is. But museum gardening to reawaken eco-awareness is totally cool!

In case you were looking for a virtual Eco-Poetry Retreat, the Jesuits can help

“A Benepapist Civil War”: Those who believe Benedict XVI is still Pope are now fighting with each other over whether Ratzinger was too smart, or too stupid, to resign validly.

Asking for a friend: “Why did the Vatican send Bishop Josef Clemens, Pope Benedict XVI’s former secretary and a reputed active homosexual, to be papal delegate to a scandal-plagued, wealthy abbey in Austria?”

Vatican News reports: “In the Afterword of ‘The Weaving of the World,’ Pope Francis highlights the importance of storytelling as the weaving of a fabric with unbreakable threads that links the past and present, everything and everyone.” That man is his own best parody!

In message for the German Katholikentag (‘Catholic Convention’) currently underway, Francis once again makes the Catholic Faith all about helping those in temporal need. That is all that matters to him — the rest is bells and whistles, mere “religious traditions” that express the “richness” of “different ways of coming to God”. Naturalist!

Simply disgusting: How the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano views the family.

“Lord Jesus, born in the shadows of bombs falling on Kyiv, have mercy on us!” — Francis pens prayer for end to war in Ukraine.

After he throws his support behind Russia, the semi-trad blog Rorate Caeli is done with ‘Abp.’ Carlo Maria Vigano.

Yes, that’s an actual headline on a mainstream Novus Ordo news site: “Pope says journalists accusing him of pro-Russian stance have a fetish for excrement.” And that’s not the first time the Frankster has said that kind of stuff!

When you think about “how we can better use our properties to achieve the mission of the church”, you’re probably not thinking of selling them “to create a carbon-neutral community”….

An inconvenient truth: Francis has a long record of telling people NOT to convert to Catholicism. See, he has something in common with Joseph Ratzinger!

1 Corinthians 15:33 alert: The interreligious friendships of “Pope” Francis.

Who is Francis to judge? “Gay Catholic” group marks 35th anniversary with Rome pilgrimage.

Pachamama’s got competition: Francis wears vestments with Tarapacá deity. Meanwhile, Aztec dancers have been invited to a Novus Ordo shrine opening in Indiana, United States. But if you want to see Hindu gods being invoked as part of a “Catholic” pre-Lent ritual, you’re going to have to travel to India.

Vatican News wants to make sure you know it’s World Water Day. And now you do.

What exactly a United Nations’ report on how to combat climate change has to do with news from the Vatican, is one of those great mysteries of humanity that will probably never be solved.

CAUTION! An “older historical theologian” writes about his “ideal church”. Unfortunately for him, our Blessed Lord had different plans!

Schismatic is as schismatic does: Semi-trad “Brother” Martin Navarro naturally refuses to obey his local Novus Ordo bishop’s order “to cease presenting himself as a religious brother or member of a religious community.”

Come and meet the Jesuits! On second thought, maybe not….

Had enough of ridiculous clown liturgies? Here’s a ridiculous male odalisque dance in a church in Brazil, complete with a serpent. How’s that for truth in advertising!

Pop quiz: Can anyone figure out what religion “Cardinal” Michael Czerny is?

Put on your surprise face: Francis appoints pro-LGBT “cardinal” praised by top Freemason as president of Italian Novus Ordo bishops’ conference. That should be a pretty good fit, considering that “Italian bishops are canonizing a climate alarmist, a bisexual activist, a lesbian journalist, an open-borders agitator and Muslim campaigners in a woke ‘Way of the Cross’ for Lent and Holy Week.”

Francis hosts homeless people at his residence to interview him (yes, him). OK, whatever.

False theology has consequences: New book warns of “implosion” of Vatican II Sect in France (perhaps their climate religion has something to do with it?) as its decline in Latin America accelerates. And in Argentina specifically, the Francis Effect is in full swing!

Chicago’s “Cardinal” Blase Cupich says the Second Amendment did not come down from Mount Sinai. Alright, but then it’s not like he believes in what did come down from Sinai either.

A Novus Ordo blogger points out that the golden age of “pop apologetics” is over.

Mixed signals, conflicting messages: Vatican reiterates Francis’ support for German ‘Synodal Way’ after Polish bishop said he’s distancing himself from it. That is how Francis rolls! Maybe this “fraternal open letter” will help?

Oh no! Francis’ knee pain has turned political!

A Spanish Novus Ordo priest says we need to “save the Papacy” after Francis fires conservative bishop, allegedly unjustly. But God has protected the Papacy from human weakness: “…the Church has received from on high a promise which guarantees her against every human weakness. What does it matter that the helm of the symbolic barque has been entrusted to feeble hands, when the Divine Pilot stands on the bridge, where, though invisible, He is watching and ruling?” (Pope Leo XIII, Allocution to Cardinals, March 20, 1900; excerpted in Papal Teachings: The Church, p. 349.) The only way to save the Papacy from Francis, so to speak, is to acknowledge that he doesn’t hold it. He is an impostor! Protests won’t accomplish a thing. So, can a Pope just fire a bishop? Yes, he can. Welcome to traditional Catholicism.

A frightening list: The beliefs and ideas of the new “Archbishop” of Algiers, Algeria.

Italian “Abp.” Bruno Forte, personally “ordained” by Joseph Ratzinger in 2004, says there ought to be no active mission to convert the Jews. That is definitely in line with Ratzinger’s ideas. Aside from that, let’s be honest: They want no active mission to convert anyone else either. Reality check: “I was not sent but to the sheep that are lost of the house of Israel” (Mt 15:24).

Female undersecretary of the Synod of Bishops tells public perverts that listening to them has something to do with the Holy Spirit. Fasten your seatbelts then: “I can only feel accepted by the church as a gay man if I’m also accepted with changing partners”, a church worker in Germany says.

Not liberal or worldly enough for him: Former Vicar General of Novus Ordo diocese of Speyer, Germany, leaves “Catholic Church”, cashes in with book entitled, “I have to leave this Church because I want to remain human”. Perhaps this guy could leave too?

Francis likes to point out that having an abortion is like hiring a hitman. He is right — but then he has no problem inviting and admiring those hitmen, or hitwomen (and their enablers), to the Vatican — not to convert them but to talk other issues. (You know, like St. Joseph would have invited King Herod over to chat about sustainable agriculture.)

What could possibly go wrong when an American Jesuit in our day writes about the Ten Commandments?

Apologizing to Sodom and Gomorrah: Novus Ordo archbishop of Berlin asks forgiveness for ‘homophobia’ in the church.

Speaking of apologies: Meeting Francis a ‘divine moment’, Canadian indigenous say. One shudders to imagine what they would consider an infernal moment. By the way: Here’s a scene from that encounter.

No apologies there: Opus Dei has expelled one of its presbyters “for publicly criticizing Pope Francis for his support of same-sex civil unions.”

The Vatican’s so-called Congregation for Catholic Education issues an endless instruction on “the identity of the Catholic school for a culture of dialogue.” You’ve got to take it with humor.

French author exposes the four principles that guide Bergoglio’s thinking — and none of them is Catholic!

March Madness indeed: Jesuit Saint Peter’s University now has gender-neutral bathrooms for those who can’t figure out if they’re male or female. (Maybe they shouldn’t be attending university in the first place?)

Church La-La Land: Michael Voris’ operation tries to reveal secret identity of ‘New Catholic’ at Rorate Caeli, allegedly gets it wrong!

‘Ask Your Husband’ or your brother-in-law? Family drama after ultra-conservative Novus Ordo book against feminism pulled for alleged plagiarism.

Some people just never quit trying to come up with a way to squeeze Francis’ words and actions into the bounds of orthodoxy….

Two Novus Ordo canon lawyer journalists discuss Francis’ “Zanchetta problem”: The Least Rev. Oscar Zanchetta “was sentenced to four years and six months in prison on [March 4, 2022] after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting two former adult seminarians.” The Zanchetta Affair is a huge problem for the Novus Ordo Church and especially Bergoglio, “who promoted Zanchetta to bishop in one of his first acts as pope, and who created a job for Zanchetta in the Vatican after the bishop resigned from his diocese under a cloud of suspicion.” Here’s a timeline of it all.

For your next examination of conscience, remember that “not taking care of the climate is a sin against God’s gift of creation”!

United States Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has been barred from receiving the invalid Novus Ordo cookie in her home diocese of San Francisco over her persistent public political support of the slaughtering of unborn children. The “cardinal-archbishop” of Washington, D.C., on the other hand, has promised she will not be denied in the nation’s capital — apparently not even if kneeling to receive.

Somehow “Abp.” Carlo Vigano always knows exactly what topics to bring up to get attention from traditionalists. Maybe he will talk about the Siri Thesis next, or the Pius XII Holy Week reforms?

Turning a blind eye to the blatant idolatry that was out in the open at the Vatican in Oct. 2019, Francis now warns of “hidden idolatry”! At least he knows that “it’s not possible to worship God while making the liturgy a battleground for issues that are not essential, indeed, outdated issues, and to take sides starting with the liturgy, with ideologies that divide the Church.”

French newspaper Le Figaro reports on a tense “end of reign” climate in Bergoglio’s Vatican.

Francis exhorts members of Chemin Neuf Community to ‘dialogue especially with those who disagree with you.’ You know, like he does.

Francis allows lay members to govern clerical religious orders. Might as well, at this point, since most of the ordinations are invalid anyway.

Guess what: “…members of religious institutes who sexually abuse minors and other vulnerable persons, or who commit canonical offenses related to child pornography, will no longer be automatically dismissed from their religious institutes.” Who’s responsible for that? Why, “Pope” Francis, of course!

Obviously well-intentioned, but theologically absurd: Novus Ordo priest offers ‘Mass’ for aborted children. It is necessary to give them burial, but a funeral Mass is not possible, as they cannot benefit from it in any way.

Vatican Synod website celebrates homosexuality and child adoption by same-sex couples. Whoever is surprised at this, hasn’t been paying attention.

The Springtime that Never Came: Another interview book with “Bishop” Athanasius Schneider hits the stores.

Apparently the Lefebvrist Society of St. Pius X now identifies the Novus Ordo Catechism with the “teaching of the Church”. How times change! (There’s also a follow-up on this here.)

Jumping the shark? If nothing else, this German Novus Ordo archbishop is good at jumping rope.

Dumb question: Can baptized males be confirmed as females? The archdiocese of Turin, Italy, has found a way to top this dumb question with an even dumber answer.

“Redemption was not done by doctrines, but by a Person”: Francis offers brilliant insights in televised program for Easter.

Pope Gregory XVII? Siri theorist Gary Giuffré announces forthcoming publication of his book The Plot against the Pope, expected in 2023.

Self-appointed “papal” babysitter Peter Kwasniewski rips Francis’ reform of the Roman Curia. That’s the same Dr. Kwasniewski who has now published a collection of all his recent online articles on Francis, the Papacy, and Ultramontanism in two paperback volumes. Good thing we’ve been refuting much of his oh-so “traditional” nonsense in depth and with devastating force. Find all our posts answering Kwasniewski here. Oh, and don’t mind this Anglican presbyter coming to Kwasniewski’s defense….

An advertisement for the next “papal saint”: Vatican publishes personal notes of John Paul I (Albino Luciani).

Novus Ordo author publishes informative book: Liberation Theology: How Marxism Infiltrated the Catholic Church (purchases made through this link benefit Novus Ordo Watch).

Finally: “The scandal-ridden Honduran prelate and close advisor to Pope Francis, Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, has announced his resignation.”

This year, Easter Monday at the Vatican included a “papal concert for young people featuring a singer who won a contest with an homoerotic pop song.”

Just released: Novus Ordo historian Yves Chiron publishes biography of Giovanni Battista Montini, who can be considered the founder of the Vatican II Sect: Paul VI: The Divided Pope. Chiron has also published well-researched biographies of Pope Pius IX, Pope St. Pius X, “Abp.” Annibale Bugnini, and many other books (available in French only). (Purchases made through these links benefit Novus Ordo Watch.) One of his latest works is a history of Traditionalism, not yet available in English.

Rev. Charles Theodore Murr gives a first-hand account of the Gagnon investigation into Vatican Freemasonry: Murder in the 33rd Degree. With some more information here and also here. Think it’s all a bunch of hooey? Then what’s this? Or this?

Prof. Massimo Faggioli is concerned: “Opposition to Pope Francis is rooted in a rejection of Vatican II”!

It took students protesting to get a self-proclaimed pro-abortion witch to have her lecture canceled at a “Catholic” university in Maryland. Meanwhile, “an umbrella organization of Catholic children’s and youth associations, has spoken in favor of abolishing the ban on advertising for abortions in Germany.” Are you nauseous yet?

When a Novus Ordo church becomes a Masonic lodge, what actually has to be changed? Just wondering.

Crisis editor-in-chief Eric Sammons really doesn’t like our “semi-trad” label. Perhaps because it fits him just too well.

Francis: “Ecumenism sails on the open sea of all humanity”. Someone please get this guy a new metaphor generator!

Another mainstream Novus Ordo news org bites the dust: After the demise of Zenit at the end of 2020, now the USCCB’s Catholic News Service will cease all operations in the United States by the end of this year. Good riddance!

When ideology meets reality: Francis’ pacifism cracks as Vatican approves of war.

In special video greeting, Francis urges notorious Los Angeles Religious [Re-]Education Congress to “go forth”…. Urging them to go away would have been better.

A prophetic suggestion: Francis tells Augustinians to prepare for the day there are not enough priests.

Speaking of the future: The Novus Ordo cardinals are preparing for the inevitable next conclave. Apparently there is some serious “Francis fatigue”!

Rigid rules and certainties: The Church of Love, Tolerance, and Mercy shuts down a convent in Italy after nuns refuse COVID vaccine. But they’re not alone: A Jesuit dean at a pontifical university in Rome was banished for the same reason, and a Benedictine mother general was denounced to the Vatican after warning of vaccine dangers. How’s that for a “Listening Church”!

On Sedevacantism, behold the shifting Overton window of “Bp.” Athanasius Schneider.

Philadelphia’s “Catholic archbishop” wishes Jewish people a happy Passover. In other words, he wishes them joy in their rejection of Jesus Christ, confirming them in their attachment to the shadows that have long given way to the reality. Obviously we ought not to be rude or uncharitable to Jewish people; but we ought not to confirm them in their false religion either! “For if you believe not that I am he, you shall die in your sin” (Jn 8:24).

Speaking of confirming people in their faithlessness: Vatican to Buddhists on feast of Vesak: “The noble truths of the Buddha explain the origin and causes of suffering and indicate the eightfold path that leads to the cessation of suffering”, got it?!

Reminder of a forgotten truth: Greater holiness is required of the clergy than of the laity.

Not enough Bergoglianism in the United States: “A group of about 70 cardinals, bishops and theologians gathered privately for two days [in Chicago] from March 25-26 for conversations focused on how the U.S. Catholic Church can better support the agenda of Pope Francis.”

Copyright expired: The entire collection of the old Catholic Encyclopedia (1909-1914, 1922) can be downloaded for free here.

Historical tidbit: In this newspaper clipping dated May 28, 1965, the great Fr. Joaquin Saenz y Arriaga, who would later become the first publicly sedevacantist priest and author of The New Montinian Church, is reported to have called for a restoration of “the Inquisition to suppress ‘progressives’ in the Church who would have the Ecumenical Council [of Vatican II] repudiate the deicide charge concerning Jews, and who advocate a schema endorsing the principle of freedom of religion for all peoples….”

Some important facts about the Holy See and the Secret of Our Lady of La Salette are now available in English.

Yes, it looks like the famous Shroud of Turin really is the burial cloth of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski makes the case for the Impostor Sister Lucy on the Generation Zed video broadcast.

An interview with True Restoration‘s Stephen Heiner can be found here.

What’s wrong with this picture? “Sedevacantists are accused of leaving the Catholic Church because they refuse to acknowledge as Catholic those who don’t profess the Catholic Faith. Yet, all those who make this accusation recognize notorious anti-Catholic heretics as remaining in the Church.”

Bishop Donald Sanborn explains the traditional Catholic position on censorship and preaches a sermon on the true Roman Catholic Church of Jesus Christ.

Fr. Benedict Hughes warns of the dangers of False Devotions.

A sede blogger explains the authority of papal allocutions and the significant consequences that follow.

Pope St. Gregory the Great has left us with an insightful prophesy about the Catholic Church in the end times.

Without being judgmental, sedevacantist podcaster Kevin Davis explains why parents should protect their children from Disney.

Louie Verrecchio wonders how the anti-Modernist Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange (d. 1964) would have viewed the conciliar carnage as he challenges all traditionalists to ask themselves if they really believe in Holy Mother Church.

An article from 1906 explores the proper place of private revelation in the study of Catholic theology.

And the WM Review provides a reading list for laity interested in learning Sacred Theology.

Oh, and one for the road…

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