Slaughtered over 10,000 babies…

Francis receives notorious Italian Abortionist Emma Bonino to talk Migrants

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In Francis’ Vatican, the enemies of Jesus Christ are always welcome. While the papal pretender didn’t find enough time (not even 30 seconds!) to meet with the family of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman facing execution in Pakistan for allegedly “blaspheming” Islam, Francis welcomed one of Italy’s most notorious feminazi leftists on November 8, a woman who “has boasted that she and her group committed 10,141 illegal abortions” (source). Bonino was never prosecuted for her cruel deeds because she ran for public office and thus received parliamentary immunity. She eventually became the country’s foreign minister.

The news of Bonino’s meeting with the “Pope” is still breaking, and not a lot of reporting on it has been done yet in English. We will update this post with more links as they become available:

For more information on the person of Emma Bonino, see the following links:

In February of this year, Francis had lauded Bonino as one of Italy’s “forgotten greats” (more info here) and had even greeted her publicly at a general audience in the piazza of St. Peter’s on May 11, 2015.

No comments necessary — the facts speak for themselves.

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  1. Tom Healey

    Francis’ never ending outrages – well, what can one say? Canon 212, on their daily, homepage, outlines 8 or 10 or more of his various pet projects. Today, one of C212s posts explains that Francis is seriously encouraging Catholics to vote for Hillary, while he disparages self-made billionaires like Trump, who.would get my vote if I were American.

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