June 1, 2021

The Emeritus Nope: New documentary on Benedict XVI released

Move over, UFOs: Alien spacecraft are no match for Unidentified Ecclesiastical Objects!

You can’t make this stuff up: Bergoglio-appointed Novus Ordo bishop down under is “concerned that students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender could be harassed” if “gender fluidity” isn’t taught in schools! Good luck getting the guy removed!

Talk about a self-referential church: Upcoming Synod on Synodality has been made into a process about processes. It’s needed to drum up, or at least make it look like there is, massive support for Bergoglio’s ‘new and improved’ Vatican II Church.

Vatican means business, readies to roll out ‘spectacular’ action plan for ‘Laudato Si’ eco-agenda.

“Mother Earth” must be proud: Pachamama ritual for Francis’ chit-chat with Scholas Occurrentes youth.

If we had a true Pope, does anyone seriously think that the so-called Association of U.S. Catholic Priests would get away with this?

“Anyone who can understand this deserves a medal”, says Vaticanist Sandro Magister: Read an excerpt of the high point of Bergoglian pseudo-intellectual drivel — if you dare!

You can’t make this stuff up: French Novus Ordo bishops help fund new Mosque. Meanwhile, in Africa: ‘Mosques are springing up everywhere’, Congolese bishop says amid fear of Islamization.

Copyright works both ways: Vatican sued over copyright infringement for issuing street art stamp without artist’s permission. Oh, the irony!

Estrogen boost for German Novus Ordo priests: Archlayman of Cologne appoints woman as head of priestly formation. What could possibly go wrong?! Hey, maybe he got a clue from the Vatican?

The Novus Ordo Modernists like to say that if it hadn’t been for Vatican II, Catholic churches would have become mere museums. In that regard, the council was successful: The churches are now skateparks.

Another “-ism” he loves that doesn’t begin with “Catholic”: Francis proposes ‘popularism’ to counter populism.

Carbon Footprints in the Sand: Scottish Novus Ordo bishops to establish “Care of Creation Office”.

“Pro-Choice”: For the first time ever, Vatican uses pro-abortion lingo.

Now there’s a “listening” activity for Bergoglio: Disgruntled Vatican Employees Pen Letter to Francis, ask: “How much more will we have to sacrifice to pay for a budget deficit that certainly doesn’t derive from our wrongdoing?”

Hellboy James Martin has competition: “Fr.” Daniel Horan promotes transgenderism.

With travel restricted due to COVID-19, the Medjugorje false apparition industry has a problem. (No wonder, since even the ‘apparitions’ themselves got canceled!)

Pop quiz! Who said it? “Politics is the highest form of charity.” Pick your answer: (a) Angela Merkel; (b) Joe Biden; (c) Antonio Guterres; (d) The Frankster!

Penance for the eyes: First ‘Vatican II Cathedral’ celebrates 50th anniversary.

Miracle in Argentina? Journalist in ecstasy over discovery of entry in a book showing that a young Jorge Bergoglio once attended Eucharistic adoration during the night. Next thing you know is he also went to church on Sundays…

The Francis Effect: George Neumayr decries “Catholic Cancel Culture”.

Flag wars: Conservative Novus Ordos counter Vienna church’s rainbow flag by installing “God cannot bless sin” banner on its facade!

The Frankster’s Banksters: Check out the Vatican Finance Scandal Draft Rankings™. It’s a good thing bigger courtrooms are already being built!

“Catholicism” in England and Wales: “The River Does Not Divide Us” Eco-Novena for Pentecost. And more!

Not kosher: One of Francis’ theological elder brothers gives him a yarmulke. (If you’re wondering what the Talmudic Jews actually believe or practice, here is a morbid example.)

Yeah, that’s it: New ministry of ‘Catechist’ shows evangelization at heart of Church, U.S. leaders say. Because when you think evangelization, you think Vatican II Sect, right?

Now in English: Book Sacred Betrayals by widow of former Vatican ambassador who is accusing Francis of covering up for “Cardinal” Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga. (Podcast with more information available here.)

Pressure intensifies on Novus Ordo Church to change teaching that homosexuality is ‘intrinsically disordered’. Just wait till Francis’ “god of surprises” discovers that “positive elements” are intrinsically good! Either way, give them time — they’re working on it! Some are on board already and even apologizing! Meanwhile, Novus Ordo clergy bless sodomitical relationships in Germany and a homo “widower” receives the Novus Ordo cookie in Brazil.

Fair question: Why do the Articles of Incorporation of the Feeneyite St. Benedict Center West (in California) bear the signature of a publicly-known Theosophist Gnostic bishop? (Hey, at least his Lodge is ‘liked’ by a fellow-Feeneyite!)

A brilliant thought has popped into Francis’s head, so he has to share it with the world: “If the Church ignores the poor, it ceases to be the Church of Jesus…”. Notice that it doesn’t occur to him to say: “If the Church were to abandon her divine commission to make disciples of all nations…”

Saints don’t procrastinate: The blood of St. Januarius appears to liquefy one day late.

Francis sends pious-sounding message to altar servers in Portugal. At other times he encourages them to make fun of the sacred.

You can’t make this stuff up: Novus Ordo Nun Makes List of “19 Incredible Lesbians Making the World a Better Place”.

Malachi Martin, Wolfgang Smith, & Co.: Beware of “right-wing occult traditionalism”! The dangers of esotericism, divination, and other occultist practices are very serious.

Just what the world needed: A documentary promoting “Fr.” James Martin! Don’t fall for it — he’s got a bridge to sell you!

Talk about grassroots: Francis wants every Novus Ordo adherent to join a grassroots movement to save the environment! (Joining movements to save souls still optional.)

Open Letters and VIPs complaining to the Vatican works both ways: Uber-Modernist “theologians” and associates publish signed “Academic Statement on the Ethics of Free and Faithful Same-Sex Relationships”.

Pontifical charity to raise money to build wall around Nigerian seminary. Yes, walls do have their benefit, don’t they?

Look at what he does more than at what he says: Francis appoints another spiritual criminal to position in Roman Curia.

Forty years later, it’s time to ask some reasonable questions: The May 13, 1981 attempt to assassinate John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square.

The secular government hath spoken, the case is closed: Canadian Novus Ordo bishop says, “Baptisms should be discouraged…”, whereas “Restrictions imposed by the government are to be followed”.

Sports as a “sacramental of beauty”? The reason why Francis talks so much is because he has so little to say.

Happy Earth Day to you: Francis advocates “Ecological Spirituality” on Earth Day. What a truly Catholic approach to Earth Day looks like, can be seen in this tweet.

Don’t say you weren’t warned: Vatican unveils official prayer of 2022 World Meeting of Families. Includes line about “fatherhood and motherhood of God”. They must have read the Jesuit America magazine.

Milking the Fatima Cash Cow (video): Why has the Fatima Industry been deafeningly silent on the scientific evidence demonstrating the replacement of Sister Lucy by an impostor?

Fun & Games: Can you guess what this is? It’s got gender unicorns and rainbow flags, promotes BLM content, and calls itself Catholic…. Correct! It’s a Jesuit university in the 21st century!

Some people find out the hard way: Guess what religion they don’t teach in RCIA

“Psy-Ops at the Vatican”: Child defense Attorney Elizabeth Yore rips Bergoglio’s “Health” Conference. (More info on that HELLth conference here and, if you can stomach it, also here.)

While we’re on the topic: Vatican hosts Hindu ‘Quack’ at Health Forum. It’s only fair, considering the theological quack they’ve been hosting at the Casa Santa Marta.

Of course a mere health convention is not enough: Vatican “Dreaming of a Better Restart” Conference includes dreamers Janet Yellen and John Kerry.

On the passing of Judith Reisman: The Little Lady Who Brought Down Child Sex Monster Alfred Kinsey. (CAUTION: DISTURBING CONTENT!)

A Novus Ordo priest has some uncomfortable questions for “Cardinal” Blase Cupich of Chicago. Cupich is a theological shyster par excellence.

A writer at Our Sunday Visitor believes that papal ex cathedra pronouncements “add to” the Deposit of Faith. That is directly ruled out by Vatican I: “For, the Holy Spirit was not promised to the successors of Peter that by His revelation they might disclose new doctrine, but that by His help they might guard sacredly the revelation transmitted through the apostles and the deposit of faith, and might faithfully set it forth” (Denz. 1836).

Vatican II vs. Catholicism: Collegiality? Flunking the college of bishops.

Vatican intervenes in U.S. “Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians” debate, sides with pro-aborts, of course. Not once has the Modernist Vatican ever stepped in to prevent one of those “Catholic” politicians from being given the Novus Ordo wafer, but as soon as there is the risk of a policy being instituted to that effect, the fake “watchdog of orthodoxy” steps in right on cue.

REAL Catholicism nourishes the soul: A review of Fr. Edward Leen’s book Why the Cross? (1938)

A 1957 article explains the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker (May 1).

When this Dominican Sister was born, the reigning Pope was St. Pius X. When she entered religious life, the Pope was Pius XI, the U.S. president was Herbert Hoover, and the British king was George V. The President of the German Reich was Paul von Hindenburg, who two years later would turn the reins over to Adolf Hitler. She just turned 108.

Louie Verrecchio is searching for the “‘Church in eclipse’ still visible” and asks: “Is the post-conciliar institution presently housed within the Vatican walls the true Church of Christ, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, or is it merely a counterfeit?” Hint: It produces counterfeit Catholicism… So, who do you say that she is?

True Restoration has published, for the first time, an interview with Bp. Daniel Dolan from 2008.

Anyone struggling with same-sex attraction can find help on the late Dr. Joseph Nicholosi’s web site (visit it soon before the Gaystapo has it taken down).

“What is Sedevacantism?” A video response to the teen-aged KidCatholic.

Mass destruction: A sedevacantist blogger refutes Adam S. Miller’s book Is the New Mass of Pope Paul VI invalid?

A guest contributor to AKA Catholic shares a mountain of evidence showing that it is certain that papal canonizations of saints are infallible.

Novus Ordo Watch uses the opportunity to educate a misled Novus Ordo priest about the supernatural benefit one can derive from one’s acceptance of a just death sentence.

And on Pentecost Sunday Fr. Germán Fliess examines whether the Holy Ghost assisted the Second Vatican Council.

And one for the road…

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