How not to sway souls…

Novus Ordo Parish in Germany installs “Pentecost Swing”

The Vatican II religion in full, uh, swing…

One of the biggest liturgical loony bins on the planet is the Novus Ordo church of Maria Geburt (“Nativity of Mary”) in Aschaffenburg, Germany. It is infamous for its absurd, bizarre, idiotic, and even explicitly blasphemous liturgical theater.

Since the average German “Catholic” is incredibly bored by the Novus Ordo liturgical act, some kind of entertainment is occasionally introduced in order to keep people in the game. That, at least, appears to be the reasoning behind the shenanigans at Maria Geburt. They are, unwittingly, a distressingly powerful external manifestation of the sickness of soul that plagues modern man.

Whereas these souls are in desperate need of genuine and substantial spiritual nourishment, what pastor “Fr.” Markus Krauth offers them instead is a pseudo-liturgical anesthetic to numb the hunger pangs — marketed, of course, as a meaningful liturgical contribution.

The latest example: Krauth’s so-called “Pentecost swing” (Pfingstschaukel). Yes, you read that right: A swing was installed in the church for Pentecost Sunday. Hanging from the ceiling right over the nave, and pushed from the choir loft, this swing made everyone in attendance look up:

The description provided by the pastor on YouTube is priceless. Here is our translation:

In lieu of the flying animal of the Bible, the dove, a red swing was traveling through the air beneath the arched ceiling and over the parishioners of Nativity of Mary. Their looks were directed upward, their heads turned. In addition to that, countless tongues of fire fell from the vault accompanied by music, singing, and dancing — a very dynamic CELEBRATION OF THE SPIRIT!

Thankfully, we have been spared video footage of the other contributions mentioned. Clearly, the “Spirit performance” of 2018 doesn’t cut it anymore in 2021, nor the “Pentecost Dance” of 2013. One shudders to imagine what “performance” awaits us next year.

For those who can’t get enough of this Pentecost swing, the following practice video gives a better view:

Totally dynamic!

From the very beginning of his fake pontificate, the founder of the Vatican II Sect, Antipope John XXIII, wanted a “New Pentecost”.

In Nativity of Mary church in Aschaffenburg, it looks like he got it.

Image source: (screenshot; annotated)
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