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Coronavirus? “Our Lady” of Medjugorje cancels monthly Apparitions to Mirjana!

Coronavirus has led to an unprecedented lockdown of public life worldwide. Now even the demon at Medjugorje is shifting into low gear, announcing that one of the six “seers” will get no more monthly messages. Bummer!

Medjugorje is a small village in the European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which used to be a part of Yugoslavia. On June 24, 1981, a number of alleged visionaries began claiming that the Blessed Virgin Mary was appearing there, but not even the Novus Ordo bishops who officially investigated the claims ever approved of the phenomenon.

In fact, in 1997, the local ordinary of Mostar-Duvno, Mr. Ratko Perić, wrote in a letter to an inquirer:

On the basis of the serious study of the case by 30 of our ‘studiosi’ [academics] (well three Commissions), on my episcopal experience of five years in the Diocese, on the scandalous disobedience that surrounds the phenomenon, on the lies that are at times put into the mouth of the “Madonna”, on the unusual repetition of “messages” of over 16 years, on the strange way that the “spiritual directors” of the so-called “visionaries” accompany them through the world making propaganda of them, on the practice that the “Madonna” appears at the “fiat” (let her come!) of the “visionaries”, my conviction and position is not only non constat de supernaturalitate [the supernaturality is not proven] but also the other formula constat de non supernaturalitate [the non-supernaturality is proven] of the apparitions or revelations of Medjugorje.

(Source; italics given.)

In February of 2017, the same Ratko Peric “issued a statement … in which he claimed that [the] Virgin Mary had never appeared in Međugorje, adding that alleged apparitions were more a form of manipulation from visionaries and priests who worked there” (source).

The Modernist Vatican, for its part, is still investigating. It has never endorsed (or condemned) the apparitions, and to this day their official approval status is “pending” — while in the meantime an enormous cult has established itself around Medjugorje, not to mention an industry.

To see what a ridiculous farce Medjugorje is, one need look no further than the Medjugorje.com web site, which is run by Caritas of Birmingham in Alabama, which claims to be “the largest Medjugorje center in the world” (source). There we are told:

Yes, the Virgin Mary still appears daily to Marija Pavlovic, Ivan Dragegivic, and Vicka Ivankovic. The Virgin Mary appears to Mirjana Soldo, every second of the month and also on March 18. Jakov Colo receives an apparition on December 25 each year and Ivanka Ivankovic receives an apparition of the Virgin Mary on June 25 each year.


This obviously has not yet been updated with the latest “news from Heaven”, namely, that the second-of-the-month apparitions for Mirjana are now over:

Today, Wednesday March 18, 2020, we have confirmed that after Mirjana relayed the message from Our Lady today, Mirjana stated that Our Lady would no longer be appearing to her on the second of the month. Mirjana left the room in tears and went into seclusion after that.


A news report on this development was published by Catholic News Agency. Many Medjugorje adherents are devastated, according to a radio broadcast found on the Medjugorje.com web site.

So, after over 32 years, no more monthly messages to Mirjana! (They had begun on Aug. 2, 1987.) Only one on Mar. 18 of every year — and today is Mar. 19! Is Coronavirus to blame? The “Lady” didn’t say. Whether the daily apparitions to some of the other seers are still on is unclear. Perhaps they will get a similar notification in the near future. These days we must expect delivery delays all over, after all.

By the way, the total number of “messages from Our Lady” since 1981 has reached ridiculous proportions. The official web site of the farce states:

In the beginning Our Lady made her messages known to the visionaries on a daily basis and through them to the whole world. Commencing from the 1st of March 1984, Our Lady began to give weekly messages on Thursdays to the parish community in Medjugorje, and through them to the rest of the world. Since some of the things that Our Lord desired were fulfilled, as Our Lady said, from the 25th of January 1987 onwards, Our Lady would give her message on the 25th of each month. This has continued up until the present.


The web site Medjugorje.eu says that the total count now exceeds 1,300 messages, and it lists all of them on one page. In any case, the Demon of Medjugorje is very accommodating and even switches to daylight saving time as appropriate:

Our Lady appears daily at 5:40 PM, Medjugorje time in the winter, and at 6:40 PM during daylight savings time in Medjugorje. This is the daily apparition time seen in the charts below. The other times Our Lady appears on special occasions, such as to Mirjana on March 18, Jakov’s annual apparition on Christmas and Ivanka’s annual appparition on June 25, are usually at other times, earlier in the day. Our Lady also appears during Ivan’s prayer group meetings, later in the evenings. Please see the note below about daily the apparition time.


The exciting apparition charts referenced in this quote can be found here.

In 2010, the Unholy See under Benedict XVI announced the formation of an International Commission of Inquiry, which concluded its work four years later. The purpose of the commission was to advise the “Holy Father”, now Francis, who has yet to make a decision. A complete English translation of the so-called “Ruini Report” has been published here.

In May of 2019, “Pope” Francis authorized “pilgrimages” to Medjugorje, which the industry there will certainly have appreciated. Nevertheless, Bergoglio has also spoken against the alleged apparitions. Himself no stranger to lots of talking, some years back he complained that the Blessed Virgin is not “the head of a post office that every day sends a different letter.” And yet just from the sheer volume of it all it seems the demon that feeds the Medjugorje messages is the same one that keeps the Bergoglian jaw moving.

To see that “Our Lady of Medjugorje” is not the Blessed Mother is not difficult. Both the conservative Novus Ordo academic E. Michael Jones and the semi-traditionalist Michael Davies have written books proving the “Lady” of Medjugorje to be anything but the Mother of God:

The following is a most interesting video interview on Medjugorje with E. Michael Jones by Patrick Coffin:

Other relevant material by E. Michael Jones can be found here:

It is high time the entire demonic Medjugorje operation was finally shut down or shut itself down. That this Novus Ordo apparition is filled with heresy in the style of Vatican II, should not be surprising to anyone. The following is such a “message” from the mid-1980s:

The Muslims and the Orthodox, for the same reason as Catholics, are equal before my Son and me. You are all my children. Certainly, all religions are not equal, but all men are equal before God, as St. Paul says. It does not suffice to belong to the Catholic Church to be saved, but it is necessary to respect the commandments of God in following one’s conscience. Those who are not Catholics, are no less creatures made in the image of God, and destined to rejoin someday, the House of the Father. Salvation is available to everyone, without exception. Only those who refuse God deliberately, are condemned.

(Source; see under “CASTELLA – LJUBIC [1984-85]”)

This is Vatican II junk! This is the false Francis-Gospel! This is the Abu Dhabi heresy of “God wills a diversity of religions” that Bergoglio promulgated last year.

Thus it is clear that if this “Lady” of Medjugorje can be associated with any biblical figure, it is definitely not the Mother of God! A more fitting choice would be Jezabel.

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