They’re all concerned about your health!

Vatican HELLth Conference:
Interview with Aerosmith Rocker Joe Perry

(We have modified this screenshot to make the moderator a bit more modest than she actually was.)

The Novus Ordo Vatican is currently conducting a three-day virtual “health” conference whose primary stated goal is to “[u]nite people and promote a culture of collaboration by stimulating an open dialogue and encouraging an interdisciplinary approach to tackle major health care challenges around the globe.” The event is intriguingly entitled: “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul: Unite to Prevent & Unite to Cure.”

The virtual event began yesterday and will conclude tomorrow, May 8. Among the over 100 speakers announced for the conference are such highly edifying characters as New Age guru Deepak Chopra, rabid abortion advocate Chelsea Clinton, and supermodel Cindy Crawford. It’s simply amazing how many celebrities are concerned about humanity’s health and longevity! Especially when, at the same time, some of those high-profile individuals are also extremely concerned about overpopulation (right, Deepak?)…

The conference is sponsored, among others, by the Vatican’s so-called Pontifical Council for Culture, or lack thereof. Its president is the 78-year-old “Cardinal” Gianfranco Ravasi, who made waves in late October 2013 when he sent a series of tweets to honor the passing of Lou Reed, a scandalous and lewd American rock singer whose 1972 hit “Walk on the Wild Side” contained lyrics that included “taboo topics such as transsexuality, drugs, male prostitution and” something too disgusting to name here (source).

Ravasi found a way to top this scandal, however. In 2014, he publicly participated in a pagan worship ceremony of the earth goddess Pachamama, or Gaia. As it turns out, that was to be only a foreshadowing of the same abomination in the Vatican Gardens in October of 2019. No wonder he’s still Francis’ top honcho for issues of “culture.”

One of the featured speakers on Day 1 of the conference was Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose agency has reportedly “spent over $400,000 funding a series of experiments that grafted the scalps of aborted fetuses onto living mice….” And to be clear: The term “aborted fetuses” refers to preborn human children who were deliberately murdered in the womb.

Another speaker on Day 1 was Joe Perry, the founder and lead guitarist of Aerosmith, an American rock band that has made such lewd and immoral songs as “Walk on Water” (1995) and “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”, a 1987 song about what is nowadays called a “transgender woman”. Just the kind of person with whom you’d want to be “exploring the mind, body, and soul”, right?

According to the official agenda booklet, Perry was to speak about… ahem… the brain among other things, with Dr. Rudy Tanzi. However, for one reason or another, the rocker ended up speaking instead with Dr. Robin Smith, president of the CURA Foundation, one of the event’s co-hosts. How that went you can see for yourself in this 8-minute clip:

Profound words of wisdom! The entire planet would be so much poorer, morally and intellectually, had the rock guitarist kept his sublime thoughts to himself. Thank you, “Pope” Francis!

By the way… who’s funding this extravaganza? The Vatican is known to be in dire financial straits, so no doubt it comes as a welcome relief to know that “[g]roups participating in the conferences appear to be paying most or all of the costs, not the Vatican”. Of course only cynics will wonder if perhaps the Big Pharma globalists are offering also to pay a few of the Vatican’s own bills in exchange for “co-opting the Church’s moral authority”, or what’s left of it.

In short: The Vatican’s Health Conference is truly a HELL Conference.

But then, considering who’s running the show in Vatican City, that really shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Image source: (screenshot; modified)
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