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Vatican II Church Meltdown – Days 52-65

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(Note: This will be the last Meltdown summary post for the time being)

[UPDATED 30-OCT-2018 01:10 UTC]

This post continues our coverage of the ongoing ecclesiastical Chernobyl unleashed by the accusations of the former Vatican nuncio to the United States, “Abp.” Carlo Viganò, which were first published on Aug. 25, 2018 and have the potential not only to bring an end to the Francis “pontificate” but even to throw the entire Vatican II Sect into unprecedented chaos:

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Prior Days’ Coverage

Fr. William Jenkins, SSPV, comments on the recent reply to “Abp.” Carlo Vigano from “Cardinal” Marc Ouellet:

Dr. Taylor Marshall gives a timeline from McCarrick to Vigano:

Barring unforeseen circumstances, this will be the last Vigano meltdown summary post for the time being. It is simply becoming too difficult to keep up with the fallout from the Vigano drama at such a detailed level to justify the effort. It is taking away much-needed time and resources from other projects and delaying more important endeavors. Major developments in the ongoing Vigano drama will be covered in separate blog posts, as we would cover any other major story.

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