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Vatican Synod proposes “Certification Systems” for Web Sites to counter “Fake News”

You have to admit: The Modernists in Vatican City have a sense of humor. The final document of their oh-so-important “Youth Synod”, which has happily been released only in Italian so far, includes the following paragraph (translation by Rorate Caeli):

146. The Synod hopes that in the Church appropriate official bodies for digital culture and evangelization are established at appropriate levels, which, with the indispensable contribution of young people, promote ecclesial action and reflection in this environment. Among their functions, in addition to promoting the exchange and dissemination of good practices at a personal and community level, and to develop adequate tools for digital education and evangelization, could also a [sic] manage certification systems of Catholic sites, to counter the spread of fake news regarding the Church, and looking for ways to persuade public authorities to promote increasingly stringent policies and tools for the protection of minors on the web.

(Synod of Novus Ordo Bishops, “The Young, Faith, and Vocational Discernment”, Oct. 27, 2018, n. 146; in “Liberal Censorship: Synod asks Vatican to create ‘Vatican Certification’ of Acceptable Websites”, Rorate Caeli, Oct. 30, 2018; underlining added.)

Before we launch into our criticism, first a few words by way of preface: The idea of establishing a kind of oversight committee for the Catholic digital world is in itself very good. It is prudent, reasonable, and necessary; it is correct in principle and entirely in line with the Catholic notion of the censorship of publications that pertain to Faith and morals. Just as the Church censors books (think: imprimatur/nihil obstat and the Index of Forbidden Books) and issues movie ratings (think: Legion of Decency), so it would be a most laudable idea to have an official Catholic body oversee what content is allowed to call itself Catholic on the internet.

In principle.

What is objectionable about the proposal offered in the youth synod’s final document, of course, is that it would be the Modernist Vatican trying to direct such an endeavor — absurdity on stilts!

Keep in mind that it is the Vatican II Sect, especially under Francis, that:

This list could be continued ad infinitum, but you get the idea.

So this is the apostate club that now wants to sit in judgment over what content on the internet is and isn’t Catholic? You have got to be kidding!

No one puts out fake news more copiously and reliably than the Novus Ordo religion, specifically its headquarters in Vatican City. Beginning with John XXIII in 1958, they usurped the Catholic structures and began to dismantle the Catholic Church from the inside out, from top to bottom, step by step. What had previously been condemned as contrary to sound Catholic doctrine, suddenly became the new orthodoxy. Nowhere is this more visible than in the areas of the exclusivity of the Catholic Church as the only true religion and her corresponding necessity for salvation; in the Catholic confessional state and the social reign of Christ the King; and in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy. These were replaced, respectively, by ecumenism and indifferentism; by religious liberty; and by the Novus Ordo Missae (“New Mass”) and the “reform” of all the other sacramental and liturgical rites and prayer books.

In short: If there is one institution in the entire world that does not have the right to make decisions on what is and isn’t genuinely Roman Catholic, it’s the infernal den of Modernists in the Vatican. So ludicrous is the idea of Club Francis regulating what is authentically Catholic that not just sedevacantists are mocking the proposal:

As far as “fake news” goes, it was the Vatican’s very own department of communication that was caught red-handed earlier this year trying to pass of a letter from “Pope Emeritus” Benedict XVI as an endorsement of Francis’ theology when the opposite was actually the case. This fiasco became known as “Lettergate.” The head of the department, “Mgr.” Dario Vigano (not to be confused with “Abp.” Carlo Vigano, the whistleblower), had not released the full content of the letter but had omitted several crucial paragraphs. In addition, the photo that accompanied the news released had been staged to hide the undesirable portions of the letter, and the image itself had been altered to make two lines of text unreadable. After such a clear case of fake news, committed with undeniable deliberation, Vigano had no choice but to tender his resignation, and Francis had no realistic choice but to accept it. Nevertheless, the “Pope” wasted no time in reappointing Vigano to the same department, this time in an advisory role. So much for truth and accountability in Vatican City.

When Francis wrapped up the synod last week, he made some remarks about the final document, effectively treating it as divinely inspired: “Now the Holy Spirit gives this document to everyone, also to me. It is to reflect on what He wants to tell us. Thanks so much to everyone, thank you to everyone” (source).

This is how Modernist theology works: The youthful “People of God” tell the “Pope” of their ideas and experiences, and he listens because that is the “Holy Spirit” speaking (that only certain ideas and experiences are accepted, goes without saying). In reality, of course, it is simply Modernists listening to themselves talk. As one of our recent memes shows, Catholic theology is a top-down theology, whereas Modernist theology is, in more ways than one, theology “from below”:

So… What is going on with this idea of establishing a way to certify that web sites are really Catholic? Has the Vatican II Sect suddenly discovered its (putative) role of defending the Faith and ensuring that only sound doctrine is disseminated online under the label of “Catholic”?

Hardly. What is happening is that they are coming to realize that they have started to lose control over the Catholic label as more and more web sites are calling their bluff, especially Francis’. The year 2018 is not 1987. It is no longer possible for them to say something blasphemous, heretical, false, or stupid, and simply get away with it. Now people will notice, they will talk about it, they will complain, they will publish rebuttals, they will perhaps even — and this is the ultimate fear of Vatican authorities — come to realize that the whole Modernist Sect is a farce, that Francis is no more Pope than the Dalai Lama, that many of its doctrines were condemned by Popes before Vatican II. And of course the entire ongoing Carlo Vigano drama doesn’t help either.

What would a Novus Ordo certification look like, anyway? No doubt, their desire would be to be able to shut down whatever web sites are not to their liking, but this they will not be able to do. Would they require all web sites that would like to be recognized as Roman Catholic to display a badge that testifies to the certification (to be obtained from the Vatican) and makes it an “officially Catholic” site? This seems likely. To that end, we have put together a sample of what such a badge could look like (see image at top of post). Notice the stang “tattooed” on Francis’ forehead — this could become the ultimate sign of Novus Ordo authenticity.

But even if they should not care too much for our badge suggestion, not to worry — we can also recommend an alternative:

Anything else would be fake news.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons (; modified) / Coca-Cola (modified)
Licenses: Basic image: CC BY-SA 2.0 / basic image: fair use

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