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What is the Sin of Usury?
The Church’s Doctor of Moral Theology explains

The sin of usury may very well be the most complex topic in all of Catholic moral theology. It involves a great many distinctions and nuances, and what adds to the difficulty is that usury is determined in part by the nature, function, and value of money, which has not always been the same throughout human history.

A pre-Vatican II Catholic dictionary defines “usury” succinctly as follows:

Usury is strictly speaking profit exacted on a loan of money just because it is a loan.


A papal reality check…

A Conspiracy against the Catholic Church?

The True Popes Speak

When discussing the issue of Sedevacantism with Novus Ordos, it is not uncommon that someone will dismiss it on the grounds that it involves a “conspiracy”; and of course nothing is more absurd to contemporary man than giving credence to a position that differs from what most others hold to be the obvious truth.

Two thousand years ago, our Blessed Lord taught: “…the truth shall make you free” (Jn 8:32). People who love and seek the truth ought to be concerned about, not whether something involves a conspiracy, but whether it is true.… READ MORE