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Comedy Hour with Salza and Siscoe:
The Great Apostasy is Catholic Traditionalism!

On May 1, 2024, Messrs. John Salza and Robert Siscoe, both of them authors of the 2015 anti-sedevacantist tome True or False Pope?, appeared on the ‘Michael Lofton Show’ on the Reason and Theology channel on YouTube. Their topic was Recognize-and-Resist Traditionalism, Sedevacantism, and the Great Apostasy:

Since a complete critical review of the entire broadcast would take quite a bit of time to put together, we have at least produced a podcast refuting their main contention (make sure you’re seated!): They claim, in all seriousness, that the Great Apostasy predicted in Scripture as a sign of the end times that will prepare the world to receive the Antichrist, is not the loss of Faith engendered in countless souls by the beliefs and practices of the Vatican II Church, but rather, is the traditionalist repudiation of the Vatican II religion! Salza and Siscoe are clear that they mean to accuse both recognize-and-resist traditionalists and sedevacantists.

For something that ludicrous, we hurried to put a podcast together — TRADCAST EXPRESS 191 — to respond with a devastating reality check on who the real apostates are, for the evidence speaks volumes.

You can listen to TRADCAST EXPRESS 191 in the players below:

Those who prefer a direct link to the audio can find it here.

The show notes referenced in the podcast audio are the following:

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More TRADCAST EXPRESS can be found here; and our full-length, more elaborate TRADCAST episodes can be accessed here.

Regarding the topic of the Great Apostasy, the exquisite and well-researched treatment of the topic by Cardinal Henry Edward Manning (1808-1892), presented in a series of lectures in 1861, is unmatched:

Our topical page on pre-Vatican II warnings concerning the Great Apostasy and the persecution of the Church, also has plenty of material to ponder:

As part of the May 1 episode of Lofton’s comedy show, Salza and Siscoe also made the curious claim that the Mystical Body of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church are not identical. Rather, the Church Suffering and Church Triumphant are not part of the Roman Catholic Church, they contend, whereas they are part of the Mystical Body:

It will be interesting to see what preposterous claims they will come up with next in their efforts to keep people attached to ‘Pope Francis’ and the apostate Vatican II Sect.

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