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Requiem for True or False Pope: Fr. Cekada buries John Salza and Robert Siscoe’s Latest

In this brand-new video, Fr. Anthony Cekada responds to the latest attempts by John Salza and Robert Siscoe to debunk Sedevacantism. In an informative and entertaining 24-minute clip, Fr. Cekada demonstrates, among other things, that Salza and Siscoe’s much-touted “universal peaceful acceptance” argument not only does not disprove Sedevacantism but supports it and actually proves the recognize-and-resist apologists’ own position false!

In his monumental dogmatic manual on ecclesiology, De Ecclesia Christi, Cardinal Louis Billot (1846-1931) explained that the peaceful acceptance of the entire Church of a particular papal claimant is an infallible sign that the individual in question really is a legitimate Pope. Some time ago already we translated Cardinal Billot’s thesis into English and published it on this web site. It can be accessed here:

Presto! Salza and Siscoe figured. There is a slam-dunk against Sedevacantism, right? Well no, not really. In fact, not at all, as Fr. Cekada shows, because when you look at the explanation Cardinal Billot gives for why the universal Church cannot peacefully accept a false Pope as a true one, the whole picture changes. But we won’t spill the beans here — simply watch the video above. All we’ll say is: Until Salza and Siscoe actually submit to Francis the way they would submit to Saint Pius X, they have no case whatsoever.

Appeals to John of St. Thomas won’t help our anti-sedevacantist duo either, Fr. Cekada makes clear, because John of St. Thomas was definitely not arguing that universal peaceful acceptance could validate the election of a public heretic, because this very scenario had been explicitly ruled out by Pope Paul IV’s 1559 bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, which was unquestionably in force during the time of John of St. Thomas.

All this and more is explained in Fr. Cekada’s latest video, True or False Pope: A Dignified Burial.

So… enjoy, learn something new, and spread the word!

Oops, did Salza and Siscoe miss that last part? Details, details!

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  1. Geremia16

    On circa pp. 273 ff. of ToFP, S&S claim that Bellarmine and Suarez hold the same opinion, which was the common opinion among theologians. What’s your or Fr. Cekada’s response to this?

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