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Brazilian “Cardinal” presides over “Memorial Mass for LGBT-Phobia Victims” featuring Drag Queen

Mr. Sergio da Rocha is the Novus Ordo Archbishop of São Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. In 2016, “Pope” Francis had the glorious idea of making him a “cardinal”, and da Rocha has not failed to deliver.

On Friday, May 21, 2021, “Cardinal” da Rocha presided over the Novus Ordo worship service that was offered specifically “in memory of murdered members of the LGBT community”, as reported by Crux on June 11. The acronym “LGBT” is a euphemism for people who engage in aberrosexual practices and claim that their propensity for sins against the Sixth Commandment is part of their “identity.”

Such people, insofar as their stubborn attachment to gravely sinful lifestyles is outwardly manifested and publicly known, are public sinners (a canonical term) and as such cannot receive ecclesiastical burial (see Canon 1240 §1). Holy Mass can be offered publicly only for their conversion. Once they are deceased, Mass must be offered for them only privately. After all, the Church publicly prays only for the faithful departed, not for all the departed.

Now, obviously, murder is murder and always wrong. It’s a mortal sin that can never be condoned. However, that doesn’t give the Archlayman of São Salvador the right to preside over a liturgy that publicly commemorates public sinners. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Here a related question arises. What is the reason for these murders? Is it really “LGBTphobia”, as is being claimed by the gay lobby, or is that just a self-serving assumption on their part?

The Dom Bosco Center, a Traditionalist Catholic lay association, criticized the liturgy. In a video posted on social media, Álvaro Mendes Jr., a member of the group, said that the data on murders of transgender people is unreliable.

“We obviously can’t believe that heterosexuals are out on the street killing homosexuals only for their orientation. What happens is always something else: A member of a couple kills the other, or the fact that violence in Brazil is high and a homosexual can be killed during a robbery, something that also happens to heterosexuals,” he claimed.

(Eduardo Campos Lima, “Mass for LGBT community criticized by Traditionalists in Brazil”, Crux, June 11, 2021)

Either way, “Cardinal” da Rocha went beyond merely “offering Mass” for deceased “LGBT people”. He allowed a drag queen to sing a hymn after “Communion”. To add insult to injury, it was the “Ave Maria” composed by Vicente Paiva and Jaime Redondo.

To be clear: A drag queen is “a performer (typically a man) who adopts a flamboyant or parodic feminine persona, with glamorous or exaggerated costumes and makeup” (New Oxford American Dictionary).

Here is a video clip of the grotesque and disgusting 2-minute performance:

The drag queen is Édson Júnior, a man who calls himself “Scarlette Sangalo”. He is with the “Center for the Promotion and Defense of LGBT Rights” (Centro de Promoção e Defesa dos Direitos LGBT), or CPDD-LGBT.

The semi-traditionalist site Fratres in Unum reported on this story with a full video of the entire “Mass for the Souls of Victims of LGBTphobia”:

The church used for this sacrilegious and blasphemous spectacle was the Chapel of the Holy Family in São Salvador — a gorgeous traditional church, of course, built in 1895.

By making it all about murdered sodomites, the false cardinal adds a huge sympathy factor. This gives him a clever pretext for promoting aberrosexualism, which is exactly what the event amounted to. Deeds always speak louder than words, and that was recognized also by CPDD coordinator Renildo Barbosa, who recognized the liturgy as a “historic milestone”.

Drag queens are clearly becoming more and more popular in the Vatican II Sect. Recall the following:

What this shows is that Sodom and Gomorrah are becoming mainstream in the Vatican II Sect, which is only too happy to “accompany” them on “the way that leadeth to destruction” (Mt 7:13).

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