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Diocese-endorsed “Catholic” Christmas Video features Celebrity Drag Queen

Michael Panzer as “Miss Wommy Wonder” reads Christmas story for a “Catholic” video

Right off the start, we must apologize for publishing yet another post on such a disgusting topic, and so close to Christmas to boot. However, we are dealing with the apostate Vatican II Sect, which does not rest in its hellish endeavor of poisoning souls at even the most sacred times.

The city of Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany. It is part of the Novus Ordo diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, which was once shepherded by the apostate Walter Kasper (1989-99) and has been in the hands of the theologically-toxic Gebhard Fürst since 2000.

In 2016, the diocese caused a huge scandal when it published, on its official web site, a video broadcast hosted by one of its lay “theologians” who was approvingly reporting on two Novus Ordo nuns who had abandoned religious life because they were burning with lust — for each other. But in the broadcast the theologian from hell went further still and asked for the Vatican II Church to introduce a special liturgical marriage rite for gays and lesbians:

Now the Stuttgart branch of the Novus Ordo Sect has released a video in which numerous celebrities read the Christmas story from St. Luke’s Gospel, one verse at a time. Here we will leave unmentioned the utterly atrocious and incredibly “dynamic” translation being used, which is the so-called Hoffnung für alle (“hope for all”) version.

Instead, we will focus on the celebrities, who include the minister-president (governor) of Baden-Württemberg — the hopelessly progressive “Catholic” Winfried Kretschmann, a member of the Green Party — as well as a comedian by the name of Michael Panzer (b. 1967). Panzer is better known as Miss Wommy Wonder, a transvestite/drag queen stage act he has performed since 1984.

Yes, the “Catholic” video included two verses being read by Mr. Panzer in his full vomit-inducing outfit. See for yourself in the clip below, at the 1:04 and 2:26 timestamps:

If that doesn’t put you in the spirit of Christmas!

Oh, did we mention? Panzer’s formal education is in “Catholic theology” and German studies.

Both the Stuttgart deanery and the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart feature the video and accompanying commentary on their respective web sites (see here and here). The goal of the video project, so the pages note, was to bring the 2000-year-old story of the Nativity into the present and convey a sense of togetherness at a time of social distancing and lockdowns.

What’s noteworthy about the article that accompanies the video is that although the project is supposed to be about Christmas, our Blessed Lord’s Holy Name is not mentioned at all — the terms “Jesus” or “Christ” are conspicuously absent. Instead, mention is only made of “Mary, Joseph, and the child” and “the birth of the child in Bethlehem.” Another of the celebrity contributors is quoted as explaining why she chose to participate in this project, namely: “Because this message of the poor child who is to bring light and love into a world of darkness, fills me with hope and I want to share that joy…”

Ladies and gentlemen, the writing is on the wall: Christmas, the Feast of God becoming man for our salvation (see Is 35:4; Lk 2:30), is being reduced to a heart-warming story about a poor kid who brings light into the gloomy world and so makes everybody happy.

That kind of a Naturalized pseudo-Christmas easily lends itself to being harmonized with the Hindu festival of lights (Diwali), for which the Vatican congratulates its idolatrous friends every year, and has as much meaning.

There is nothing supernatural left in the Novus Ordo Sect — but plenty that is contrary to nature.

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