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Benedict XVI Never to Return to the Vatican?
Ratzinger Drama in Germany

Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, “Pope Emeritus” Benedict XVI, is now in Regensburg, Germany, visiting his 96-year-old brother, Georg, who appears to be close to death.

As the visit is an eminently private one, with no interviews or photo opportunities, no official information has come from Benedict XVI or his entourage, although the diocese of Regensburg has released two statements to the public so far.

Because of the scarcity of official communication and the sensitivity of the reason for the visit, rumors, speculation, and uncertainty are rampant.

Photos of Benedict XVI have emerged, such as the one above, which shows him being transported from the home of his brother back to the nearby seminary building at which he is staying. A close-up of Benedict in his wheelchair has been released as well and can be viewed here.

The German press has done a good job reporting on what is known and what is uncertain at this point. The tabloid Bild even had a reporter on the scene. The video below, obviously in German, shows Benedict being wheeled onto the premises of his brother’s home (difficult to see, beginning at 2:24 min mark):

In what follows, we urge readers to be careful when clicking on any links to external web pages, as some of them point to secular news web sites that may display advertisements with lewd images.

The leftist German Der Spiegel reports that Fr. Georg Ratzinger is “almost entirely blind and so ill at this point that he is bed-ridden.” Somehow this did not, however, keep him from concelebrating the Novus Ordo worship service with his brother today.

With regard to the anticipated length of Benedict’s stay, there are contradictory reports. Der Spiegel cites “diocesan sources” according to whom the former “Pope” may return to the Vatican in just a few days. Bild, on the other hand, quotes an anonymous insider as saying: “He will stay until his brother’s life comes to an end.” What is certain is that at this time, there are no concrete plans for his return to the Vatican.

According to the Novus Ordo paper Die Tagespost, diocesan spokesman Clemens Neck has said that the length of Benedict’s stay is entirely dependent on his physical condition. Close-up photographs of the 93-year-old Modernist confirm reports that he is “exhausted” from the trip and from the change in his daily routine, as his private secretary, “Abp.” Georg Ganswein, had allegedly told Neck.

This morning, Bild released a news article with the provocative title: “Will Benedict now stay in Germany for good?” That, too, is a possibility, and the paper refers to unnamed diocesan sources as mentioning it. Peter Seewald, however, who is Benedict’s biographer and interviewer, considers it “nonsense” because it would mean “breaking a taboo”, as he told the Passauer Neue Presse paper.

The fact of the matter is that, as of right now, no one actually knows what will happen, probably not even Benedict himself. What is known is that it had always been his plan, had he not been elected “Pope” in the conclave of 2005, to retire to Bavaria.

With all this Ratzinger drama now, the Resignationists — those who believe that Benedict’s resignation in 2013 was invalid and he therefore “remains” Pope — are naturally on high alert.

One of the most active and vociferous of them, the Rome-based quasi-Franciscan Br. Alexis Bugnolo, has been publishing blog posts like there’s no tomorrow. Naturally, he sees everything that is transpiring as confirmation of his Resignationist thesis. The latest narrative: Benedict XVI has been exiled!

Have a look at what Bugnolo is saying:

BREAKING: It has been confirmed by multiple sources that Pope Benedict XVI has been driven from the Vatican and placed under conditions which appear to be imprisonment and exile.

The German press has been told that Pope Benedict will not be allowed to give interviews in written or video format.

The Bild has confirmed, not only that the Pope has no plans to return immediately to the Vatican, but has announced that he will NOT return to the Vatican again.

The presence of the Vice Commandant of the Vatican Police, at his side, is thus clearly to control the situation.

Sources in the Vatican say that the presence of the true Pope at the Vatican was considered a spiritual and moral obstacle to the ultimate revolutionary aims of Bergoglio: married clergy, gay marriage, women priests, Satanic worship incorporated into all the Masses in all the Catholic Churches round the world.

(Br. Alexis Bugnolo, “Pope Benedict XVI has been Exiled”, From Rome, June 19, 2020)

Although the German press has indeed reported that there will be no interviews given by Benedict, it has not been reported, to our knowledge at least, that he is not permitted to give any. Considering the circumstances — he is wheelchair-bound, very frail, and hard of hearing — it would be a rather humiliating experience before the world’s cameras anyway.

It is false to say, as Bugnolo does, that Bild “has confirmed, not only that the Pope has no plans to return immediately to the Vatican, but has announced that he will NOT return to the Vatican again.” What the paper actually stated is that according to diocesan sources, “Benedict XVI will possibly remain in Regensburg even after his brother’s death” (“…dass Benedikt XVI. womöglich auch nach dem Ableben seines Bruders in Regensburg bleiben wird” — underlining added).

It is unfortunate that Bugnolo does not give more information as to his “multiple sources” and his “sources in the Vatican”. Whether it would take the Vice Commandant of the Vatican Police to “control the situation” with a 93-year-old in a wheelchair, may be doubted. In terms of control, it is furthermore not very believable that Francis would prefer to have Benedict far away in Germany, as opposed to having him right under his nose in a city state over which he (Francis) wields absolute monarchical power.

What’s most interesting, and somewhat amusing, is that Bugnolo claims that Joseph Ratzinger has been “driven from the Vatican and placed under conditions which appear to be imprisonment and exile.” Yet not too long ago the same blogger was telling the world that Ratzinger was being imprisoned in the Vatican: “His Holiness Pope Benedict, XVI remains a prisoner in the Vatican…”, Bugnolo told us a year ago. And in January of this year, he reminded the world that “it is clear that Pope Benedict has been imprisoned, in a certain sort of way.”

Instead of re-evaluating his original position or at least rejoicing that Benedict has now been freed, being allowed to travel to see his dying brother, Bugnolo doubles down: Benedict has been exiled! Exiled from prison? But no! He’s got a Vatican guard with him, so that shows he’s still imprisoned! As though such a high-profile and physically frail person shouldn’t perhaps travel with a bodyguard. (Wait until Bugnolo finds out that the web site of the archdiocese of Cologne’s radio station, Domradio, writes that Christoph Leuchtner, the Regensburg seminary’s vice-rector, says Benedict is traveling with as many as three Vatican security officials.)

In another post, published in all seriousness, Bugnolo appeals for donations to his Resignationist Ordo Militaris Catholicus, with a modest fundraising goal of one million U.S. dollars. See for yourself:

Now that the Holy Father has taken up residence in Regensburg, Germany, he lacks the security detail that he had at the Vatican. This puts him at grave risk from crowds, protesters, AntiFa, terrorists and all the daily problems which crop up when important persons move in public places.

Help Ordo Militaris Inc. found a Security Company in Regensburg and provide the Holy Father with a security detail loyal only to him.

You can invest with our Corporation for this purpose by purchasing our T-Series Stock for foreign investments. See our prospectus for more information. Our T-Series Stock sells for $1000 a share an [sic] is a restricted security. We are currently offering 5000 shares for private placement.

Capital raised through our T-Series Stock goes entirely to the foundation of foreign corporations dedicated to the defense of Christians, which will be owned wholly or in part by Ordo Militaris Inc.. By purchasing our Stock, an investor can invest in U.S. dollars and obtain the benefit of a foreign investment.

We estimate that this very important work of defending the Holy Father will require a capital investment of $1,000,000 USD, or about 900 hundred thousand euros.

Therefore, we ask you to consider what is important to your portfolio and how you can make strategic and important contributions to humanitarian investing.


(Br. Alexis Bugnolo, “Ordo Militaris Inc. seeks Investment to defend Pope Benedict XVI”, From Rome, June 19, 2020; bold print and link in original.)

It shouldn’t be too much longer, then, until “Pope” Benedict will finally be freed from the clutches of his Modernist oppressors!

In the meantime, Bugnolo wants to send an independent journalist to Regensburg to cover the “real news” about what is going on. He writes:

The most important thing FromRome.Info can do for the Holy Father and for the Church right now is to send a journalist to Regensberg [sic], Germany, where the Holy Father has moved the Papal Court.

We know for certain that the international press will NOT report the truth about what is going on in Regensberg and that they will begin to launch attacks against him. The Church has need to know what is really going on and on has the editorial independance [sic] to do this.

Help us send a journalist to Regensburg and publish exclusive reports daily about the Holy Father, his brother, the Holy Father’s state of health, and the efforts to restore the Church as clergy from all over the world descend upon Regensberg to work with the Holy Father in this darkest hour of the Church.


(Br. Alexis Bugnolo, “Help FromRome.Info send a Journalist to Pope Benedict XVI”, From Rome, June 19, 2020; bold print and link in original.)

No doubt, the Unholy Father will be excited to have an unsolicited journalist around him. That’s exactly what he needs at a time when his brother is preparing for death. Although, to be fair, it must be pointed out that Bugnolo does not believe that Georg Ratzinger is in fact dying — he regards that as just the cover story.

Ordo Militaris Radio TV has conducted two interviews with Bugnolo so far, in which he scrutinizes what he calls the “fake narrative.” The first one was published on Blog Talk Radio and is available here. The second one was published on YouTube and is embedded below. Be sure to watch it because Bugnolo mentions that he wants the United Nations (!) to intervene:

Bugnolo posted both interviews on his blog: here and here. Frank Walker of has also chimed in on this.

Certainly there are some inconsistencies in what is being reported, and it is obviously legitimate to ask questions and be critical. That something fishy has been going on since Benedict’s resignation — beyond the usual Novus Ordo shenanigans — can’t seriously be denied.

At the same time, it would be silly to think that some of the issues being raised couldn’t have perfectly natural explanations. For example, is it really hard to believe that Benedict XVI had to first ask Francis for permission before traveling to Germany, considering he had promised to remain hidden from the world in the Vatican for the remainder of his days? Does it not make sense that he would include in his entourage both a nurse and a doctor, especially if they’re both most familiar with his various physical ailments and medical needs? Is his wearing of an episcopal ring really suspicious, considering that he still remains, putatively, a bishop?

Whatever the full story may be about Benedict’s visit to Regensburg, it is quite possible, due to the advanced age of both him and his brother, that we are witnessing now the final episode of the “Pope Emeritus” Benedict XVI drama. In fact, both he and his brother Georg may die very soon, right there in Regensburg, and within a short amount of time of each other.

What will become of the Resignationists then? Will they claim Benedict was murdered? Will they claim he’s secretly still alive and his death was faked? Will they claim that a new conclave is secretly taking place to elect his successor? Keep in mind, his long-time personal secretary, Georg Gänswein, is with him, and he would make a phenomenal “Pope Benedict XVII”, no? He’s already a Modernist!

Since Ganswein’s role in the kerfuffle over the Sarah-Ratzinger book on celibacy, however, Resignationists have not been well-disposed towards him. This could change quickly if the need should arise, though. After all, if Benedict is a poor victim of Francis’ oppression, why not Ganswein also? Did Francis not effectively ban him from his role as prefect of the “papal” household recently?

The coming days promise to be anything but boring. Of course all this drama about the two ailing Ratzinger brothers will be tugging on people’s heartstrings. Nostalgia for the “good old days of Benedict” will reach a fever pitch as it all continues to unfold. It will add to the preferred narrative that Benedict XVI is a real Catholic and is (or was) a real Pope, whereas Francis is the evil monster sitting illegitimately on his throne.

The ugly truth, however, as this web site amply demonstrates, is that Benedict XVI is no less of a Modernist than his inglorious successor, he just has more style and doesn’t talk as much. In fact, between Bergoglio and Ratzinger, it is clear that Ratzinger is the far more dangerous individual. Human respect must not blind us to that. Ratzinger’s role in the Second Vatican Council and the post-conciliar epoch, and the mountain of junk theology he leaves behind, cannot be overestimated. Few people are as personally responsible for the ecclesiastical mess we are in than Joseph Alois Ratzinger. It is tragic that people tend to have a short memory and allow their emotions, rather than reason and Faith, to guide them.

At this time, some semi-traditionalists are turning to the private revelations allegedly made to the Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich about the “Church of Darkness” and the “two Popes”, and they’re thinking these must surely apply to Ratzinger and Bergoglio and the latter’s Church of Apostasy.

The truth, however, is that the Church of Apostasy was already in full swing long before Francis ever came on the scene. Francis is merely harvesting the ripe fruits, so to speak, of that wicked anti-Catholic establishment. The real Church of Darkness was instituted by John XXIII (preparatory phase) and Paul VI (official launching and firm establishment). John Paul I didn’t have much time, but it was enough to honor both of his predecessors by introducing a double name. John Paul II gave the false church a charismatic face, developed the Vatican II teachings, and introduced his own (e.g. his “Theology of the Body”); and he made it “cool” to be Novus Ordo. Benedict XVI did his best to loyally continue the program of Vatican II apostasy while at the same time luring traditionalists on the fence back into the Counterchurch by letting them “have their Mass” but without the Faith.

That is the Church of Darkness inherited, not created, by Francis, who is now bringing the apostasy to its logical conclusion with his Abu Dhabi heresy of ‘God wills a diversity of religions’ and ‘religious differences are necessary’.

The false humanistic-fraternal Church of Darkness is here, and Ratzinger himself is one of the few individuals still on earth who are most responsible for it. What you’re seeing in Germany right now is a mere diversion to keep you in the game — to ensure you will keep hanging your hopes on one of the two antipopes.

They really don’t care which one.

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