Bergoglian ideology intrudes into Litany of Loreto…

“Comfort of Migrants” – Francis adds new Invocation to Litany of Blessed Virgin Mary

The Frankster is at it again.

Today, June 20, 2020, he had his underling in the so-called Congregation for Divine Worship add three new titles for Our Lady to the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also called the Litany of Loreto. The first two are orthodox and not objectionable — the third one is born of Bergoglio’s liberation theology:

  • Mother of Mercy (Mater Misericordiae)
  • Mother of Hope (Mater Spei)
  • Comfort of Migrants (Solacium Migrantium)

“The first invocation shall be placed after ‘Mater Ecclesiæ’ [Mother of the Church], the second after ‘Mater divinæ gratiæ’ [Mother of Divine Grace], while the third shall be placed after ‘Refugium peccatorum’ [Refuge of Sinners]”, “Cardinal” Robert Sarah notes in the official letter announcing the addition of the new titles. Francis, by the way, had just confirmed Sarah in his role as head of the Congregation for [what passes as] Divine Worship in the Vatican II Sect.

“Comfort of Migrants”, alternatively rendered “Solace of Migrants”, is surely a title wholly unknown in Christendom and was probably made up by the Jesuit apostate because he could. He might as well have said that Holy Mary is to be invoked as “Our Lady of Tenderness” or as “Vanquisher of Racism” from now on, but he decided on “Comfort of Migrants.” Vatican News, of course, has a different take on that.

Some will argue, of course, that by adding these three titles to the Litany of Loreto, Francis is showing himself once again an ardent devotee of Our Lady. Just how great and tender his devotion to the Mother of God is, we have seen numerous times before:

Notice that Bergoglio’s new title isn’t “Comfort of Refugees” but “Comfort of Migrants” — and the difference is tremendous. A refugee is defined as “a person who flees for refuge or safety, especially to a foreign country, as in time of political upheaval, war, etc.” (source). A migrant, by contrast, is “a person who attempts to permanently relocate to a new country, but who may be subject to removal by the government of that country” (source) — and that’s usually what happens when the migrant does not have permission to relocate to that new country but attempts to do so anyway.

Migrants typically wish to move to another country not because they are persecuted but because they would rather live there. Depending on the social and economic conditions in their home country, that can be perfectly legit and understandable. However, countries are sovereign and have laws that must be respected. Physical borders, as well as immigration laws, exist for a reason, and they are very important. A nation without borders is not a nation at all and will disintegrate before long. A person who would like to permanently relocate to another country must do so in accordance with the laws of that nation, and if no permit of permanent relocation is granted, the person has no moral right to establish residence there anyway. Entering another country is a privilege, not a right.

The Vatican, especially under Bergoglio, loves to lump refugees and migrants together. In fact, Francis practically accords quasi-divine status to anyone who migrates for the sheer fact of, well, migrating. His idolatry of migrants is well known:

Of course not all migration is illegal or illegitimate. However, considering the endless streams of illegal immigration into European countries from Africa and Asia that the world has witnessed during the Bergoglian pseudo-pontificate, and considering Francis’ countless cheers for those large numbers of migrants entering other nations basically by force, pressure, or trickery, it is clear that his made-up invocation of “Solace of Migrants” is to be understood as an endorsement of precisely that kind of illegitimate and endless mass migration.

The last time a title of Our Lady was legitimately added to the Litany of Loreto was in 1950, when Pope Pius XII ordered that the title “Queen assumed into Heaven” (Regina in caelum assumpta) be included. Antipope John Paul II pretended to add “Mother of the Church” (Mater Ecclesiae) in 1980 and “Queen of Families” (Regina Familiae) in 1995.

There is, by the way, another title Bergoglio could have added to the Litany of Loreto. In his 1891 encyclical letter Octobri Mense, Pope Leo XIII called her the “glorious vanquisher of all heresies” (n. 8).

Funny how the Frankster didn’t think to add that title.

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