First known trip outside Italy since resignation…

Benedict XVI leaves Vatican City to visit sick Brother in Germany

Fr. Joseph Ratzinger on Sep. 22, 2012

Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, the public heretic who played Pope of the Catholic Church under the stage name of “Benedict XVI” from 2005-13 and now calls himself “Pope Emeritus”, has left Vatican City for an indefinite period of time. This morning he was flown to Germany to visit his gravely ill brother, “Mgr.” Georg Ratzinger, who is 96 and resides at his private home in the Bavarian city of Regensburg (Ratisbonne).

Benedict, himself 93, arrived at Munich airport around noon local time, where he was picked up by “Bishop” Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg. Some years ago Voderholzer said of Benedict that “not even Martin Luther could have imagined a better Pope than” him. This is no doubt true, though not in the sense in which Voderholzer meant it.

Benedict is not traveling alone. His main companion is his personal secretary, “Abp.” Georg Gänswein, himself a Modernist who publicly denies the dogma, defined at the First Vatican Council, that the existence of God can be proved by reason alone.

Vatican News reports:

Pope emeritus Benedict left the quiet of the Mater Ecclesiae monastery in the Vatican for a visit to Germany to be close to his brother, Georg. He is 96 and in poor health. The emeritus pontiff traveled Thursday morning accompanied by his personal secretary Archbishop Georg Gänswein; a doctor and a nurse; a collaborator with the Memores Domini community, and the vice commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie. According to Matteo Bruni, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Benedict will remain in Regensberg for “as long as necessary.”

(Alessandro de Carolis, “Benedict XVI visits his sick brother in Germany”, Vatican News, June 18, 2020)

Rome Reports has produced a brief video clip on Benedict’s trip to Germany:

Since his resignation/retirement in 2013, Benedict has left the Vatican enclosure only very rarely.

The diocese of Regensburg has released a brief statement in which it is noted that this may very well be the last time that the two Ratzinger brothers see each other in this life. Further, the diocesan spokesman has made clear that Benedict will give no interviews and will not be available for photographs. He noted Benedict’s decision to visit his brother was made on short notice and in agreement with his boss, Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope” Francis).

While in Regensburg, Benedict is staying at the diocesan seminary, the German edition of Catholic News Agency reports. At this time, it is not known when he will return to the Vatican.

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Let us pray that both brothers, meditating upon the fact that before long they will have to face God’s judgment (cf. Heb 9:27), will come to their senses. May they reject the Modernist heresies to which they have attached themselves over the decades and return once again to the Roman Catholic Faith. May they repent of all their sins and make reparation for them, so that when their time comes, they may die in the state of sanctifying grace.

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