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The Election of “Pope” Francis:
The Best Tweets from Novus Ordo Watch

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Unhappy Anniversary! Today, March 13, 2019, marks the sixth anniversary of the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as head of the Vatican II Sect.

Of course, Novus Ordo Watch was tweeting live at the time, to keep everyone informed as the Smoke of Satan emanated from the conclave chimney. In this post, we will present a select few of the many tweets we sent out on that fateful day. Readers can judge for themselves how much of what we said was downright prophetic. While everyone in Novus Ordo Land and many semi-traditionalists were euphoric over the “new Pope”, we were one of the few voices who sounded the alarm the very first minute.

Go ahead and enjoy this humorous and entertaining look back in time. The tweets are in chronological order, beginning with the first glimpse of the white smoke:

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If you would like to find out more about Sedevacantism, here are some helpful links:

In all this madness, please do not forget prayer. You can join this perpetual Rosary that is being prayed without ceasing to petition God to give us a true Pope once again.

May God soon grant to His Holy Church a true Pope and an end to this chastisement of the Mystical Body of Christ!

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