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Watch at your own risk…

They’ve lost it completely:
“Ash Wednesday of Artists” in Cologne Basilica

The Modernist layman who currently pretends to be the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne, Germany, Mr. Rainer Maria Woelki, led an Ash Wednesay “Mass” in the Basilica of St. Cunibert on March 6. The liturgical horror how was entitled Aschermittwoch der Künstler, literally, “Ash Wednesday of Artists”.

Words cannot describe what you are about to witness.

One thing is certain: Watching this 3-minute clip is Lenten penance on steroids, strictest mortification of the sense of hearing.

To free every single soul from purgatory, you can watch the entire spectacle — almost 90 minutes in length — on the official web site of the German Novus Ordo bishops’ conference.

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