It doesn’t get any more Novus Ordo than this…

Hell’s Vestibule:
Jesuit “Chapel of Encounter” wins Design Award

No, what you see above is not the new meditation room at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, nor a part of the set of the old Star Trek television series. And it has nothing to do with the massage therapy center that just opened down the street. Can’t you tell?! This is nothing less than the brand new “Chapel of Encounter” that now graces the Jesuit “Spirituality Center” (retreat house) in Salamanca, Spain.

As announced on the Spanish Jesuit information site, the design of this “chapel” won the Religious Art and Architecture Design Award of the interreligious Faith & Form association for best religious space of 2018. The architects put together a brief video introducing their… thing:

If that doesn’t inspire you to focus your mind on heavenly things, what would? There is no doubt an encounter can be had in this space, the question is just what kind and with whom or what. An appropriate nickname for this space would be “hell’s vestibule”. More information about this project and its prize can be found here. One thing is clear: “Saint” Paul VI would be proud!

By the way, a Roman Catholic sanctuary looks like this:

The gorgeous Tabernacle, clearly visible in the center, is affixed firmly on the beautifully-decorated altar, the place of Sacrifice; and then, candles and statues of the saints. For the Modernists, these are all annoying distractions! Distractions from what? From man’s worship of himself perhaps? A Catholic sanctuary draws our every thought heavenward, to spiritual and eternal things, for a blessed eternity is our goal (see Phil 3:20; Col 3:2).

By the way, would it really surprise you to learn, as mentioned on the Jesuits’ Spanish info site, that the Faith & Form association is supported by the Vatican?

With their “Chapel of Encounter”, the Modernist Jesuits have managed to expose for all to see the essence of the Novus Ordo religion: It is empty, repulsive, barren, hideous, sterile, dull, meaningless, and anti-Catholic.

For that they really do deserve an award.

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