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An Occult Portrait of “Saint” Paul VI

In case you’re wondering what this bizarre picture might be, we can help: What looks like an exploding alien head at the bottom is supposed to be none other than “Pope” Paul VI (r. 1963-78), the latest bogus saint the Novus Ordo Sect has produced.

The title of the work is Papacy. It was completed in 1971 and presented to His Unholiness at the Vatican the following year. Upon seeing it, the false pope reportedly said that the painting was “a mirror of the situation in the Church today” (source), a comment that is understood by most as a lament, but considering that that “situation” was of his own making, he was perhaps boasting.

The creator of this garbage is a German Lutheran by the name of Ernst Günter Hansing (1929-2011), who made portraits also of other celebrities, such as John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Francois Mitterand, and Konrad Adenauer. Craig Heimbichner, who specializes in researching Freemasonry and secret societies, has identified in Hansing’s Papacy a crescent moon, several pentagrams, a sphynx, the Eye of Horus, and other Masonic and occult elements. The following video illustrates this:

Time Magazine as well as Smithsonian published blurbs on the painting in the 1970s, both of which can be read here.

Whatever the individual elements may actually signify, or whatever the intent behind them was, it is obvious that before anything else, Hansing’s portrait is insufferably ugly. Thus it is no wonder that Paul VI was very much pleased with it, for if there is one thing he loved, it was ugliness. Hansing presented his finished work Papacy to the pretend-Pope, along with another portrait, on Jan. 22, 1972:

How do we know Paul VI was thrilled with Hansing’s work? Because, having allowed the artist to set up a studio in Vatican City in 1970, upon completion of the “papal” portraits he commissioned him to design the artwork for the chapel at the general house of the Pallottine Missionary Sisters in Rome. Here is a photo showing all you need to know:

It just doesn’t get any more Novus Ordo than this. “Saint” Paul VI made it possible! Now ask yourself: If a Satanist had designed this “artwork”, what would he have done differently?

Here are some short video clips about Hansing, the first one showing him working in his Vatican studio, the second one showing “Cardinal” Giovanni Benelli admiring his work:

Hansing’s Papacy is actually a very fitting painting: It is as bizarre, ugly, and demonic as the Vatican II Church itself, which in turn is essentially the creation of Paul VI, Giovanni Battista Montini. Thus, a perfect match!

In case people at the Vatican haven’t yet decided what picture of “Saint” Paul VI to use for their holy cards, we’d have a recommendation.

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